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WE-Tech Open Bolt M4-SOL Carbine Airsoft GBB Rifle (Color: Black)

47 Customer Reviews

by Sean K. on 04/12/2018
"Very good gun as soon as i got it i opened it up to see what was inside
My package was slightly damaged but i cant blame Evike for that. This gun is superb. feels nice and looks nice. There are some goods and bads for every gun
Looks nice
Heavy (could be a con)
Bolt lock is a cool and realistic feature
Taking it apart is very much like the real steel version
Rail systems edge is somewhat sharp (I would wear gloves for these)
There is a part between the upper receiver and rail system where they have a slight dip (My OCD is triggered)
Magazines move a fair bit in the gun

For its looks alone i would say buy it. its the only 416 that wont kill your budget, also i havent fired the gun yet so im not gonna go into too much details there
by Clinton S. on 08/14/2017
"I bought this gun back in Oct. 2016. Used it in two airsoft wars (I don't play as often as i'd like) and shot it in the backyard pretty often. It was my first GBB, and still my only GBB so far.

If you just want to see the pros and cons, skip to the bottom.

I absolutely LOVE this thing. When I bought it, it was on sale for 200 bucks, which seeing it going for 330 now, it was a steal. I use propane because it is ALOT cheaper than green gas. I also got an extra magazine because 30 rounds per magazine isn't anything especially when you're using full auto, though two mags still isn't enough.

I really can't say too many bad things about this gun. My biggest issue with it is accuracy. The first time I used it in a battle, we played most of the day, and I don't think I hit anyone with it. The most I did was scare them with how this thing sounds, and how fast the ROF is. My $75 CO2 pistol, and $100 Walmart black ops rifle were way more effective in getting kills. But from reading other reviews, people seem to have been able to make this gun ALOT more reliable with some simple upgrades which I do plan on doing eventually. But I think accuracy is really my only problem with it so far. I used it in another war a few weeks ago and actually got two confirmed hits from a fair distance away, which was great for me considering the luck I had before. The magazines have a switch you can use to turn the lock back function of the bolt on or off when you run out of ammo. This feature no longer works on either of my mags after I took them apart to clean them and wasn't as careful as I should have been. But thankfully, you can buy a little parts kit for the mags for 7 bucks so my mistake won't cost me much when I do decide to fix it. And I think the plastic part of my bolt is cracked. It looks cracked, but I haven't noticed any issues with it so I am not worried about it at this point. And considering you'll want to keep your gun oiled, dirt likes to stick in it if you get some on it, or drop mags in the dirt, drop your gun, etc. So just be careful there. I dropped a magazine into some sand when reloading, which is why I took them apart in the first place, and then had a bunch in the port where the gas comes out, and in the bb chamber. DEFINITELY don't want that in your gun.

SO, here are my Pros and cons.

Full metal except for parts of the bolt, but I'm pretty sure that can't be metal.
Very similar to a real gun. (compared it to an AR-15. Basically the same except for the gas part, and the bolt)
Nice recoil
Can be field stripped like the real thing for cleaning
Great FPS (Never chrono'ed mine, but I know its got some power!)
Great noise (in my opinion)
Will strike fear into your opponents eyes (Especially when nobody that you play with has a gas rifle)

Accuracy out of the box isn't the best with mine, but it seems to be a common problem.
The paint looks nice, but isn't durable. It will scratch off, especially on the rails when mounting and removing accessories.
My mags no longer lock the bolt back, but that is my fault, and not a direct issue with the gun.
Price. $200 was great for this gun but personally, I wouldn't have considered it at all cause I didn't want to spend over $300 for something I really only use a few times a year. But this is still cheaper than some of the guns out there. (And cheaper than the $375 KJ Works Full metal M4 my friend got, which is also fantastic.)

Overall, I love this gun. I would buy another if they went on sale again, just to have two of them, and to rent out if someone wanted to use it. The pros outweigh the cons in my case. Hopefully yours will be as good as mine is. I clean and oil mine before every war, and periodically oil it during the war. I also make sure to put oil in the propane adaptor to ensure oil goes into the mag when I charge it, since propane doesn't have oil in it like green gas does. I use silicone spray that I bought from an auto parts store. same stuff I got on here, just different brand.

Thanks, and have a blessed day!
by Dean C. on 07/03/2017
"My first airsoft rifle, and its amazing.

