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WE PDW Carbine Full Metal Airsoft Gas Blowback GBB Rifle w/ 2 Mag - Black (New Open Bolt System)

9 Customer Reviews

by ian s. on 08/01/2012
"just bought this gun and it was amazing! but i ran into a couple problems.

great fps
so realistic
blowback is amazing

scratches easily
the "we" logos fall off
my full auto broke on the first time i shot it

but all though i have to send it back to get repaired, this gun is one of the best guns i have ever boughten!!!!!
by Michael L. on 12/18/2011
"I must say WE i am impressed. This gun is just simply crazy. This was my first gas blowback assault rifle but god am i impressed

Amazing blowback
Great FPS
Kick is realistic
Great magazine
Rails everywhere
Easy to field strip

Not comfortable to hold without gloves or foregrip
by shane c. on 12/28/2010
"This gun out of the box is amazing. I was on the edge of either the WE SCAR or the PDW so after all the videos and reviews I finally went with the PDW, and boy am I happy. This gun chronos about 410fps on a warm day. Pure Amazing...This gun is by far the best GBB on the market. Also with the new Open Bolt its more realistic... this gun is very accurate and offers an awesome KICK...

Good Fps
Full Metal
Easy to upgrade
Very realistic

iron sights

AND thats all

SC out. and yes i copied that guy...
by kevin d. on 09/08/2010
"I have this gun and i have to say this thing rocks!!!!!
On semi its really good and on full its cool but you can tell the difference in the use of gas on full.

Comes with 2 mags RDW and M4 ( at least 4 me it did)
Really cool
Great range
Awesome rof on full
Did i say it is REALLY COOL!!!
Uses A LOT OF GAS on full
Firing pin to hit mag to relise gas broke
30 rd mags (I think its a pro some dont)

All in all it is a great gun
by William C. on 08/11/2010
"The WE A.W.S.S. PDW is an amazing piece of equipment. It is an accurate gun complimented by a more than adequate fire rate and is all installed on a compact, modular frame. This rifle was designed by Knights Armament to be an upgraded version of the M4 that would allow the operator to conceal his weapon, and take full advantage of the qualities of having a compact frame and yet still pack a punch greater than the traditional 5.56 but not compromise accuracy nor penetration by chambering the the 6x35mm round. Basically what this means for us airsofters is that this weapon is far superior to other models due to its compact size, modular systems, can be easily adapted to and has great maneuverability. Other than that, this thing is very accurate and really can send a lot of bbs down range to your target and fast. The thing that impressed me most was the build of the weapon. This guns is entirely metal. The only plastic on the whole system is the air seals, the grip, and the hop up bucking, the rest is all either CNC machined aluminum or steal. The upper receiver(and RAS, its one big piece) is CNC ed aluminum as well as the barrel and lower receiver. The bolt and bolt carrier is steal and the trigger mechanisms are all fricken metal!!!! This gun is invisible!!!!!!! I have never found another airsoft rifle built as well as this one. Oh, and there is one other interesting feature that the WE PDW has, IT IS A GAS BLOW BACK RIFLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The blowback is amazingly hard and is a very nice feature. This does require that you lube your gun A LOT, but it is soooo worth it. The PDW has flip up sights, a folding stalk, ambidextrous mag release and fire selector, a locking bolt, a forward assist button, and many more features(dont want to spoil your appetite)

Accurate(.28s recommended tho)
Nice fire rate
!!ALL METAL!! (legit!!!)
Very heavy
Superb maneuverability
Some very nice flip up sights
All systems are true to the real steal
Real capacity magazines
The list goes on!!!

For some it might be heavy(not I :D )
It has real capacity magazines( i think it is more fun)
Some people might not like to HAVE to lube it

Overall: this is an amazing buy, comes with 2 magazines, it is the best built gun on the market and yet is the cheapest of the GBBR, THIS THING WILL NEVER FAIL YOU(just lube it). It is the best model assault rifle out there( not talking about DMR's and such) Honestly, I believe you have to grasp one in your own two hands to understand what this gun is all about.

Basically if you are in the market for any form of assault rifle and have liked the previous M4 models then you should really pick up one of these off EVIKE.COM(cheapest site by about 80-100 $ i checked). I am currently using my PDW as my primary/secondary to my upped Tanaka M700. It allows me to fill any role possible(-support) and be more of a team player and and independent and lethal force on the field. This is truly a feat of airsoft engineering and it is the beginning of a new era of milsim.

This is Grey Shadow, out.
by Jordan L. on 12/24/2010
"this is a very well put together rifle people thinks its heavy but its really not that bad i have heard that the mags after extensive use lose performance as far as getting all 30 rds off but its great
by Justin G. on 09/26/2010
"I received mine over the summer and its great.
Very acurate overall and has a nice sturdy feel.

Fairly acurate with .25s it might be better with heavier bbs
Full metal
The pad on the stock is rubber and fits comfortably in the shoulder
Has a good kick to it which is nice.
The sights are good
Came out of the box ready to fire, no need to really lube in the beginning.

Heavy, but its bearable
With the real cap mags you run out of ammo quick
The bolt somtimes does not lock when out of ammo
and well other than that i don't really have anything really bad to say about it

I would reccomend this to anyone wanting a GBBR that is not too overly priced
I wouldn't reccomend this to little kids or novices due to the amount of maintanance it takes to keep it working perfectly

If you get one Don't be shy to buying extra mags cause i guarentee you will nee them
by Justin W. on 09/06/2013
"I got this gun a while ago and i have to say I am pretty disappointed by it. I don't know if it's just mine, but the entire outer barrel doesn't seem to screw in and it falls off constantly. I keep having to screw it back in and it really pisses me off. The gun shoots pretty hot, in the lower 400's, and even though it is full metal, i can see several things that really don't work with the gun.

Full Metal
Realistic kick
Nice feel

Outer barrel falls off a lot
stock doesn't fold (believe me, I've tried)
usually too hot for certain fields

Overall, I wouldn't recommend this. Although i do love all the other WE Tech pistols (as i own 3 and have had no problems with them) I think that WE Tech just got a little sloppy with this one.
by Ryan R. on 10/18/2013
"The gun is a cool piece... HOWEVER! I don't know how i can even play with this on any feilds. The BBs shoot straight up 99% of the time. Even after adjusting the hop up it still continues doing the same thing. Plus its way "too hot" for basically every field. So it looks cool... But it is a 300$ wall decoration.