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WE-Tech SMG-8 Airsoft GBB Sub Machine Gun - Tan

11 Customer Reviews

by Paul L. on 05/08/2017
"Everybody I have shown the gun to and tried it has been impressed. The gun has a nice weight and feel to it. The kick is really good and it sounds good too. I will field test it soon but so far I am impressed. Lot of gun for the a great price.
by Matthew B. on 01/12/2017
"So, this is my first review here on Evike, and... I have to say, I am extremely impressed with this gun. Well, I suppose you don't want to read a review in paragraph form, so here is a simple list of all the pros and cons:


-Great gas efficiency with WE 2x Green Gas
-It will not Break. I have dropped this gun countless times and not one part of it has broken.
-Amazing Material. This gun is made with full metal internals and stock, but the outer shell is polymer. This is something that I was extremely unsure about, but it is such good quality, it really feels like metal but without that cold touch.
-That was just a few of the Pros, And now for the one and only......... CON!

-The bbs do drop after about 50-75 feet. after upping the hopup as much as I could, they still drop, I am going to get an Angel custom tight bore barrel extension though, which a lot of my friends have recommended for me. ( I use Matrix pro grade .20g )

So... yeah, that was my review.

I hope this review helped you decide whether or not to buy this gun.

- Ember Airsoft
by Karla T. on 02/19/2016
"This is an amazing gun, I have had it for a while now and it is holding up very nicely. This is a great gun for cqb (which I use it for). It has a nice rate of fire on full auto and it is very accurate. The mags are very cheap and they fit in about any mp7 mag pouch. Overall, it is great quality and i feel like this could take a beaten before it even starts to brake. If you are looking for a great mp7 style sub machine-gun without paying a fortune, this is most definitely the one for you!

High quality
Cheap mags
Very useful in cqb
Comfortable stock
Very very nice recoil
Only $155.00

Orange tip that looks very difficult to get off but I have seen it be done
by Karla T. on 02/13/2016
"Best smg I have ever bought!!! Internal quality is great and in runs very smooth once u lubricate it. I have had this for over 1 year now and it is still running like a champ. Also, the mags are very cheaply priced but have good quality. Overall, get this gun if u want a great secondary for outdoor games or looking for a great cqb gun to use as a primary. (Which is what I do)

Looks really nice with the 2 tone color
Has really nice recoil
Mags are very cheap but great quality
Many different stock positions so it fits everyone
Has great accuracy

by Christopher M. on 02/20/2015
"Great SMG. Had a few issues with jams with the first two mags, but after that, all of the actions are smooth. Some say that there is any issue with running out of gas before running out of ammo on the mag. I have never had an issue with it at all. Like I said, it's a great gun, with a heck of a kick, and well worth the money spent.
by Sam S. on 09/02/2014
"Great buy! Amazing price tag with affordable magazine. Great secondary for outdoor sniping and primary for indoor skirmishes.

Had mine for 3 months now with no issue and shoots like a champ. The kick makes this gun so much more fun to shoot than my AEG AUG!
by James R. on 09/02/2014
"Amazing SMG! I like it over the KWA MP7 because parts are so much easier to get with a WE-Tech GBB. This rifle kicks super hard and is uber fun to play with! The construction is superb!
by Griffin M. on 02/27/2014
"I've had this SMG8 for about 2 years and it's been working great! I have 3 mags for it and I've been really been enjoying this beauty! I would get 2 mags if I were you!
by moses m. on 02/02/2015
"the gun itself is a pure machine! This would have been five stars if the mag didn't come broken..

Cheap mag
sturdy polymer and metal build
sweet looking
fast ROF
best SMG for the price

Broken mag, (fixable)
Heavy, (could be a pro)
by Antonio S. on 07/16/2015
"When I got this gun out of the box it felt very sturdy but was disappointed with the internal quality itself. I took it to its first game and it ran fine... For about 2 hours. Then it just stopped shooting, and I saw that the nozzle flew off. I replaced the nozzle with a nozzle kit for $60 and it worked again. Until the mag started to leak and whenever I shot, all of the gas released from the mag. Overall, DONT GET THIS GUN!

Looks sexy
Nice kick

Broke down easily
Stock is very flimsy
Internal quality is not too good
by Trevor C. on 04/15/2014
"This gun is terrible; I shot it after getting it out of the box and after oiling. It releases all of the gas when you go full auto and the semi doesn't work. I would not recommend this to anyone.