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KWA KMP9 Gas Blowback Airsoft Submachine Gun (Color: Dark Earth w/ Grip)

9 Customer Reviews

by Robert V. on 11/27/2015
"First off this gun is amazing looking! Kwa did a fantastic job with this one. The gun is very ergonomic, everything from the safety to the fire selector is within a 2 inch distance from one another which means it is very easy for you to switch to semi and full auto mid fire fight. The only thing that I know of that is difficult about this gun is the disassembly. This gun is extremely difficult to take down and maintain. Now on to the actual review:
1. The rate of fire is insane! (48 rd mag dump in 3 seconds)
2. Extremely accurate when hop up is broken in.
3. Kwa NS2 system. The only other system that comes close to this quality is my ghk g5.
4. Plenty of aftermarket parts from Kwa, Ksc, Angel Custom, Wii tech, etc.
5. 20 and 48 Rd mags are available.
6. Very ergonomic, and M4/AR style charging handle.
7. Price is reasonable for the quality you are paying for.
8. CQB and field ready.
9. Swappable bolts for indoor and outdoor gameplay
1. Price of magazines $35-$52 each.
2. Difficult disassembly.

Other than that I highly recommend this gun to anyone who is looking for a fun and effective gun for cqb or field play.
by Conner W. on 07/30/2015
"i absolutely love this gun works perfectly when i stack the mags perfectly now i was wondering what gram of ammo to use
by Lucas A. on 07/22/2014
"Amazing gun! I just bought this today, and I have to say that I heard it in the range at evike and thought it was a polar star! it shoots fast and sounds amazing! hopefully no one mistakes it as a real gun and calls the police (its louder than my reaL-steel rifle!)

very sturdy
integrated grip
loudness (pro or con)
good weight
Very gas efficient! ( I went through 5 mags without refilling it!)

Small sights! (i suggest the aim sports operator rds, as i need one!)
loudness (pro or con)
mags are expensive, and the release button is easy to press by accident

Very good, if you consider it, buy it! Amazing first gun, and my mom and sister have both shot it, and they need to learn to use guns properly :|
by Dillon B. on 05/23/2014
"WOW, just wow. This gun is way better than i expected it to be, got it in last week, played about 10 rounds with it at my local CQB field and it performed amazingly.

-Strong build, doesnt feel like it is going to break.
-with low power bolt it shoots around 290 with .20 bbs (perfect for cqb fields)
-Accurate, this thing is very accurate for having a such a short inner barrel
-Havent had problems with cool down on mag dumps yet
-With a REAPS bucking this thing is really accurate
-Very loud (could be a con for some)

-Sights are VERY small and short, and with any mask on you will have trouble seeing through them
-Mags are quite expensive

OVERALL this gun is absolutely amazing, accurate, fast shooting, compact, light and perfect for CQB. I have used it several times and not on problem has come up, this is by far the best GBB SMG i have ever had the chance to use, i would choose it over the MP7 any day. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a gbb smg or just a smg in general, i love it.
by Max B. on 02/26/2014
"One of the best GBB SMGs out there. KWA outdid themselves on this gun. The accuracy, rate of fire, build quality are outstanding. I absolutely love this gun. It shoots around 24 + or - rps, almost a fast as the MAC-11, but far more accurate and more gas efficient. If you install the REAPS or Maple Leaf bucking, it can be as accurate as an AEG. And this gun is SO loud! The muzzle acts an amplifier. Your ears will start to ring after shooting this gun for a while!
The only downsides to this gun are the horrendous orange tip, but you can replace that for $20, the expensive mag prices (the problems with GBBs), and the EXTREMELY complicated internals (the hardest GBB to work on I have seen)
Note: if you are not fairly skilled with internals, you may have to have someone service your KMP9 for you.

Pros: relatively cheap price, good mags, excellent quality, amazing ROF, accurate, great kick, great gas efficiency, lightweight, scary to be shot at with!

Cons: mags are expensive ($40 each!), orange tip, complicated internals

If you are thinking of getting the MP7 or the KMP9, go for the KMP9. It's more complicated, but you have more options with it, and it is far more versatile. And it sounds cooler!
by John C. on 11/02/2012
"If your thinking of buying this gun and stop thinking and just buy it. It shoots a little to hot for cqb (400 w/ .2) I tried installing a flute valve and my bolt broke so just go the easier way and buy a low power bolt so unless your a gun pro dont install it because in the long run it will be the best for you.

Great weight for the gun
Great look
Amazing sound when shoots(Pro or Con)
Gas efficient

I didnt find any
by Kyler R. on 08/22/2012
out of all eletric guns, gas guns, smgs, anything. you can drop it on the ground, out of a window, through glass windows, pools, water, lake ,pond its like a lifeproof case for an iphone! it can do everything a real gun can do if more.

-very accurate, like most gas guns are consistently accurate also
-good rof
-very upgradable(if you know how to do it, be careful)
-folding stock(comes in handy around corners
-lightweight never get tired running with it.

-distance isnt too great but its a CQB weapon anyways
-big orange tip, not removable
-expensive gun
-expensive mags
-gas usage is expensive
by Jarrod C. on 01/03/2012
"This is a beast! I have two and I love to dualweild these monsters. At cqb arenas I just get by with the fps limit and no one wants to be on the business end of this gun. It has a crazy ROF it dumps the mag in 2 seconds so I advise buying extra mags.
But other than that this gun has a very sturdy construction and I doubt will break anytime soon as long as you do normal maintenance.

Amazing ROF
Great FPS
Sturdy bulid

A little heavy
Not a fan of the iron sights.
by Austin N. on 09/21/2016
"9/10 for me. The gun out of the box with shoot consistently 390 fps. The KMP9 also shoots 19-24 RPS. I have yet to hear a gun louder than my KMP 9.
This gun is great, evike is also the best place to buy airsoft and etc. But I was drawn to making this review because i was sold a kmp9 with an old main seal. When i drove 2 hours back out to a similar area of evike, i self delivered my kmp9 to KWA. The knowledgeable and professional employee explain to be that evike gave me a product that was sitting in storage for too long. Also not to mention this gun is dry out of the box, the main seal broke after a week of light use. KWA KMP9 is being repaired free of charge, as all kwa products come with a handy warrenty. I will assume this issue is rare and should obviously be advised when selecting any modle and how old it actually is.