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Bone Yard - H&K ARES UMP Competition Series Airsoft AEG Rifle by Umarex (Store Display, Non-Working Or Refurbished Models)

5 Customer Reviews

by Jeffrey F. on 04/03/2017
"Paid $80 for mine. Plugged in a charged battery and got nothing... as expected. Exterior of this is 10/10 for sure. From quick examination I found the battery door broken. It's not a big deal as I plan to use it with the stock extended anyways. Upon taking the gearbox/motor out I found 2 missing screws (ones that do not affect operation at all), 2 more loose screws, and I assume a missing plate to block the trigger switch. The issue with this Boneyard gun was the trigger bar did not reach the button to make it fire. I tightened the loose screws and now it works great (for now, I'll play with it for a while and if something else happens to it then I will update with a new review). That's all I really have to say about this.

Out of the box I got the gun, a charger and a magazine plus a hand full of BB's. No battery in mine. 100% worth the $80 I spent!
by Dario m. on 03/04/2015
"First buy at airsoft boneyard,
battery uncharged but shoots without problems!
odetails that can be fixed or replaced. hope that I can find those spare parts in evike .
great buy!
by Konsta A. on 07/03/2014
"The only wrong thing with my gun was a broken battery door. Not a huge deal since I'm using 7.4V LiPo and it stays in really tight. Shoots pretty accurately even at 150ft.
The gun came with 8.4v battery and charger, mag, and the gun itself. Shoots fine but I kind of wish I wouldn't have bought this gun for $80. Don't get me wrong, its a good deal but spending $160 on the "Aim Top" package that gives you a m4 with a 11.1V lipo ready gearbox that is in completely different league with this gun, and 3 flash mags, its money much better spent.
by Michael B. on 02/24/2014
"This gun came in perfect external condition, gear box was missing the white harness, I re-wired the gun and it shoots fine.
by Jared S. on 08/22/2013
"ok bad news first....

this won't fit an 11.1v lipo stick type........AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGH! However, I put a 7.4 stick in it and it functions as if it had a 9.6v as is, so no worries there fellas.....Rid the box of the excess lube, shim the gears, and she'll purr.

I was bummed to see that the charging handle is a non moving part. No big deal, just an aesthetic thing that us ADHD folk like to be distracted with while cowering behind a stack of barrels while getting shot at.

Ok now on to the good news....

The gearbox looks solid and DOES HAVE METAL every modern AEG SHOULD have. The absolute best part about this gearbox is that the spring can be swapped in about two minutes or less.....depending on how fast you are. It's two small screws, and one large pin sitting between you and this wonderful feature. Remove those three pieces and the gearbox, long with the lower receiver separates from the rest of the gun. Then use a coin or whatever to remove that black screw behind the spring guide, and finally a 6mm hex wrench to remove the spring guide......which sadly fellas....doesn't use bearings!!!!

the cylinder is anodized red and is solid....meaning no vent towards the back. Techies, you could easily swap this sucker out and use it for your DMR....and finally put that old lame M4 JG cylinder to good use once more.

As is, the ROF is smooth and quick with an 11.1v, but I'd suggest a 7.4 25-30c

Bottom line:

is it worth $80? Definitely.....