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MadBull 108 Round Rifle launch Airsoft Grenade with Flashhider Adapter

4 Customer Reviews

by Kenneth J. on 01/06/2010
"over all i think this is a great addon for the people who use stubbys or m14.thats because this mounts to the front and and removes the bulk of a m203 then it adds the element of supprise a guyor girl may see you then when they confront you you just blast them.
by nigel s. on 09/05/2009
"Guys,dont listen to this a hole below me,its a nice nade luancher and ima tell you why

get a sniper and put the adater on,when you need to,you can luanch a shower of bbs on the enemey!

this is perfect for ww1 or ww2 rifles

only way to get a gernade luancher on a famas and on a AUG with out spening a mount that costs as much as a luancher it self

mouting this on a pistol is very funny!and useful

did i metion mounting this on just about anything with threds is useful?

5 stars
by Tammy T. on 04/17/2012
"This grenade has worked for a short time until it broke. i am going to replace the o rings on it soon. I would assume that mine was simply a lemon. It works great otherwise.
by Will N. on 12/19/2008
"I originally bought this grenade as a way of saving money. I figured that i wouln't have to buy a tube type grenade launcher since this attackes right to your rifle. The fact is that the tube for airsoft grenades functions similar to the ones on real m203's. It is needed for the airsoft pellets to be accurate. Firing right from your barrel, which is a cool feature since you fire one semi auto round into the grenade to set it off, the pellets quicly spread out to a 10 or 15 foot almost right after its fired. Another thing is that although this and many grenades allow for over 100 pellets at a time the accuracy and power is greatly reduced. After rigging up a PVC pipe as a launcher i found that loading each tube with 1 or 2 pellets allowed for a very fast and accurate burst that seemed to be going 300 FPS. Over all this grenade is not worth it and it is better to buy the tube type launcher. Note: this grenade will not work with the tube type launchers because of the excess length to allow it to be atached to your gun.