Reviews: WE-Tech Open Bolt M4-SOL Carbine Airsoft GBB Rifle - Black

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by Kathie B. on 2014-07-30 20:36:39
"There are some things to be concerned about with this gun. The barrel nut is extremely hard to get off the first time to gain access to the hop up and inner barrel. Once it's off though you can do amazing thins with this gun. I have put a 6.01 mm inner barrel and RA-Tech REAPS bucking in and this thing runs amazingly. Another great thing is CO2 magazines, they will work but will cause slightly more wear and tear. But the gun is very accurate and has a very long range for what it is.
-Range and accuracy
-Intimidation factor (Loud)
-Barrel nut tightness
-You don't own one...yet
by Lloyd W. on 2014-06-08 18:13:31
"I will say this first; this gun is just beautiful. Not just in aesthetics (My personal opinion) but also in performance.

Now, let me also say that my standards may be a tad low. I starting in to Airsofting with a faulty JG FAL that never worked from day one; resorting to a plastic spring shot gun. I'm sure you can imagine my performance ...

On to the gun, TO start off the minute you pick this thing up you can feel how robust it is, and believe me it is. I play in Montana so our field is the side of a mountain where there is tons of gravel, dirt, and pine trees. I spent about an hour strait crawling through brush, dragging this thing or pushing it along the ground with me and there's barely a scratch. You can get to the bolt by pushing one little pin. That might make it sound like it's weak or might wobble but it doesn't; I was running and jumping with this thing up and down a mountain without so much as a wobble.

Performance wise it's very middle of the ground when left stock (no modifications). The hop up unit is very nice and while it's not pinpoint, I can usually pick off someone from 100 to 150 feet with only a few shots on semi-auto. The grouping does seem a tad wide at large range but I find it rather easy to adapt (This is my first time using it today) and aim to compensate. I plan to pop a 6.01 in this and see how that does.
At first I had a few problems with the mags (One came with it and I picked up another open bolt green gas mag). But I later learned that it was linked to my propane adapter (I'm using a Madbul one, it's red and has a silicon port). At first it could only get 3-4 BBs before venting, then it stopped venting but would barely hold gas. I used a friends simple rubber like adapter and suddenly I'm getting about 90-120 BBs (3-4 mas worth) per full charge. The gun is actually very efficient on gas to me. With that said, it does suffer from the usual gas gun limitations; and that is the gas cool down. I can sometimes get almost a full clip in full auto (Yes, I know you aren't really supposed to go full auto with these things but as a comparison ...). When in Semi auto, you do have to pace your shots. It was around 63F up where I was playing so that might have been a factor but the gun did freeze from the gas a little even with fast semi auto shots. There are Co2 mags that would probably fare better in colder weather.
The sound is delightful. There is a satisfying kick but not too much. It makes a sort of loud "CLINK" sound when fired and is very satisfying.
The sights that come with it are very nice, I love the front sights as you can use the front post to gauge parallax in your scope (If you have parallax or a scope at all).

There is one issue I have with it; the hop up adjustment is the WEIRDEST thing I have ever seen. I'll try to describe it; you can pop the rifle open back by the stock and fold it to a 90 degree angle. From there you can pull the bolt out and right where that open chamber meets the barrel there is a TINY little hole for an alan wrench. The wrench (of course) is supplied so it's not too much trouble to tune the hop up but it is a pain without natural light to see.

Ending thoughts; I am truly in love with this gun. 9.0/10.0

It's fun to shoot, can look awesome with just a few attachments (I'm using a simple plastic forgrip and 2x red dot at the moment.) and performs consistently and well. It's easy to clean/maintain and seems robust enough to last you quite a while. The hop up adjustment might be very unorthodox but it isn't impossible and I don't find myself having to adjust it often. I will definitely be buying more WE products in the future!
by James M. on 2014-05-13 19:56:35
"Finally got this gun in yesterday and I am a huge fan already. The weight and feel of the rifle is just pristine. The recoil gives a very responsive kick and adds to the realism I was a after when I bought this gun. The rails add more than enough room for any optics/lighting/camera/etc. I am also very impressed with the design internals wise( minus the hop up). The recoil mechanism is located in the stock so you really feel it when you fire the weapon. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a high amount of realism and who wants to scare the ever living piss out of someone when you pull the trigger.

good weight
Fantastic recoil
Very good design
Comfortable to hold
Full metal

by Andrew T. on 2014-03-29 18:01:24
"This gun is by far the best one I've ever owned. The gun is awesome. The wight and functions are so realistic. I have two problems though. My dust cover won't close with the bolt forward. This is fixed by locking the bolt back and closing the dust cover. The other is my rail is like a millimeter off. That isn't a big deal either. I went to take the orange flash hider off and it was really on there. I ended up unscrewing the outer barrel extension before the flash hider came off. I was hoping the outer barrel would come off because I wanted a 10" 416. The flash hider came off not long after a little boiling water touched it. If you want an hk416 that is realistic go far this one.
by khalen l. on 2013-12-09 19:05:51
"This is a great gun if you are looking for realism.


1.)This gun has the same kick that a .22 magnum AR has.
2.) It shoots pretty hot at about 470 fps with .20 with the CO2 magazines, I would
recommend getting the RA-Tech NPAS for this gun. No need to get all the steel upgrades as they increase wear and tear on the gun.
3.)The trigger is crisp and the action is smooth as butter.
4.) Good range.


1.)The accuracy is substandard with the stock hop up bucking. I would recommend upgrading to the REAPS A+ bucking or the angel custom Guardian V bucking to increase range and accuracy. 300 feet is not a problem with the REAPS bucking installed. You do have to file down some of the edges on the barrel where the bb goes in so that the REAPS will fit properly but a little file and round the edges down and you are golden.
2.) I hate the hop up adjustment on this gun, it is probably the worst designed hop up adjustment system. In order to adjust it you have to pull out the bolt carrier group.
3. The flash hider is plastic which makes it hard to take off and replace because it is glued on very well.

Overall thoughts: This is my favorite GBBR and anyone who wants something that is easy to maintain and will give you very realistic recoil and little upgrading needed to have a 300 foot gun, $35 in upgrades and you will have a superb gas gun.

Tips: Get the REAPS bucking for this gun, I don't like the REAPS for the AEG's but on gas guns they perform very well. Also get the NPAS as it will allow you fine tune your hop up. Use Tech T gun sav grease for the o-rings for this gun and some standard high temp automotive axle grease on the metal parts.
by Ruani T. on 2013-11-15 15:42:54
"The gun shoots well. It has a nice kick, rate of fire, accuracy, and looks quite pleasing to the eye. Mine came with a faulty trigger disconnect, but it was quickly repaired by the trusty Evike RMA team! I can only say good things about the gun, except maybe upgrade to RA-Tech parts if you want a more reliable replica. Other than that, I would highly reccommend this if you want to deviate from the standard M4A1 that seems to be flooding fields.

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