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by matthew L. on 2015-11-25 09:15:53
"This gun is amazing!! Its my first LMG/HMG and i was very impressed on the quality. the only things that aren't metal is the pistol grip the flash hider the carrying handle and the stock. The front sight adjustment tool is in the stock and the stock also has a metal piece that helps you carry the weight of the gun.

mag is metal
battery powers mag and gun
weight (could be con)
A little inaccurate with .25's; you might need .28's.
by Jon A. on 2015-11-16 08:16:01
"Most amazing gun i have shot yet! I am in love with this PKM. It says that it's top FPS is around 390 but i promise you it is about 400. Very sturdy built too. Shot amazing for me straight out the box. Definitely worth $560 but what makes the deal even better is that it is on sale for $399!!!

Shoots above 400 FPS (can be a con)
Long barrel makes for great accuracy
Easy to change firing rate
Built in bipod is very sturdy
Great for wars with many people
Heavy (can be a con) but it is a HMG
Box mag and gun runs off of one battery
Box mag only winds when firing or you can set it to continuously wind
Box mag is metal

Literally none for me!!!
by Andrew F. on 2015-09-28 07:08:04
"If you are looking for a Russian LMG that isn't an RPK you have to get this gun! This gun is absolutely amazing. It's big, and bulky which is how I like it. A&K really hit a home-run with this gun. The weight is one thing. This gun weighs about 20lbs unloaded from what I've seen. I myself don't use a sling often, but if I were to use one I have the M249 sling. Everything that needs to be metal is metal. The only plastic parts on this gun are the stock, pistol grip, carrying handle (Which I swapped out for wood), and the flash hider if you did not swap that out with the metal one. This thing hits pretty hard too. I'm using .25s in her, and still pushing up to 380fps (Which can also be a con). Let's just sum it all up. I'm not going to forget to mention a 5,000 round box mag! People should think twice about not calling their hits. The box mag is externally metal, but internally plastic. I have had some issues with the mag, but not many. For a battery I just use a valken 9.6v 1600mah. It works out just fine.

- Full metal
- Heavy (Can be a con)
- Hard hitting (Can be a con)
- Beautiful with a wood kit
- Has a large intimidation factor.

- Heavy for smaller players. I wouldn't recommend it for small players.
- As traditional the bipod is rather crap. One of the plates on the bottom fell off upon opening the box. I just spot welded it back on. The pin to hold it in on the other hand fell out mid game, and was never seen again. I'm just going to ghetto rig it back together before I find a replacement.
- The wiring needed to be replaced after a while of use.
- The stock trigger switch is crap as well, but isn't an expensive fix. it just sticks here and there.

All in all get this gun!
by Anton C. on 2015-05-09 22:01:30
"The PKM is not for the faint of heart. This absolute beast of an AEG is by far my favorite in my arsenal.

Accurate, long barrel means bbs hit where needed and sometimes too good
Reliable, so far I've put it through a decent beating and it hasn't bogged out
Intimidation factor, bodies WILL hit the deck

Weight, handling this gun fully loaded and geared up is not for the faint of heart
Length, definitely a hindrance in closer quarters
by Paulo L. on 2015-05-04 11:39:26
"I've been using mine for about 2 months now, and overall, I'm fairly impressed. It's an excellent light machine gun. That being said, there're a few draw backs one should be aware of before purchasing this weapon.


-Crazy accurate. Capable of consistently hitting human-sized target at 200 ft.
-Reliable box mag (feeds BBs into the weapon without issue)
-Easy to reload BBs/batteries. You can just open a cap on the side of the box mag, rather than removing the box mag altogether.
-Has adjustable rate of fire.
-Comes with an end-plug (not sure what the correct term for it is) that allows you to disconnect the weapon from the mosfet (part that adjusts the rate of fire) while still keeping the weapon functional.


-Adjustable rate of fire is difficult to operate. Apparently, you can easily ruin your battery, or the gun itself, if you adjust the mosfet incorrectly.
-After using the weapon in only 3 games, the barrel became rather loose. This doesn't appear to affect the weapon's accuracy, but it did make it rather uncomfortable to wield, at least for me.
-The bipod can be tricky to operate.

