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WE PDW Carbine Full Metal Airsoft Gas Blowback GBB Rifle w/ 2 Mag - Tan (New Open Bolt System)

8 Customer Reviews

by Frederick S. H. on 07/29/2016
"I've had this PDW for a couple of years now, haven't done a whole lot with it but man am I glad I have it. For starters, this gun is a beast: High fps, rof, and range right out of the box. Players not on my team fear this thing at close/medium range simply because of the rate of fire. Great maneuverability, easy to use. Awesome gun for beginners and veterans alike.

Pros: This gun screams "Buy me now"!
:High fps
:High Rof
:Great range for a PDW
:Great feel (even for a folding skeleton stock)
:Easy to use, highly maneuverable, SEXY!!!

Cons: What Cons?
1. You don't have one
by Nik M. on 02/08/2014
"This is a great GBBR for anyone to use. This was actually my first GBB in general, and I'm surprised how easy it is to use.

Pros: Full metal (except for a few parts)
-High ROF
-Has both CO2 and Green Gas mags available
-Hard kick
-Green Gas mags work surprisingly well in the cold
-Open Bolt system (easy maintenance, functions much better than their closed bolt system)
-Nice FPS for Woodland or CQB
-Easy field strip/disassembly
-Very nice full metal RIS
-Very sturdy folding stock
-Ambidextrous selector switch and mag release

-M4 open bolt mags are sort of wobbley in the magwell
-Parts loosen after awhile (this is actually normal)
Other than those, almost no cons. GET THIS GUN!
by Alan S. on 06/17/2013
"This Gun is so awesome it looks like the real thing!
full metal
gas gun
folding stock
great range high rpm
good accuracy
Cons:Mags are hard to get in, other than that there are no cons
by Brandon S. on 04/06/2013
"So, I wrote a big review with all my thoughts and everything from the last year of using this gun, and I got logged out because it took too long..... so, shortened review coming up. :)

This gun is worth the money, it has been almost flawless over the past year. parts I have replaced: hop-up bucking, and 1 mag seal. Thats it, thats all I have had to replace over the last year of frequent use. All my custom aeg's sit in my trunk on gamedays, this is the gun I go to. I am solely a GBBR user now. If you plan on getting this it's nice to get the angel custom vsr-10 hop-up bucking (red one) and the NPAS so you can adjust the velocity. Co2 mags _ gas mags (Co2 higher velocity and don't ice up as much) the flash hider is -14mm, so get a nice fancy custom one, there are plenty to choose from.

Accuracy (for a PDW, after you get the better hop-up)
ROF (unless its cold out and your using propane/green gas, then don't even bother with full auto)
Build Quality (sturdy, rock solid super special chocolatey awesome)
Weight (could go with build quality, but whatev's)
Ambidextrious (if I have to explain.......)
Has Magical Powers (everyone's eyes turn green after they see it)

ICING UP!!!11!!0! (if it's below 60 degrees and you're using gas mags, you're not using full auto)
Maintenance (not a con for me, but be aware you do need to break this down and clean after a game day)
Pre-Maintenance (the day before a gameday, break it down and oil it, also, cycle the mags a couple times)

GBBR_AEG (all my custom aeg's are now backups, and I haven't had to use them)
by Evan M. on 03/03/2012
"Ive own a couple gbbs and this is the best. it is full metal, lightweight and dead accurate. it is very high quaity and will never break on you. One WE's best guns. also the range is 200 to 250 feet on this gun!And if the rifle does happen to break, evike has all the parts to fix it.

full metal
high quality
nice range, fps and accuracy
comes with two mags
and sounds nice

by Kevin W. on 02/15/2012
"I just got this gun, my first GBB and i am thrilled with it so far. shoots very hard but some flaws.
so much swag
High fps

Mags are somewhat hard to get in (except for black one that comes with)
Hop up is hard to get at
hollow handle
by Raymond T. on 12/30/2011
"I bought this gun about a week ago and since then it has performed excellent. One of WE's best. I also took the PDW stock off and put on a buffer tube and a six position MAGPUL CTR stock it works great overall i'd give this gun a 9.5 out of 10
by Clay D. on 01/05/2011
"Just got this gun and it's awesome. Shoots hard for a gun its size(it goes straight through the bottom of a soda can). Very accurate. The only problem is that it the m4 mags in it are a little hard to get in (not bad you just have to give the bottom of the mag a little pat.

-good FPS
-full metal
-easy dissassembly
-good price
-lots of swag
-NPAS available

-m4 mags have some trouble getting in but once they are in they stay in
-mags have some leaking probs if you don't spray them with silicon oil diligently.

Overall its a great gun. On of WE's best. Just buy it.