Reviews: Bone Yard - UTG CYMA AGM MP008 M14 Full Size AEG (Store Display, Non-Working Or Refurbished Models)


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Model: BY099-MP008

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by Sean C. on 2010-10-01 21:10:45
"I recived the Cybergun M14 and I was IMPRESSED. This gun was rejected to the boneyard just because of a cracked flash hider! INCREDIBLE DEAL it came with everything and it functioned PERFECTLY. I am glad that I took my chances with the boneyard deal!

(Bty that was just a $15 repair and it was not functional anyways!)
by Hot N. on 2009-03-19 00:00:25
"I just got this rifle last month and I must say I got a good deal out of it. It seemed in real bad shape when I got it. But after taking a good look at it it all seemed cosmetics. Whoever had this gun before me didn't take care of this rifle that well. After giving it a little bit of TLC the gun is fully functional except for the single fire. It does not work. Must have something to do with the gearbox which I will get into later. Full auto works and the gun functioned fine for me in a game last weekend. I bought this just for the shell and was going to build it from the shell up with upgrades. Instead I got a functional gun that needed a little fixing. For $60 I pretty much got a steal. The FPS is above 330. I don't have a chrono. Now im slowly working on making this my sniper. The outside finish is meh compared to my friend's Echo1 Socom 16 but I don't care about the outside. It's really all about the internals. Might look bad from the outside but you can't judge a book by it's cover. Im not going to say that all boneyard items will be fully functional. I just got really lucky with this purchase.
by Robbie N. on 2008-11-15 08:51:56
"I just wanted to know if this gun has any fps between 300 and 360?

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)