You may need to field strip it and clean it up after about 10+ mags. Be sure you have patience, cause learning how to clean this gun is definitely a pain. The magazine and stock is a bit loose, but if you put a piece of duct tape in the magwell and on top of the buffer tube, this gun is amazingly solid. So worth it. Buy it!
by Donald R. on 06/30/2017
"Im very impressed. I got to say my first impressions of it was like it better be everything it says and it is!! And it is and even more than i expected Very nice job to Evike to awesome service and to We Tech! I look forward to buying more from your two companies.
by Zack B. on 05/12/2017
"The gun is ridiculous mine was shooting 480 with .20 bbs.
If you buy this gun you need to run .30 at first. Also it's just fun to shoot.
by Ben W. on 05/06/2017
"I've had this gun for over a year now. It was my first gbbr but I did my research and learned a lot about gas blowbacks, let's just say, this thing is awesome. It kicks hard, yet can go through a clipazine in a couple of seconds. I only use green gas with this and it still packs a punch while being very accurate, I have a 4x32 sight on this and use it as a dmr rifle due to the amount of rounds in each mag. Speaking of mags, the only downside I have with this is the cost of mags, 38$ is a lot and the second one I got blew up in the gun because the valve broke, was a little unhappy about that but the gun was fine.
by Thomas M. on 02/19/2017
"I got this gun 2 years ago and it is still firing strong. The kick is a nice thing to feel during a game and it gets a lot of compliments on and off the field. I have customized mine extensively. The gun has a decent range and has an adequate performance right out of the box.

strong kick, loud sound
nice weight
realistic, 30 round metal mags, firing function similar or real steal

the only thing really is the mags, they are expensive and you only get 30 rounds.
by Frederick S. H. on 02/09/2017
"I bought this rifle around 4 months ago with the intention of running it as a DMR platform. This baby is a beauty, and is right at home floating between DMR and Assault roles. The stock has a little bit of wobble to it, but the rifle as a whole is very comfortable. It fires hard (420+fps right out of the box) and when running .25's or higher, it's nothing short of laser beam accurate out to 200ft.

Well worth every penny

Stock is a bit wobbly (Easy fix)
Orange flash hider is a pain to remove

Like I said earlier, well worth every penny. If this thing has caught your eye, GO FOR IT!!!
by Joseph G. on 01/06/2017
"Also, this gun has an incredibley realistic design
by Joseph G. on 01/06/2017
"After owning this rifle for about 7 months now, I feel that I can make an honest review. This gun is great out of the box, and with a CO2 magazine it hits like a tank. Great FPS, fairly accurate. The only thing I don't like about this gun is the stock and the iron sights. For me, the iron sights are very difficult to aim with, and the stock is short and somewhat uncomfortable. Also, if you plan to use CO2 mags, don't use Crosman, the canisters are slightly to large and are extremely difficult to get in and out. I recommend daisy.
Full metal
High FPS
Easy to upgrade
Has CO2 mags for people who don't live near a place with green gas(such as me)

Stock is small
Sights are hard to aim with

All in all, a great gun.
by Adam O. on 12/28/2016
"great gun, shoots far.
made by military for military
by Alexander K. on 11/05/2016
"Delightful gun to play with. It feels and looks nice, and I've had no issues with it at all.

-One of WE-Tech's finer rifles
-It's compatible with all AR WE-Tech STANAG of Green Gas and Co2 alike
-Parts are relatively easy to swap out to strengthen for Co2 usage
-Upgradable to HPA using Black Blitz We Tech M4 Daytona kit

-For copyright reasons, it has no markings. It's not officially an HK 416

I give 5 stars.
by jason s. on 10/17/2016
"I really like this gun I wish for evike to keep selling this gun at this price because I won,t be able to by this gun until January 5 to buy and get for my kids that enjoy playing airsoft please let the airsoft boss know same as evike worker Matt thank you
by Connor S. on 10/03/2016
"i got this gun back in june of this year, and ever since i have just fell in love with this rifle. i get so many compliments on it at my local field, and it preforms great, it has a hard kick which i absolutely love, and is super comfortable to handle. it is also very light so easy to carry around on the field without getting tired. it has good accuracy out of the box, buy id still get a 6.01mm tight bore anyway. and OMG THE FPS!! for a gas assault rifle it has very good FPS. one complaint that i have about it is the hop-up adjustments. its hard to get to, but at the same time its really reliable, and as long as you have it set up correctly for a specific gram BB, then you'll never have to mess with the hop-up again.
by Debra K. on 06/26/2016
"Great gun works all the time never had a problem with it!!!