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Thunder B Airsoft Co2 Simulation Grenade (Package: 12 Shell Set / Tripwire)

30 Customer Reviews

by Dominic F. on 04/26/2016
"This grenade is wonderful. It works and is very loud. If you decide to get one, don't just buy a few. You can easily use up three in a day in normal matches. In the long run, its best to get a good group at once. This set comes with 12 shells and a core, with two pins, I lost the first of the two on the second day. They are just a cotter pin and key chain ring so you can make more easily or pay he dollar for ten more. The shells are one use, as are the CO2 canisters you will use in them, but the core is reusable. All the ones I have used split right on the center and don't go near the threads. The next set I buy will most likely be another stile. another thing to note is that these things are about a third bigger in each dimension then real steel grenades, so don't expect them to fit a normal sized grenade pouch.
by Victor S. on 11/04/2015
"I refuse to buy any other sound grenade.
by kevin n. on 10/08/2013
"I think these would b great 4 what they r made for,,They do work very well! And I think I will order some more.Great product
by William H. on 08/25/2012
"These things are frigging amazing! I use them on the field and at work and they work like a charm, with no coins (those of you who know)! They detonate in less than 1/2 a second. I would recommend finding military tent stakes and using zip ties to secure it to the stake. And instead of using the cardboard for the wire use another stake. Seeing the look of utter disappointment after the pop, PRICELESS! If you have time to set these up, they are worth it.
by Justin B. on 05/28/2012
"These are incredible!

Having used every Thunder-B shell type, these are the only shell type that give reliable detonation every single time.

These grenades are fantastic. They put out about 120-130 decibels. These are definitely louder than a firecracker. Anybody that it goes off near will DEFINITELY call out, if not be disabled long enough for you to shoot them. There are no doubts that this grenade is just as loud as you could want it to be.

Assembly, disassembly, maintenance, and preparation is pretty quick and simple.
Very durable (though the metal bends sometimes after rough falls, so you have to bend it back)

Head assembly:
~Firing pin head
~Firing pin point
~Safety Pin
~Black metal sub-connector
Cylinder assembly:
~Aluminum cylinder
~Aluminum bottom cap (with rubber stopper)
Disposable shell

Pull the hammer back and use the spoon to hold the hammer back. Insert the pin into the head to hold the spoon (and thus hammer) in place. Screw the black metal sub-connector into the bottom of the head.
Loosely screw the aluminum bottom cap onto the aluminum cylinder.
Insert a 12g CO2 cartridge into the Aluminum cylinder.
Screw the cylinder assembly into the bottom of the black metal sub-connector (attaching it to the head).
Once the sylinder assembly is tightly screwed in, start to screw in the aluminum bottom cap. You will notice that the firing pin head is slowly raising toward the safety pin (which blocks the hammer's path). Stop tightening the bottom cap when the firing head reaches the safety pin.
TIGHYLY screw on the disposable shell.

For the most part, if everything is tightened well and the disruption shells are being used, these will work every time. No reliability issues at all.

These are VERY satisfying.
by Francis W. on 04/12/2012
"I bought the first generation Thunder-B and had mixed results. It was notoriously unreliable and many times the shells did not blow. These third generation shells are much better and I have not had any failures. My only negative critique is, these MUST be rolled or thrown on to a soft surface or else, you risk damaging the firing mechanism and spoon. If you want a big boom and reliable detonation, get these. I threw one in to the men's room at my station (police) and all the guys in there thought I was really, really cool.
by Pete W. on 03/11/2012
"Overall excellent performance for what it's designed for! Keep in mind this is for sound distraction only. Works great against little kids at CQB games- they scatter like roaches. But most salty players will just ignore it if they recognize it. Recommend buying an extra spoon kit just in case- the hook area tends to bend/wear out over time but can be easily re-bent back to shape a few times.

- Very loud!
- Solidly build- doesn't feel delicate
- Easy to use/assemble/load

- Spoon tends to bend/wear out over time
- Each shell can only be used once/consumes an entire CO2 cartridge with each detonation
- Gets fairly expensive to replace shell and new CO2 each time
by Kenneth C. on 03/09/2012
"I love these grenades. I like more of the realism that these pack compared to tornado's. I love how it scares the hell out of everyone. They are extremely loud, excellent for cqb. This specific shell model isn't the best though. My favorite is the shells with the timer caps. Do not use the timer caps if you want a short fuse which I like. Very good, buy. 5/5
by Sallyann l. on 01/16/2012
"WOW these grenades are awesome and effective im telling u get them if u have the money these will be a grate acset to ur airsoft games and loadout if u take airsoft very seroius then get these thell make ur wars and scenarios more realistic and fun!!
by Jamie T. on 11/06/2011
"I received these about 2 days ago and so far everything seems to be well made and properly functioning. I love evike and am always pleased with thier products.
by Caleb A. on 10/23/2011
"So, i just bought 24 shells and 2 grenades a little while ago. I've only set off 3 of them, and every single one has had no problems... 'cept one. the lower cap has an annoying tendency to pop off and go flying. so i'd recommend buying a couple extra cap sets. i think the problem is that the seam on the bottom breaks and because of that the threaded lower part of the shell gets all messed up.

Loud as heck.
Very good for an intimidation factor, specially if no one else has grendades.
quite a solid build.
easy to set, and set off
VERY consistent 4 or so second timer.
simple maintenance and lots of spare parts.
duds are non-existent if you tighten everything up.

Lower cap often shoots off. (sometimes not too far so you can find it, but i've lost one because of this)
costs about a buck fifty every time you set one off.... but who cares? it's a flipping grenade.

definitely recommend this awesome thing.
by Kristopher V. on 10/20/2011
"These grenades are awesome! They work almost every time! They can be filled with bbs about 1/3 of the canister full to make one mean frag grenade. The only issue I had was that you have to score the sides of the canister with a knife just a bit so it blows out the sides and not the top. Overall it is a great product and I highly recommend it!
by Tyler K. on 08/25/2011
"This product is very good,
though I know that is very broad but here is the thing.
This is a better improvement from the first one.
so far every time that I have used the grenade there have been no duds, it has worked every single time but no only that the orange caps(or grey) creates a better guard so that it does not break on the bottom or the top where the threading is.
overall, great product and pretty cool to play around with also.

tighter seal
breaking point in the center of grenade

by christine b. on 05/08/2011
"This is a great grenade used it a few times at a skirm. never failed louder and better if you are going to buy a thunder b buy this one for shore.
by Will T. on 05/02/2011
"I just got these today and I love them. I just hope I can stop playing with them before I run out of shells for them.