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Bone Yard - Elite Force / Umarex full metal gearbox M4A1 Airsoft AEG - Black or Desert (Store Display, Non-Working Or Refurbished Models)

11 Customer Reviews

by Edward S. on 06/13/2018
"I got one and it works perfectly
I got two mags. One works. But who cares, didn't come with stock but I had spare parts from another.
So 5 out 5
by Matthew C. on 04/02/2018
"Iíve been very happy with mine I have been buying. Itís a awesome deal with the minor things that need fixing. Broken spring on a charging handle. No sweat. Four dollar spring and it would be brand new out of the box. It fired well and functioned flawlessly.. thanks everyone!!
by Derek M. on 11/15/2017
"Ordered this thinking i would get one that needed major work. when i got it box was pretty beat up, no mags. hand guard didn't fit gun at all. and outer barrel was adjusted weird. no biggie swapped outer barrel and hand guard for a heavy set that i had laying around. Besides that the gun works flawlessly. Almost looks like it has a brand new gear box. May order another soon.
by Cameron H. on 09/23/2017
"Great boneard buy received it with a very worn and torn box and my hopes went down.
Opened up the box and it was externaly brand new and looked great no scrapes or marks whatsoever.Looked at the battery connecter and the terminal was split so I just sobered it and it works like brand new.The only problem I had was that It came with two working Hi Caps and a 8.4 volt battery but no charger was included.No big deal but lowers the selling value a little.
by Billy B. on 07/07/2017
"Purchased one of these with the intentions of parting it out as a worst case scenario. Gun would not cycle, so figured a busted gearbox. Turned out to be a broken piston. Roughly $10 fix. Besides that, the gun is complete and in excellent condition. Came with charger, battery, and two gray high cap mags... one plastic and one metal. Just gonna replace the piston to have as a loaner or backup. Well worth the price.
by Gary R. on 03/22/2017
"Great Bones! Ordered 3, all were not working. Two needed a tappet plate, and one only needed grease. Nice M4 corpses for my vulture teching. Arrived with ( remember I ordered 3) five of six mags, 2 batteries, two carry handles, and no major structures dammaged.

EF makes solid uppers and lowers. Thanks Evike! Love modding these!
by nate h. on 02/15/2015
"Just got this gun a few days ago and apart from a broken charging handle spring it was tip top. Seeing the how the charging handle is only for opening the breach to adjust hop on this model, I pretty much got a 100% working gun for about half the normal price. Came with 2-300rd high caps 8.4v nunchuck and charger.
by Braedon J. on 01/09/2018
"Got this last week, handguards wouldn't fit and bbs would not load but the gun would expel air. sanded handguards and problem solved. It only needs a tappet plate but I have to find the right one, only an 8-12 dollar part.
by Joe S. on 07/17/2014
"Got mine last week. Nothing seemed to be wrong with it (fired fine out of the box) but then it stopped firing and there was just a click noise coming from the gearbox. Opened it up, and found the problem. The piston and sector gear were jamming. The last tooth on the sector gear was catching the last tooth on the piston when the piston went forward. So I just removed the last tooth on the sector gear and all is well now. Also did a better shim job and corrected the AoE.

The gearbox isn't half bad! It has an electronic trigger (not the original contacts one), cylinder is nice, and the gears were well made. Piston has metal teeth, steel bushings. Hop up and barrel are average. Overall for $80 it was alright for a plastic M4 with an easy fix.
by Landon H. on 10/07/2013
The gun I received was black, came with 2 working plastic hi-cap mags, an 8.4v nunchuck battery, and a charger. Icing on the cake.

- When I shot the gun I heard a faint click every time I pulled the trigger.
- BB's weren't flying out of the hop-up chamber.

The gearbox only needed a once-over and the hop-up needed a new bucking. Both were cheap, easy fixes.

Something to keep in mind though is that this is an ARES Sportsline AEG. Think proprietary parts. If you plan on using regular parts the hop up unit is wheel based and the chamber cannot fit a normal M4 hop up unit. It simply cannot fit due to lack of space in the upper receiver. Also, I tried to use a metal lower receiver and the pins that came with the gun are 1mm to large to use in any other lower receiver.

This gun uses 80% of the vast wealth of M4 parts (which are cheap and easy to find). For the price this AEG cannot be beaten.
by Michelle J. on 03/08/2017
"The gun itself was externally pleasing but the gearbox was an atrocity to fix, not worth the 55 bucks just to have to turn around and buy a new gearbox.