Reviews: WE-Tech SMG-8 (NG3) Airsoft GBB Sub Machine Gun - Black

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Model: GR-WE-SMG8-BK
Location: L5-009 WSO5-T5 Y5-M10

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by Steven T. on 2015-07-16 09:24:34
"For someone who wants a good cqb fun, look no further. This is a great buy. You get a well built mp7 with high fire rate and good power for the price of a beginner AEG. Most of the time Mags for gbb are expensive but the Mags for this are cheap also. I have found one problem so far and its not the worst thing. After a couple hundred rounds the stock wants to close on its own but you can get the parts to fix it for $20 here on evike.

good power
Good rof
Good weight (middle weight for size)
Cheap Mags
Strong externals
Low cost replacement partd

Stock kinda sucks
The mag release runs against my fingers when I shoot and is uncomfortable
Trigger feels like an AEG trigger.
Orange tip is damn near impossible to get off. Even though it comes with a 12mm thread to 14mm thread adapter

Over all is a great gun with small flaws.
by Danial K. on 2015-04-02 07:09:42
"This was the first GBB that I have ever owned. I would like to say with the 5-6 games I was able to play during decent weather it preformed perfectly. I never really had any problems until my sling broke and it was dropped into the dirt. After a good cleaning it was back in working action once again. I never had a single problem with mine at all.
by ray r. on 2015-02-10 21:02:49
"Gun sucks its good for 3 games most of the review are of people right when they get the gun and its good when you first get it but if you want a long lasting gun don't buy we tech
No replacement parts
Breaks easy
mags leak gas
Mag lips break
If you want a better longer lasting gun save up 100 more bucks and by the New mp5
by Abdiel A. on 2015-02-06 14:20:03
"Don't waste your money on this. Had the gun for 3 weeks and by the end it just broke even though i mainted very well. After a week the body cracked from the vibrations and the stock just didn't want to stay extended.. After 2 weeks, gun started jamming and jamming (used elite force .20's and .25's). Then the bolt started catching even when there was bbs in the mag.. In the 3rd week the bolt was just destroyed.. Full auto didn't work and when i put the mag in and charged the gun, it just started shooting without me pressing the trigger and it didn't stop until it ran out of gas or i took the mag out.. Just don't waste your money on this gun.. Ng3 version is "better" is lies..
by Alex H. on 2015-01-28 13:18:26
"alright first off this is a good GBB for a beginner but for avid airsoft player it's probably not the best I got about 2000 rounds into it and now I'm starting to see durability issues I do too take care of my airsoft guns so can't fault me for that I clean and lube them every game sometimes in the middle of a game but the issues that I have had are that the body is cracked towards the top body pin and it's a massive crack I can still use it but I don't know for how long the air nozzle bolt face lugs chipped off in one spot and then on the actual nozzle where it splits into a big chunk came off so performance is really hindered before then accuracy is extremely good performance is good recoil is good I just don't think that the durability really is there. so if you want an airsoft gun for backyard play or you're beginner and you don't play a lot this will be a good gun but if you play a lot and you want a GBB that'll last you a long time or an SMG GBB that will last you a long time get H&K MP 9 or the MP 7.
by pravin p. on 2015-01-28 10:57:03
"don't wast your money on this gun !!!
ive order 2 spare mag one came broken
great kick
stock goes in when you shoot
trigger breaks really fast
parts not available anywhere

thx to evike's great costumer service i have return it

don't buy this gun
by Angie R. on 2015-01-01 12:57:54
"Okay so I've had this gun for about 2 months and I have mixed feelings. So when I picked it up out of the box I knew it was broken. The trigger wouldn't reset when I pulled the trigger. So after a couple days I found out the problem and I fixed it with minimal disassembly. It still voided the warrantee, but that was okay with me. After I fixed the gun it shot great. I would only recommend this gun if your not afraid to take risks.
by bill e. on 2014-12-25 15:42:07
"This is a great gun. The external quality is superb, and it kicks at least 4 times harder than my real-steel savage mark ii .22 rimfire rifle does. Sometimes it double feeds, but it doesn't really do it all that much. It's super easy to disassemble and lubricate, and it has an insane rate of fire. Mine chrono'd at 338 fps, which is perfect for CQB. The only thing wrong with this gun is its lack of replacement parts... however, if something breaks, you could just contact WE directly and request for the part you need to be shipped to you.

I love this gun.
by Griffin M. on 2014-09-02 00:15:04
"I've had this SMG8 for about 2 years and it's been working great! I have 3 mags for it and I've been really been enjoying this beauty! I would get 2 mags if I were you!
by Sam S. on 2014-09-02 00:13:50
"Great buy! Amazing price tag with affordable magazine. Great secondary for outdoor sniping and primary for indoor skirmishes.

Had mine for 3 months now with no issue and shoots like a champ. The kick makes this gun so much more fun to shoot than my AEG AUG!
by James R. on 2014-09-02 00:11:58
"Amazing SMG! I like it over the KWA MP7 because parts are so much easier to get with a WE-Tech GBB. This rifle kicks super hard and is uber fun to play with! The construction is superb!
by Alan F. on 2014-08-08 17:10:17
"Cool gun, good price, OK quality.

Looks (I think better than the real mp7)
Full size
proper functionality (as in, similar to the real deal)
fast fire rate
decent fps

Recoil was too much for stock to handle extended, but tape fixed that
Gas hog
fps was too much for local cqb
mags are okay priced
Broke almost immediately after shooting, too late to redeem warranty. Found a place that has the part, for 90 dollars...

Ultimately, this is a cool gun, and a decent entry gbb, but if you have the money, find a different gbb with more abundant parts for cheaper, and of better build quality. personally, I would probably not buy it again.

PS, these do not take any other we tech nozzle.

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