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Thunder B Co2 Airsoft Paintball Simulation Sound Grenade (12 Shell Set / Flash Bang)

7 Customer Reviews

by Caleb A. on 10/23/2011
"So, i just bought 24 shells and 2 grenades a little while ago. I've only set off 3 of them, and every single one has had no problems... 'cept one. the lower cap has an annoying tendency to pop off and go flying. so i'd recommend buying a couple extra cap sets. i think the problem is that the seam on the bottom breaks and because of that the threaded lower part of the shell gets all messed up.

Loud as heck.
Very good for an intimidation factor, specially if no one else has grendades.
quite a solid build.
easy to set, and set off
VERY consistent 4 or so second timer.
simple maintenance and lots of spare parts.
duds are non-existent if you tighten everything up.

Lower cap often shoots off. (sometimes not too far so you can find it, but i've lost one because of this)
costs about a buck fifty every time you set one off.... but who cares? it's a flipping grenade.

definitely recommend this awesome thing.
by Tyler K. on 08/25/2011
"This product is very good,
though I know that is very broad but here is the thing.
This is a better improvement from the first one.
so far every time that I have used the grenade there have been no duds, it has worked every single time but no only that the orange caps(or grey) creates a better guard so that it does not break on the bottom or the top where the threading is.
overall, great product and pretty cool to play around with also.

tighter seal
breaking point in the center of grenade

by christine b. on 05/08/2011
"This is a great grenade used it a few times at a skirm. never failed louder and better if you are going to buy a thunder b buy this one for shore.
by Will T. on 05/02/2011
"I just got these today and I love them. I just hope I can stop playing with them before I run out of shells for them.
by John P. on 03/18/2011
"i got these today, but the weird thing is that i did not order them i ordered the generation one versions so i came out on top, thanks evike, freeeee upgrade. the thing i first noticed was the new timer caps, you neeeeeed to have them on or the grenades leak and don't burst, i wasted two doing so. the new caps really don't do much to the time of detonation, there was no manual so i am not sure. to be honest i have not even gotten to use one yet so i cannot say how good they are, but the first two were my fault so no need to discredit thunder b.

look much better than the generation one thunder b's
that is pretty much all i can say, but can't wait to use them
by drake e. on 10/19/2013
"I have had these for a while and they wok amazingly.

Pros: loud, realistic,and can fit in a 2 stack m4 mag pouch

Cons: paint ware,caps some times come off, and one of the top presser cap got stuck in the thread of the shell after it blew up it need a tool.
by Kevin W. on 01/05/2015
"Bought these for my son. Not overly impressed. They explode only about half the time, but they are FUN when they do! We found that if we lightly score the outside they have a better chance of exploding.