Reviews: UFC HEDP M433 Type 120rd Airsoft 40mm Gas Grenade Shells - Pack of 3

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Model: UFC-CART-01-Sx3
Location: U1-134* L1-M06

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by Chace D. on 2015-03-29 00:03:05
"so i bought this all excited to blast some fools on the field NOPE....
tested all 3 worked great weekend came went to play then realized this is not the smartest investment, for one the range on these are not far at all i would say 35 feet before the bbs MASSIVELY drop power, then theres the 120 round per shell thing load up bbs all 120 but guess what 60-70 percent of them dont even stay in the shell from the point of loading them(pre-Game) to the point when i fired them at the enemy(total 3-5mins) the movement of me running off the start of the game to get in to good field posistion all the bbs fell out and i didnt even know, i had one loaded in my m203 launcher and the other 2 shells in my pocket in the tact vest, basicly what im trying to say is if you move the shells to much the bbs will come out if you have it loaded in a launcher and point it downwards it will fall out

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)