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Bone Yard - Thompson AEG w/ Metal Gearbox CYMA / King Arms / SoftAir (Store Display, Non-Working Or Refurbished Models)

10 Customer Reviews

by Ben D. on 02/20/2013
"I was expecting to get a Thompson with either a major mechanical or cosmetic defect, but it came in pristine condition! I couldn't believe it. The only thing missing was the battery. Considering this gun is normally in the $150 range this was a spectacular deal! Accuracy, durability, rate of fire is all great!
by David B. on 11/07/2012
"Fantastic. it arrived without a battery or charger, but otherwise intact. The only thing wrong was that the fuse needed to be replaced.

Build-wise, this is solid and heavy, with lots of metal. An absolute steal for 60 bucks. I'm strongly tempted to buy another
by Edward A. on 06/15/2012
"Just received this as my 2nd boneyard gun.

Absolutely solid construction on the gun. My own had a broken bolt cover that was an easy fix using some thin metal wire, and the mid-cap magazine wasn't winding the BBs up. A quick tear down of the magazine to reset a spring and it was like brand-new. Overall the work took 15 min to identify and fix and I now have a new primary automatic. Did not come with a battery, though included a simple charger.

At the given price with a possibility of only minor cosmetic / technical work to clean up, it is well worth it to purchase this one while it's available.
by jonathan t. on 06/10/2012
"really great. i'm personally a fan of the Thompson. i always thought naaaa not gonna risk buying from boneyard. then i thought hey what the heck, so i did and all that was missing was a screw and the battery. great buy. works perfectly fine.
by Douglas M. on 05/14/2012
"excellent buy, the rifle comes with everything (just missing the speedloader, but that's nothing), at first glance looks new and is running without problems, I'm from Chile and I am very happy with the purchase and shipping, well packaged and protected (4 weeks was delayed due to problems with the PostOffice in chile, otherwise would have gone in 1 week).

- All metal
- Working in perfect condition
- Looks like new

- A few small scratches.
- 110v charger, rather than universal (I use 220v) but that's not the fault of evike
by Kyle L. on 04/10/2012
"I bought this thompson out of the bone yard, and it was in great shape but didnt fire. It had a post-it note that said "no power to motor". No big deal, I checked the fuse (it was ok) the motor (it too was ok) the wiring (again it was ok). Then I took the trigger out and discovered that the trigger was not making contact thus sending no power to the motor. All in all it was a 15 minute tear down and it saved me $90 on a brand new AEG. If you are mechanically inclined do not hesitate to purchase one of these! The parts alone are worth the money! Oh and this gun is real nice stock just read the reviews on it and check it out on youtube.

PS: watch the selector switch when removing it I spent too long trying to find the little plastic detent I deep sixed when taking it off to remove the gearbox from the lower so I could access the trigger grouping...
by Ryan F. on 05/27/2011
"Guys/Gals....don't hesitate to buy this rifle. I got mine in today and it is in perfect working condition. It looks like it was a store return.....still had the tags on it. Nothing was broken and it has a mag and a battery. For $50 you really can't go wrong with a Thompson. GO FOR IT!!!!
Thanks for the great deal, Evike!!!

BTW....the weight on this is really amazing!
I really can't find any cons in this gun.
by Barry R. on 03/07/2011
"I took the chance and bought the bone yard Thompson . Only thing missing was a hand grip screw , otherwise it operates perfectly , what a deal !! If you have a battery you should be ready to make the 20's roar !! Signman.
by Terri T. on 12/03/2010
"Really good gun, very accurate and powerful but i don't recommend putting a lithium battery in it. I did this and it was to high of a voltage and ripped the teeth right off the gears.
by Dalton S. on 01/31/2015
"I am brand new to airsoft, so please understand my review is without the wisdom and experience of veteran fighters. I'm only posting to provide useful information for buyers and Evike!

All in all, it seems like it is normally a very high-quality gun. It's heavy, almost entirely metal, and looks amazing. However, I must list the faults, so buyers don't feel disappointed after reading all the 5/5 reviews. I must have gotten unlucky, it looks like mine was a return that the previous owner cannibalized for spare parts.

My gun is completely missing:
The entire Hop-Up Unit
The Inner barrel
Two screws holding the upper receiver together
One big screw holding the stock onto the gun
One shoulder strap clip holder doodad and the strap itself

My gun has a broken:
Spring guide rod
Big screw holding the stock onto the gun
The trigger contacts were also crazy bent out of shape.

I've spent a few weeks replacing bits and repairing the gun, and I still don't have it working yet. I've spent more money on spare parts and shipping now than I would have if I bought this gun brand new. No hard feelings, just letting you know!