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KWA Full Metal PTR LM4C Airsoft Gas Blowback GBB Rifle

6 Customer Reviews

by Alexis M. on 05/18/2017
"Very good rifle for the price. I bought mine from Evike George at the Trading post and it fired flawlessly. Currently it's setup to a Mk18/Block 2 look. Good rifle if you are trying to get the most realistic feel in airsoft. A bit heavy, but you will get used to it. The blowback is amazing. Each magazine does hold 40rds and weigh like a real fully loaded magazine. would recommend the upgraded bolt, but its kinda cool to have the stock one because you can power stroke the rifle. Overall, very good rifle, decent price, very well built, and the realism factor is high.
by Marlon D. on 06/02/2016
"I had a tough choice between the G&P WOC until i tried the KWA LM4 in store, 10 shots I was sold. If i can give it 10 starts I would! This gun is amazing not only to look at but during game play the reaction from enemy players and your team mates are why I would give it an extra 5 stars. When I purchased this the store said this is what law enforcement and military use for training. I was able to put real steal Daniel Defense parts to make it look the part. This ting is loud and scary after using it it multiple games enemy players who I run into again get so scared just scream and put their hands up.
by Lyndon Kevin D. on 04/08/2015
"I loaded up the first mag and pulled the trigger; this thing IS realism at it's finest. Being a former service member, training came back to me with it. 'Professional Training Rifle' is not a lie. Everything about it functions as a real M4... except SPORTS (because it doesn't apply). Even the Functions Check to check if your M4 is working after you take it apart, clean it and put it back together (which is again, JUST like the real thing) actually works.

Mine shoots at around 330 on Green gas and .20's, so it's actually CQC legal!

-It's a Professional Training Rifle and lives up to every sense of the name
-It's very satisfying to shoot
-gun is very solid
-Full Auto Recoil actually discourages spray and pray.
-Gas Powered CQC Legal!

-KWA, please, stop making the best GBBR's and not make enough Magazines for them.
-Not sure if this was KWA's, Magpul's (because I have MBUS) or the Shops fault, but the little tool they give you to adjust to front sight is made of plastic, and my first turn stripped the little plastic teeth off the tool. Seriously?!
by Dennis P. on 11/16/2014
"KWA LM4, Mega arms LM4, Kriss and the M4 LM4 are the most reliable guns in my arsenal period! The magazines are reliable, I had only one go bad so far. hopefully when I get around to it its a simple Oring replacement. If you are looking to get away from AEG toy guns, then these are the ones. Buy a good optic and light, and you will dominate. If you like to spray BBs and don't like reloading like the real thing, then these guns aren't for you.
by Noah P. on 10/14/2014
"This is my second review of this GBBR. The reason why I am writing this is because I've now owned this rifle for over a year and have used it on numerous occasions - field and CQB - and it continues to perform terrifically. I'm also writing it because I've had the opportunity to compare it with GBBR's made by other companies - most notably G&P - and KWA builds a much better gun.

What's great about this GBBR is that it's relatively straightforward to use. You take it out of the box, load BB's into the magazine using the speed-loader that is included; you upload some green gas, insert the magazine, draw back the charging handle and you are ready to rock. No battery to charge, no HPA tank to fill.

Because it's more accurate at close range and since the games tend to be faster, I use it more for CQB than field games. The one downside is that the magazines are heavy and limited on BB capacity. While my team-mates can go into a CQB match with 1-2 high-caps, I'm carrying 5-6 additional magazines.

At the same time, there's an additional layer of excitement and realism about using the LM4 since it's so close to the real (steel) thing. And having used (and abused) this thing for over a year now, I can attest that it's built to last.
by Noah P. on 04/19/2013
"Once you handle a GBBR of this high quality, construction and realism, it's hard to go back to AEGs. Virtually every aspect of this rifle from stem to stern is designed with authenticity in mind. While it's nice that AEGs can carry a large volume of ammo, I've been frustrated by sounding like a salt shaker running around the field laden with hi-caps; and have been frustrated by AEGs' lack of a kicking response like the real steel version.

This GBBR makes the experience so much more real - the open bolt & bolt catch, fully operational charging handle, the palpable jerk with each bb discharged, etc. Yes, you're more limited on ammo quantity and yes the magazines are definitely heavier. If you have to complain about too much weight on your MOLLE apparatus, then go to the gym and pack on some more muscle! Sighting down one of these bad boys and spraying your visibly intimidated opponent with a 350fps salvo is well worth it.