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* Bone Yard - A full size M4 Airsoft AEG w/ Metal Gearbox (Store Display, Non-Working Or Refurbished Models)

16 Customer Reviews

by Josh F. on 12/09/2016
"I received the M4 in the first picture. It's a Black Ops Viper EBB(I think it's a viper anyway). It came with a charger and 8.4v battery. It was labeled 'Returned' and it appeared to function perfectly fine. I bought the gun with the intention of using it for parts so I completely disassembled it immediately.
The internals are what you'd expect in a cheap gun, but in my case they were all brand new.
The EBB gearbox shell that came in this gun probably won't fit any receiver that uses a normal V2 gearbox. The fake bolt is attached to a slide on top of the gearbox which makes it much taller than normal gearboxes.
Externally it's all plastic except for the buffer tube, outer barrel and a few other little pieces. The buffer tube/stock fit my other gun which is good because that's a part I really needed in addition to some internals.
I also want to use the outer barrel from this gun on my other receiver with a free float hand guard I have. But I won't know how that will work out until I find an armorer's wrench.
by Pat M. on 06/22/2016
"I bought 2 of these. Both came with a mag, and one had an 8.4v nunchuck. One mag had camo ammo in it which I assumed was the cause of the problem. One gun just needed to be put back together and the other's gearbox was locked up. Couple hours later and they worked perfectly fine. These will make good gifts for my friends who don't have a gun.
by Aaron M. on 06/14/2016
"i recieved my m4.
it was a avenger m4a1 biohazard dark earth, i got to 9.6 nunchucks, a charger, 1 mid cap and a high cap, one rds sight.
the gun worked out of the box and every thing it came with worked, the gun has some gear issues that im taking to our local field so they can inspect the gun and make sure it works 1 hundred percent, i highly recoment you order 1 of these, high quality polymer furniture, metal inner and outer barrel.
by Aaron M. on 06/13/2016
"So I just received my rifle today, I expected the worst, I was surprised that it came with 2 mags 2 nun chucks a working reflex sight and a great that mostly shot outa the box, it fires great single fire but won't fire full, I'm taking it to my local field and see what they can do but for 40 dollar it's one of the best buys on here
by James K. on 06/08/2016
"I picked up four or these. Besides the clean up I had to do inside and out( witch was substantial) they worked great. Two of them had missing bolt releases, but it was an easy fix. 5 out of 5
by Johnson D. on 03/12/2016
"I purchased three of these to fix up for my boys as back up weapons when we go out on full day games. Haven't had to use it as backup because our G&P never failed to last, but it did come by handy as a loaner for friends a few times. The three I got had a bad motor, bad wiring, and a bad magazine respectively, nothing hard to fix at all! Was expecting spare parts but I got three extra complete working rifles now!
by James R. on 03/12/2016
"This gun is suitable for beginners or parts.

Low price
Good for cheap parts
Decent motor

Overall, it is a good gun if you can get it for $70~$90 and knows how to repair your M4. Good for extra parts.
by Curtis C. on 03/12/2016
"Great boneyard buy! I received a dboy m4 AEG with metal gearbox that has a broken fuse! Easy fix! The magazine, and 99% of everything else on this gun works with my KWA and G&G M4!
by Michael F. on 06/11/2016
"I have purchased 3 of these boneyard M4s, and for the most part, they are good guns. I would recommend these as backup guns.
All 3 out of 3 had the same externals; the all had the body as pictured in image 1. All 3 of them came with mags, 1 came with a battery, and 1 came with a charger. (It looks like the battery doesn't want to work)
2 of the guns worked out of the box with no maintenance.
1 of the guns had the motor wires backwards (lol).
Internal wise, 1 of the guns had a gearbox with a QD spring system. The other 2 had traditional Version 2 gearboxes. The last 2 I purchased (the most recent purchases) were the two with traditional Ver. 2 Gearboxes.
Gearbox internals:
All of them had plastic pistons (one metal tooth) and plastic piston heads. They all had cylinders with one teardrop port (equal to the area of about a nickel) and metal gears with metal bushings. The wiring was typical and all included in-line fuses with plastic fuse holders. The motors are regular stock motors, nothing special
The spacer in one of the 3 hop up chambers was loose.
One negative of these gearboxes is the screws! It surprised me that screws can be this s****y. The heads break off extremely easily.
On the QD spring system gearbox, the small metal nub that keeps the trigger contact from pulling back into the sector gear broke off. I tried to fix it, but ultimately it fell off again, so I decided to trash that gearbox (I have about 4 spare shells lying around)
All in all, I would recommend buying one of these as either a backup or loaner gun. There is no issue with compression with these guns, so a good hop-up set up will allow it to compete with $150+ guns, although it still has a plastic body
by Andrew V. on 05/20/2016
"For $40, this is absolutely worth it if you're willing to put in some technical effort. Mine was labeled "DOES NOT SHOOT", but it turns out the motor was screwed on too tightly and the air seal wasn't installed correctly. There were a few aesthetic issues, such as a loose buffer tube (whoever used it didn't know how to tighten the screw inside and tried to glue it to the receiver), a dented receiver, and a semi-functional delta ring (easily replaced). However, after tinkering with the gearbox and fixing the issues, I ended up with a fully functional EBB M4, all for $30 and some time. These are also great for props, spare parts, and experimental tinkering/designing. I gave it a custom paint job and made it my backup rifle, definitely worth its price.
by Sean C. on 10/19/2016
"Purchased on about 9/21/16. Received an Ignite Black Ops Airsoft M4 Electic Blowback Airsoft AEG, which is probably on the lowest end of the quality spectrum while still having a metal gearbox. One or two minor pieces were broken off the receiver but the gun was firing out of the box, though its fps was very poor (probably ~100-200). The grease in the gearbox was pretty bad so I cleaned and reshimmed it. I also replaced the stock O-ring on the piston head with one that was a bit larger and re-greased the piston, cylinder, etc. The gun fired decently after this - nice and quiet (compared to my CYMA metal AK) - but I have yet to confirm its accuracy and exit velocity. It'll probably last a while but isn't useful for much more than a backup gun.

