Reviews: Bone Yard - SoftAir Licensed SIG SAUER SP2022 CO2 Power Airsoft Gas Pistol (Missing Magazine)


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Model: BY-SA-SP2022

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by Sam E. on 2013-02-10 14:05:03
"One word about this pistol
I bought one at my local Sports Authority for $45.00 WITH a Mag and some BBs.

Shoots hard, about 350-400 fps
Holds 15+1 rounds
VERY gas efficent
Extremey accurate for a little USP
Decently quiet (may be a con for some)
Great weight, not too light (with loaded mag) and not too heavy
Metal internals INCLUDING barrel
Includes a system that pulls the whole barrel assembely back about 2-4cm with every shot to reduce recoil

Must lubricate with Silicon Oil every time you put in a new Co2 or the mag will leak (i believe thats with any Co2 gun)
Not Blowback (may be a pro for some)

Overall, this pistol is very well and sturdily constructed, and shoots hard and accurate as well.

Rating: 5/5
by Caleb S. on 2010-09-13 11:54:12
"Great gun. Sounds, looks, and feels really awesome. I only have one problem with it, I left this in my brother's car and something in the magazine melted so now the gas leaks out like mad. I can barely get one and a half mags through before I need to replace the cartridge. But that's my fault for leaving it in there. Just learn from my mistake, ha ha.
by carla c. on 2010-06-12 07:57:26
"Great side-arm. It shoots at a good FPS (380-400). It actually has some range to it also. The gun alone weights little without the magazine in. My mag release broke when I dropped it with the mag in but one rubberband works till I get a mag-gaurd. I highly recomend this gun.
Few moving parts
Plastic (but it really doesn't matter)
by guillaume r. on 2009-09-13 12:38:12
"this gun is mad!!!!! i can get thru 250 bbs with one gas cartridge... dont listen to the dudes above me, u dont give the ahit about the weight. although this gun isnt blowback or metal it still shoots like hell (about 400 fps)
by Jeremy A. on 2009-01-23 13:33:48
"Great Gun, Great FPS (380), The only problem i have is with its magazine. If you run the CO2 all the way down, the CO2 cartridge doesnt come out!! it sucks when that happens lol. Other than that the gun is great quality. Components for the firing mechanism are very simp, therefore less chance theyll break. Overall this is a good side arm for snipers or even aeg players :)
by cooper m. on 2008-11-03 15:02:52
"any way you could sell spare magazines here at evike?

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)