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by Ricky M. on 2012-06-26 01:03:05
"Gun is great, I have had it for a month
I've taken it to 1 game, I'm going to another Wednesday
Little to problems with it
LOUD (people hate me) hahaha
Shoots hard (425 on .2g and propane)
no mag leaks
With .25g it shoots 150ft no problem
3 full mags (120bbs) on one 15 second fill (do 3 5 second fills in each mag

Bolt catch sometimes doesn't want to catch on empty
Mag seals like to fall out but they finally stopped

Overall a great gun I use green gas now and it works sooooooo perfect get this gun And use semi cause ammo goes quick!!!
It hates .2g bbs so use .25g
by Ryan R. on 2012-06-15 19:33:36
"I just got this gun today and KWA just blew me away! I can tell this is going to be a lot of fun on the airsoft field. I fell like this gun would be great in CQB or field play.

fully ambidextrous
nice weight
high rate of fire and FPS
mags hold lots of gas

flash hider is difficult to take off
mags cost a lot of money

Great gun for the money and i foresee no problems with the gun in the future
by Johnathan M. on 2012-06-14 17:05:01
"THIS GUN IS AWESOME!! i play at a local park with a group of 3rd Coast airsoft guys, so i find myself "safety killing" quiet a bit considering the fps. but when i find some distance, like on the roof of one of the buildings out there, i destroy everything and its mother!! If Jesus need an arisoft gun, he'd buy this one.

FPS (for field)
no jamming
looks intense
feels and handles great

FPS (for CQC)

Overall i love it!!
by Tho N. on 2012-05-28 23:24:50
By far the best in quality and performance ive seen!

metal mag feeding lips (plastic ones break easily)
great gas consumption (even in cold weather)
no jams
trigger safety
easy break down with two pins
amazing rate of fire

hop up might be bad on you because mine came broken and BBS got backed up but i got an exchange from manufacturer:)

metal feeding lips make it hard to load but you will get the hang with it using a speed loader which is what i recommend using with a gun with such rate of fire:).
by dawson n. on 2012-04-30 22:00:46
"Great gun... But a little TOO great! You will not be able to play at any arena or field that chronos your gun. This kwa gun far exceeds those limits!!! So in my opinion if your competitive, don't get the gun
by Amy W. on 2012-04-28 16:33:25
"to start this is the best gun i have ever shoot for airsoft. it has so much recoil and very high FPS. very good goo gun must buy.

fps 470 .20g 430 .23g 400 .25g
range 100-175 feet
loud good for me con for some
hard kick
sick looking
fun to shoot
i have fallen on it in a game not even a scratch
mags only hold 50 round and cost 50 bucks
run out of ammo fast
but amazing gun must buy
by Carson P. on 2012-04-25 20:06:55
"Alright, I just received my MP7 today and I am loving this for far, only complaint is the white dot on the front sight chipped off. That isn't a big deal I will just paint a dot again. Second, the extra mag came with out an O-ring, also not a big deal at all! O-rings are just 3.50$ for x4.

Easy internals
Shoots hard w/ .25 grams w/ propane
Light weight
Amazing kick

white paint chipped off front sight
Magazines are expensive
by Ben L. on 2012-04-12 15:57:01
"I ordered this gun for Christmas, and I must say I was already impressed by its beautiful packaging. The trademarked Heckler & Koch box looked awesome, but the gun was even more impressive. I picked up thinking it wouldn't be very heavy, but, it's actually quite hefty for its size. So, once I was done gawking at it, I decided to shoot off a few magazines. The length of the gun gave me a few doubts about the range and accuracy of the gun, but, I was very surprised to see that it did a wonderful job hitting a target nearly 7 out of 10 times placed about one hundred feet away.
The guts of this are very simple. It isn't like tearing apart an AEG gearbox, which is why I prefer GBB SMG's over they're AEG counterparts. The gun was nicely lubed when I first opened it up. Make sure to keep it lubed after not using it for a while, your o-rings might dry out and be prone to breaking or cracking.
Overall, this is definitely my favorite gun I currently own. If you want a GBB gun, this is definitely the one to consider.

Very durable
Easy internals
It's loud (Con if you're a sneaky and quiet player)
Makes an excellent back-up weapon or primary MOUT or field skirmishes
Stock hardly wobbles when firing from your shoulder
Insane ROF

Feels weird at first, but it gets more comfortable the more you use it
Insane ROF if you don't control your shots
Mags aren't exactly the cheapest thing
My o-rings fell out on my magazines within a week (make sure to have some extras)

Overall, this gun is very well worth it's price. The MP7 is definitely one of the best GBB SMG's.
by william a. on 2012-03-20 16:29:49
"the kwa mp7 is an awesome gas blowback smg. just make sure to be careful to not get too much silicon oil close to the hop up otherwise it will swell up and jam the gun

came with 2 mags!
works in cold weather
shoots 400 fps

hop up bucking can swell up
$255 but i got it 20% off!
by dustin h. on 2012-03-16 13:17:17
"This gun is just freaking awesome overall, very well built, no problems yet and ive put it through some things i probably shouldnt have. easy to take care of

pros, it makes even the best of players run with their tails tucked hahaha

cons, i need more mags

im thinking of buying another if i dont buy the mp9
by Bobby B. on 2012-03-05 23:17:57
"You can definetly tell that H&K helped with this gun. Ive owned several guns before and none of them have felt as close to using a real gun as this one does! I used to have a KWA Mac 11 that broke so I switched to this, 10x better feeling
Make sure you cock the gun before you put the clips in!

Realistic feel
Very Solid
Two Magazine Deal is fantastic (sorry if they no longer do this when you read it)
Foregrip is actually useful in keeping it steady
loud (con?)
Slower ROF than the mac 11 so my clips last longer.

Pricy (I think its worth it)
From what I've heard, changing the barrel is a challenge.
by Matt M. on 2012-03-03 19:12:03
"great gun. I've always loved mp7s and this one has passed the test. 400 fps out of the box and has two mags. you cant go bad with the price. really loud, some of my friends are scared of it. The problem I have found is that you run out of ammo way to quickly. I recommend buying extra mags. other that that, great gun. its a good investment and i recommend it to everybody.

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 53 reviews)

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