My major disappointment was that I just noticed that this gun was moved from this boneyard listing to a separate boneyard listing for $10 cheaper, so this review really belongs under that item but this was technically the item I purchased... Anyways hopefully you'll get something a bit nicer if you purchase an item from this listing.
by Michael F. on 04/23/2016
"Bought one for parts or to fix up if simple.
The gun would only shoot a BB like 10 feet so I knew it was internal with the gear box. And when it was shooting is sounded horrible.
The piston was used so much all of the rubber on it was off and in the cylinder and the teeth were almost gone. Lucky for me I have tons of parts And put in a new one and that fixed the issue.
The other bone yard m4 I got was an Elite Force and that was a broken gear box near the quick change spring and guide rod. SO that is no ez fix. To be honest this isnt horrible for 40 bucks but the gun itself is BAD...Its plastic just above nurf guns but Nothing like a G&G or any quality M4 plastic. The gun shoots a lower FPS too. My finished gun shot 300 310 fps with a .20g bb so its not really even good enough for long range engagements or field play. This would be a good thing to fix if you are new to Tech type of work and want to leave your working gear alone. However keep in mind you get what you pay for and 40 bucks you get that. Give this to a buddy to use for the day as a Loner type of gun after you fix it.
by David K. on 05/21/2017
"I was pretty disappointed with this. I received a Black Ops M4, which is about as low end as you can get. The unit didn't work at all. When I took it apart, I found it had a plastic gearbox (with metal gears inside). I couldn't get the gears to turn and also the trigger didn't send power to the motor, even with it disconnected. In addition, the stock was missing the back cover. The hop up / nozzle was a weird nonstandard configuration that didn't work once I replaced the gearbox with a new one.

-Still Tokyo Mauri Compatible
-The motor worked
-Not heavy
-Lower receiver was nice plastic

- Didn't come with any accessories (battery, mag, etc)
- Gearbox was broken and had a plastic housing
- The rails are very wobbly. No sense mounting on optic on it.

I get that this is a pig-in-a-poke, but I was really upset with this purchase. I must have got the worst of the worst. The description said it had a metal gearbox and the one I got was plastic.
by Richard M. on 04/27/2017
"Broken plastic body with Plastic gearbox
by Robert E. on 03/23/2017
"Got one of these, was pretty dissapointed. The gun was some SRC blackops or something.

Gearbox is plastic!
Trigger unit came burnt out
Lower receiver broken at the buffer tube
Hop up unit and upper receiver are proprietary
Rails are bent AND wobbly (useless)
Stock missing back plat
2 peice outer barrel
Cheap thin metal inner barrel.
Very cheap gears

Some usable intervals. Goid selector plate, springs, full compression assy (9/10 compression) plastic spring guide (almost a con) shims, trigger, body screws.
Crane stock (missing rear plate)
Metal buffer tube
Motor isn't half bad (strong magnets)
Motor grip

Over all would not buy again. Only bought for donor gearbox, this one was a plastic gearbox.