Like I said, this is still an excellent light machine gun. It gets the job done and then some, but I would've personally gone with a weapon that has a more stable barrel assembly. But to each their own. If you don't mind a barrel that's a bit loose, then I would certainly recommend this weapon.
by Elijah S. on 2015-03-02 21:41:47
"This thing is without a doubt, the most intimidating gun I have used in a game. It's monsterous in both size and firepower. 5000 rds of hell. ~4.5 feet of hell. 23 ibs of hell. This gun is seriously something from hell. People fear being on the other end of the barrel. People praise you being on their team. This thing is a solid work of metal and power. Never have I experienced the amount of attention I get when I bring this gun to the field. Eyes immediately turn towards you and at times it gets uncomfortable. But oh well.

-Big, Huge, Monsterous
-5000 rds
-Fire rate on 9.6v intellect is plain evile with 5000 bbs
-Eye catcher and moral booster for your team
-Sends people running, I am not lying
-I am 6"3' and I can shoot this like a rifle semi comfortably
-All metal except for motor grip, carry handle, stock
-Definite fear factor

-Big, Huge, Monsterous (high chance of bumping people, rocks, trees, and getting snagged in bushes)
-Fire rate thing sucks, comes witha bypass plug which I used
-Eye catcher, bound to make you public enemy #1
-Heavy, sling is a must
-Chews through 9.6v before ONE mag is even done!!! Bring a spare... Or get that 10.8v 5000mah which I am thinking on doing
-Bipod fell of during a game because those screws that hold it in are terrible. I lost the bipod because I was running to cover a weak side that was getting flanked and it fell sometime in between. Sucks for me but beware the bipod
-Big, Huge, Monster- Oh wait I already said that it's Big, Huge, and Monsterous didn't I?

And as the couple of reviewers below me stated... People really don't know what this gun is. I almost didn't want to believe that until a group of people actually asked me if this was a modified M2 Browning...... Yes!!! This is definitely a hand held 50cal machine gun!!! No... Not even. A custom 240? No. SVD? Nah man. M249? ... No (I have a CA249 para as well...) What is it?!?! A PKM...
by Corey B. on 2015-02-12 20:58:44
"First off, I'd just like to say this gun is amazing. It is more accurate, gets more range, and with the right battery, shoots as fast as custom guns do. I recommend buying the 10.8V 5000 mah SAW battery, as that will sustain a whole box magazine of 5000 rounds. The only thing is that the SAW battery sticks out of the box mag, so you'll have to buy the dummy 7.62 rounds to conceal it. Out of the box, it chronos around 450 FPS with 0.2s, so it's recommended to buy a lower compression spring. It shoots at around a thousand rounds per minute with the SAW battery, and when it does, people will go running. I've seen it first hand. This is the perfect gun for yourself or a squad. It will really get you out of trouble with no problem. Now for the pros and cons:
-5000 round box mag
-everything is metal except for the carry handle, motor grip, and stock
-built-in removable bipod
-rof adjustor (but be warned, if you use more than an 11.1V battery, you will have to remove the rof adjustor)
-looks awesome and intimidating
-extremely long barrel = plenty of range and accuracy
-easy access to internals
-carry handle's swivel makes it more balanced and easy to carry with one hand
-sounds awesome when firing
-easily upgradable
-the bipod spin catch can get easily stripped
-orange tip is harder to remove than your normal AEG
-recommend purchasing the reinforced trigger switch because if you hold down the trigger for too long, it will be stuck firing, which you will have to repeatedly pull the trigger to stop it
-no rail system for optics
-no rear sling attachment (I attached mine around the top of the stock)
-weighs 23 lbs., but with a good sling you should be fine
-awkward to fire standing up, but you shouldn't be firing while standing to begin with. This gun is more of a mount on barrier or ground and fire, like SAWs are supposed to be used.
-rof adjuster is where you would hold it if you were standing and firing, but like I said, that's not what it's meant for.
-like someone else said- not many people know what it is. M240? No. SVD? Nope.

All in all, it is definitely worth the buy. You will dominate the field and be feared.
by william r. on 2013-09-24 21:03:42
"First off, I can tell you this is my new favorite gun. I can say that I took advantage of the 4th of July 23% off deal and I can tell ya, I couldn't use it until recently at a Big Op, where I learned that the FPS really was around 450, not the listed above, but either way, it definitely fits the role of support gunner. With it, I held off in a bunker against enemy forces for a total of 4 hours, which the only reason I lost the hill was because the battery died. This hit HARD, people from other states said they were happy not to go against it.

