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WE Open Bolt Full Metal M4 T91 Carbine Airsoft Gas Blowback GBB Rifle - Black

3 Customer Reviews

by bobby c. on 04/24/2014
"this rifle is amazing. ill start with the cons

the flash hider is NOT the one pictured (im kinda ocd, so it was an issue for me)
cant figure out how to get the flash hider off to replace it with a suppressor. so... if evike could pitch in on how to manage that, id love that. it has a nut behind it which can be loosened, but thats about it.
the rear sight was NOT easy to remove, but when you do, go slow, and use a rubber mallet.
the stock grip is kinda small and thin, but easy to remove.

hits hard.
accurate and easy to adjust hop up.
grip is easily replaced
the handguard is wonderfully comfortable to grip.

id say this is a definite buy if you dont NEED the extra rail space, but are happy with functionality. the flash hider should be replaced as the plastic one that comes with it doesnt fit in appearance.

again, seriously, would love to know how to safely remove the flashguard.
by Christopher S. on 12/07/2013
"I just got this gun a little more than a month ago and it is amazing! It is EXTREMELY sturdy and it looks really nice. I have put multiple mags through it and it is still working like new (I lube after every use, so that is expected). This gun also shoots at around 430fps and it has really nice kick (I would estimate 2.5-3x the kick of a .22lr). The mags are also very well made and hold enough gas for about 2 mags. There are some miniscule things that I don't like though. The rear sight is a pain to get off, I haven't figured out how to take off the flash hider, and the mags have to be loaded one bb at a time like a real m4 mag.

Looks bad booty
shoots really well
high fps (could be a con for some)
awesome kick
sturdy mags
really gas efficient

Rear sight is a pain to get off
hand load mags
don't know how to take off flash hider

Overall, this is an excellent gun and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.
by Sam T. on 08/31/2016
"This is not a bad gun, it is decently hefty, which could be a con if you happen to be carrying it around a distance, however this can be negated if you have a asking for it. Looks wise, it is definitely bad booty right out of the box, however there are even a few minor things you can do to make it even better. Biggest problem with the gun is the nozzle on the breaks with time, which isn't a big deal, however it can be annoying because nozzles are about $20 each. I have also had to replace the full auto hammer, but again, it is general wear and tear and very easy to replace.
*Magazines are excellent, just treat them well by lubing them up periodically and you will be golden, so far I have had no Lewis's
*Blowback is very good, you can definitely feel it, however if you want more there is an easy upgrade for more recoil here at the Evike
*Very solid and sturdy for all the externals.
*Decently accurate however I would recommend getting a tight bore barrel to make it even better, once you get that with .25 bbs you can get a very tight grouping.
* Repairs regarding the nozzle are simple and easy to do
* Open bolt system is fantastic
* Very realistic to the AR design, the bolt inside is basically a real AR bolt.
* Very modular and is open to many upgrades interior and exterior, giving this gun lots of potential

*Mags I know I said they were good, but when you first get new mags they are really tough to put in and you almost have to break them in so they slide in and out easier. Also reloading is a real pain as you have to do if one by one, I have tried speed loaders and they don't works very well.
* Orange tip is incredibly ugly, but with some patience and a drink with a saw attachment you can carefully cut it off without damaging the threads. (-14mm)
*The stock is true to the T-91 however it is wobbly and loose, so I would suggest getting a new one, I used a G&G crane stock off of an old aeg and it looks / feels wonderful.
*Rail space is virtually non existent as you can see in the picture, however you can buy extra rails and screw them on the top of the gun.
* The Rear sight was easy to take off, once I figured it out, there is a hole where you have to stick a punch or something slim in and lift up on and then you can pull the sight free.
* If you're going to use a scope, you will need scope rises to raise the scope up a good inch because the front sight is not removable.
* The nozzles breaking are kind of annoying, but they are very simple and basic to repair.
* Adjustment for the hopup is a real pain, but it stays put once you set it

Solidly built with a rugged construction, this is an impressive gun stock, and even better with simple upgrades. I've had it a little over six months and the only problems affecting performance were the hammer breaking and the multiple nozzles I've gone through, however those problems were due to wear and tear. This is an excellent gun for someone who wants to try their hand at using a GBB due to the cost-effective ness and overall quality, giving a someone new to GBBs the spectrum of learning maintenance, durability and performance all in one. A must have for this include nozzles. Expect to go through them every once in a while.