Reviews: G&P Magpul PTS VPR Airsoft GBB Sniper Rifle - Tan

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Model: GR-GP-WOC39-TN

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by Ariel N. on 2014-03-23 14:47:51
This is my update on this rifle after using this for half a day and going through about 10 magazines through the thing. Once again, the internals are pretty bad, and when I say pretty bad, I mean pretty bad. If everything works the way it is supposed to I would definitely give this gun a perfect 10/10.

Here is a few "Hiccups" with the rifle:
1.The bolt lock is made out of pot metal and will break within 5 magazines. It will break. I recommend you order a few steel ones as replacements as well as an emergency replacement in the future.

2.The feeding nozzle is made out of a real crappy type of plastic. Mine broke in 8 magazine's worth and I recommend you buy a aluminium one from over seas. The plastic replacement one from King Arms lasted me 3 magazine's worth before breaking.

3. The trigger, Maybe? I am not completely sure that this is a problem with the part or a user error. After every shot I have to manually reset the trigger forward but it works fine on full auto. I am still looking into what might be the problem.

Now to the rest of the gun.
The range is pretty average for an airsoft gun, I would say about at least 50 meters with 0.28g BBs. The accuracy is decent, enough to put up a good fight with someone who has a OK AEG, but not enough for my standards. But I do shoot competitively so that makes more sense for some people. The rate of fire is actually really nice, but it really messes with the accuracy and the gas consumption. Speaking of the gas consumption, I can get at least 1.5 mags full of BBs with one charge of gas at 60.F.

Current rating: 6/10
by Brandon M. on 2014-02-08 11:23:20
"This gun is fantastic to build on! which is why i bought it. The evike video says the tan one comes with a black mag but i got a tan mag with mine. out of the box, it shoots fine but you are going to need steel parts for the long jeopardy. i bought a steel trigger sear, steel buffer lock, and steel mag catch. it can be hard to replace those parts for someone who doesn't know the WA system but don't worry, there are plenty of forums. with just those 3 inexpensive parts i bought from evike, it runs great! as far as performance, the constancy is far better than i expected being a GBBR. the only thing is the hop up struggles lifting .30g bbs. Ive heard that gets better over break in time. even if this shot like garbage, it just looks so freaking good. it is worth $512 let alone its on sale right now for $410! for that price, its the best $410 wall hanger I've ever seen. Plus, these are going to get discontinued very soon because of the magpul ditching PTS ordeal meaning these will be rare and hard/impossible to find. . So wether you like GBBRs or not, i say get it. its defiantly a nice piece to have for looks and not to mention, it is so much fun to shoot!
by Ariel N. on 2013-12-26 18:42:49
"Hi all!
This rifle is a really good base rifle to build on. The externals feels really nice. It also has a decent kick to it. It really just functions the way that you expect a $500 gun to perform. There are a few things that really bothered me with this rifle though. The internals are generally long lasting though I would order some steel parts along with this rifle. Especially the buffer lock. I fired about 8-10 mags through the rifle before some parts needed to be changed. So expect to spend about at least another 50-100 on repairs/upgrades on the long run.

Performs the way anyone would expect it to
decent ROF
good kick

Some internals are made out of pot metal and needs replacing
Doesn't know how to sweep the floor no matter how much I try to teach it.

If it were not for the internals that needs replacing I would give it a 45923/10

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)