Great (adjustable) ROF
449.5 FPS (To be exact)
Intimidating as heck (In favor of other profane words.)
5,000 Round Box Mag (With an accumulated total of 8 minutes continuous, suppressive fire)
Hop up is adjustable (That should be a given)
All steel construction (Cept for feeding tube in magazine, handles and stock)

Heavy (23 LBs)
Battery drains slightly faster with auto-wind (So buy an extra one)
Little stiff on bipod preparing
BBs have a chance at falling below the feeding mechanism (The 3 screws on the bottom can help with that)
The orange tip is plastic

Other than that, it's all good and PERFECT for a support gunner role.
by Andrew C. on 2013-08-25 17:04:58
"Very worth it, not that heavy to where you cant shoulder fire it for long periods of time, price is great if it were any lower every casual would have keep it high bros /)

also the rate of fire adjuster doesnt work all that well. bypass with 14v lipo 2 full box mags day one, flawless.
by Michael S. on 2013-08-03 10:10:53
"I'll start off by saying this is an excellent support weapon. It's reliable, it's got range, it's intimidating, it's capacious: both in BB and battery storage. It's massive. It's got a lot of advantages and a few cons to consider. I actually made a video review which is now on youtube, just search "a&k pkm review", it's the one by "taterbuzz"

I'll quickly overview some things any potential buyer should consider. I do recommend checking out the video review if you truly are serious about the PKM, but if you're just looking for some quick info I'll provide it here.

I modified a Romanian bakelite AKM pistol grip to fit, and also fabricated a wooden stock out of cedar to up the looks of the PKM. I'm planning to order some bakelite grip plates for the carry handle to complete the look. I replaced the ghastly orange tip with the shorter, subtler PKM flash hider. I also replaced the inner barrel and bucking nub; the barrel with a Matrix tightbore- which works reasonably well, and the nub with a piece of pen tube (as most do with the A&K M249s and M60s.)


-It's got ample space for bbs and batteries
-I've run lipos through it for 10,000+ bbs with no issues
-Gearbox is massive, solid, and loaded with decent parts
-Pushes 420 or so FPS out of the box, giving it decent range of about 180 feet
-Mainly steel components- and where it counts at that
-Very nice reinforced polymer stock, grip, and grip panels
-QD barrel works well and is solid
-Carry handle is thick stamped steel
-Takes upgrades easily
-No parts, internal or external, have broken with hard use
-Gets attention at the field- may annoy some

-ROF adjuster crapped out on me after about 1000 rounds, but it's easy to bypass
-Very heavy- I own an A&K M60 which is much easier to carry and wield. I do so without a sling. On the PKM however, a sling is almost a necessity.
-It's long. It's easy to bump trees as well as other players with it. Swing with care.
-It's a bit awkward to hold. The magazine gets in the way of a comfortable grip.
-Fair amount of zinc/aluminium alloy parts
-As others have said, the bipod is rather wiggly
-Accuracy out of the box on mine was just decent with a 12-16 inch spread at about 160 feet
-Somewhat pricy, but it is a PKM after all...
-Most players don't know what it is. A M60? No. A SVD? No. A M249? No. Etc...

Did I mention it's long?
by Alex E. on 2013-08-02 07:52:12
"Had this gun since April and I can say that this is a pretty good gun for the money. I've never had a problem with this gun and it's very fun to use.


Don't have to downgrade fps to use at my field!
Large, automatic winding magazine
Almost all metal (really good plastic for pistol grip, carrying handle, and stock and can be replaced with wood!)


The RoF selector buttons are where you would put your hand if you were to fire from a standing position. But this gun isn't really meant to be fired from a standing position anyways.

Overall money well spent
by Riley H. on 2013-03-28 08:06:00
"I gun a few days ago and it is HEAVY its difficult to play in a 3 hour war with the PKM. I also had a problem with the box mags latch coming undone and me loosing around 4000 BBS but I fixed that. But overall the PKM is the most intimidating weapon on the battle field and one of the best weapons on the battle field. Also the bipod is very wobbley which isn't a big deal. THIS GUN IS THE BEST GUN IVE EVER HAD!

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