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Thunder B Airsoft Co2 Simulation Grenade (Package: 3 Shell Set / Shell Sampler)

57 Customer Reviews

by Kevin K. on 10/31/2017
"Work great no problems except for the fact that on mine I need to pull the striker back after pulling the pin out to get enough force to puncture the co2 canister inside.
by Ryan W. on 04/21/2017
"Love this easy to use and good to for cqb.
by Andrew G. on 07/08/2016
"A Definite product to use and have on your loadout! Easy to assemble and maintain, and always carry extra shells and replacement parts.
by Andrew G. on 07/08/2016
"5 star product! I enjoy using these things a lot on the field and have not had any problems so far.
by Dominic F. on 04/26/2016
"This grenade is wonderful. It works and is very loud. If you decide to get one, don't just buy a few. You can easily use up three in a day in normal matches. In the long run, its best to get a good group at once. This set comes with 12 shells and a core, with two pins, I lost the first of the two on the second day. They are just a cotter pin and key chain ring so you can make more easily or pay he dollar for ten more. The shells are one use, as are the CO2 canisters you will use in them, but the core is reusable. All the ones I have used split right on the center and don't go near the threads. The next set I buy will most likely be another stile. another thing to note is that these things are about a third bigger in each dimension then real steel grenades, so don't expect them to fit a normal sized grenade pouch.
by Victor S. on 11/04/2015
"I refuse to buy any other sound grenade.
by David C. on 09/26/2015
"These grenades make every airsoft game a blast! (excuse the bad pun). Not only do they add atmosphere to the field as the concussive blasts echo down halls or over the hills, but there are incredibly useful in conquering many situations that one encounters playing airsoft.
Want to get the drop on the enemy coming around the corner with little risk of exposure? Toss a grenade.
Enemies stacking up in the next room, preparing to storm your position? Toss a grenade.
Are YOU stacking up to storm a room and the enemy is ready for you? Toss a grenade.
A bunker full of baddies have you and your squad penned down and nobody can quite get a bead on them? Toss a grenade.
Out numbered and you need to bluff the enemy into falling back? Shake a grenade at them angrily, declaring your willingness to use it....then toss it anyway.
These handy grenades will quickly become a key part of your tactical repertoire once you try them out.
by Marcus M. on 03/17/2015
"Perfect distraction device and even better for getting rid of those annoying campers with a vengeance! Also extremely loud! Fill with bb's and Co2 and you're good to go.
by Bradley B. on 12/11/2014
"Loud as heck! Great for fields which count all grenades as kill grenades. Makes a massive impression on the enemy team.

You will not be disappointed.
by Zion h. on 07/09/2014
"I love these. They scared the livg daylight out of people.but if you buy these do the penny mod
by Christopher W. on 11/20/2013
"Overall Great buy

I got my first thunder b, and loved it. I've cleared many a building with my trusty friend.

Pros: LOUD
can use different shells
works almost all the time (only failed once for me)
easy to replace, and uses CO2
Cons: pins are easy o lose
one time use out of CO2 can
by kevin n. on 10/08/2013
"I think these would b great 4 what they r made for,,They do work very well! And I think I will order some more.Great product
by William H. on 08/25/2012
"These things are frigging amazing! I use them on the field and at work and they work like a charm, with no coins (those of you who know)! They detonate in less than 1/2 a second. I would recommend finding military tent stakes and using zip ties to secure it to the stake. And instead of using the cardboard for the wire use another stake. Seeing the look of utter disappointment after the pop, PRICELESS! If you have time to set these up, they are worth it.
by carson r. on 08/06/2012
"this thing is amazing. i have used it for 6 months now and it hasnt failed me once
not to heavy
aluminum body
pins are easy to lose
have to buy more shells
by Justin B. on 05/28/2012
"These are incredible!

Having used every Thunder-B shell type, these are the only shell type that give reliable detonation every single time.

These grenades are fantastic. They put out about 120-130 decibels. These are definitely louder than a firecracker. Anybody that it goes off near will DEFINITELY call out, if not be disabled long enough for you to shoot them. There are no doubts that this grenade is just as loud as you could want it to be.

Assembly, disassembly, maintenance, and preparation is pretty quick and simple.
Very durable (though the metal bends sometimes after rough falls, so you have to bend it back)

Head assembly:
~Firing pin head
~Firing pin point
~Safety Pin
~Black metal sub-connector
Cylinder assembly:
~Aluminum cylinder
~Aluminum bottom cap (with rubber stopper)
Disposable shell

Pull the hammer back and use the spoon to hold the hammer back. Insert the pin into the head to hold the spoon (and thus hammer) in place. Screw the black metal sub-connector into the bottom of the head.
Loosely screw the aluminum bottom cap onto the aluminum cylinder.
Insert a 12g CO2 cartridge into the Aluminum cylinder.
Screw the cylinder assembly into the bottom of the black metal sub-connector (attaching it to the head).
Once the sylinder assembly is tightly screwed in, start to screw in the aluminum bottom cap. You will notice that the firing pin head is slowly raising toward the safety pin (which blocks the hammer's path). Stop tightening the bottom cap when the firing head reaches the safety pin.
TIGHYLY screw on the disposable shell.

For the most part, if everything is tightened well and the disruption shells are being used, these will work every time. No reliability issues at all.

These are VERY satisfying.