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ASG Licensed Dan Wesson WG CO2 Full Metal High Power Airsoft 6mm Magnum Gas Revolver (Length: 6" / Black)

47 Customer Reviews

by Greg R. on 05/10/2018
"My biggest and basically only complaint I have is the grip. The gun itself is built beautifully, looks and performs wonderful, and is quite sturdy minus the grip. Not a strong material and slightly loose, likely to loosen over time. Not a really big deal considering I have yet to find one of the numerous revolvers of basically identical build sold by other companies that has actually succeeded in solving that problem any better, in light of the necessity of a removable grip for the CO2 cartridge.
It is also much easier to operate the drum or chamber or whatever of this gun than on other identical models, particularly when it comes to putting it back in place.
Besides these albeit minor details, there is nothing in particular that stands out, functionally. It does exactly what it is supposed to do, and very well so indeed. The bullets do arc quite a bit, nonetheless it is very accurate. It is in fact easier to use this weapon with 20g bbs than a Umarex G36C with 12gs when it comes to cqb as well as longer range, excluding of course the ammo capacity. Choosing class over efficiency is my choice and I def dont regret it with this gun

Didnt know it came with a speed loader. Nice. Dont gotta buy another loader just 6 shells, start a game with 6 in the chamber and a loaded speed loader. Sick
by jerry t. on 11/09/2017
"So far I have only shot one C02 cartage from this pistol and I love it, it was dark outside when it arrived so I went to my neighbors house and in his basement I was able to shoot the gun out to around 42 feet, not one time did it miss the target, I have had bad luck with two semi auto pistols and had to return them which I experienced great customer service from Evike, I would recommend the revolver to anyone.

by Zach M. on 11/27/2016
"Disclaimer- 2nd reveiw ever 😂
I have had this gun for over two years and still use it regularly. Here's my opinion-
I picked this gun so that I would learn to pick my shots, and have seen an improvement in my judgement and aim due to this. I carry a thigh holster that this fits snugly in and I have trained to draw faster than most people and fire first-accurately. When I do so people look at me like I'm some sort of legend, and I've actually gained a reputation due to a story of me doing so. Airsofters I hadn't played with in my social circles legit feared me, is this due to the revolver? 50/50 haha. Also at a field with 80+ guys including advanced airsofters I had the only revolver. People loved it. Now to facts-

-Co2 powered(opinion)
-Seals are great on this gun
-Makes you think before you shoot
-Front loading
-Uses less CO2 then blow backs or mags(you're shooting less)
-Full metal(except grip)
-Solid construction (2 years and counting)
-Accurate for midrange(what a sidearm is supposed to do, if you're using this for long-range, sounds like you're screwed)
-realism( actual rounds)
-awe factor(yes it matters)
-double action
-sheer beauty

-doesn't fit in some holsters due to trigger guard
-heavy(I consider pro)
-six shots(bro you've picked a revolver....make your shots count)
-speed loader isn't terribly speedy can lose shells

To end, this has been my loyal companion and has not failed me. It's a part of my airsoft reputation and has improved my play style by making me think about my actions and shots. I 100% am glad I bought this.
by Phillip B. on 06/16/2016
"Right out of the box i knew this gun was spectacular. An extremely solid build and a remarkable shine. The gun is durable thanks to its metal construction. Easy rear sight adjustment. Easy placement of the top rail which works well and putting a laser sight on it makes you a force to be reckoned with. I highly recommend this gun both for its good price and exceptional performance. Just don't expect speedy reloads.
by Bryan P. on 05/18/2016
"Love this gun. Very high powered and extremely accurate. I would definitely recommend this gun to anyone looking for a high power long range accurate gun. I have had zero problems with this gun.
by Colin M. on 03/28/2016
"Ive had this revolver for a while now and I have to to say that this is a really good gun. There are very few things I dislike about the gun. Ive used just this and a knife for an entire day and I only needed one CO2 cartridge. This gun is extremely CO2 efficient I think it can shoot around 500 shots before running out of CO2.

has a good weight to it
grip feels nice
adjustable sight
comes with attachable rail system
high fps good for outdoor games.
fps is changeable and not too hard to do just takes time.

the cylinder (thing that holds the bullets) is wiggly when open.
takes time to reload.(like every revolver)
high fps not good for CQB

thats it.
by stephen e. on 12/18/2015
"If you want to beat everyone you ever play against but you want to do it in a epic unique way I highly recommend this gun for you.

Very accurate
High FPS , which I guess could be a con, but I really like it :)
Long range
It makes all my friends want to be on my team when we play

-It only comes with six shells, I recommend buying extra shells
-The handle in which the co2 is inserted doesn't lock into place very well
-I had to return the first one I bought because the cylinder wouldn't spin on it's own, I returned it for a new one, which worked beyond
-You don't have it
by stephen e. on 12/05/2015
"I love this gun. It shoots very hard, not to hard to use in a fight of course, nothing wrong with giving your opponents a little sting. I wouldn't want to play against this gun though.

Shoots very accurately.
Good fps.
Very good range.
Looks and sounds amazing.
Rather unique. I love the huge barrel.
Very realistic, the shells are metal.

The handle in which the co2 is inserted doesn't lock in place.
Only six shots. I recommend buying extra shells.

I highly recommend anyone to buy this gun! It shoots just as far and accurate as almost any AEG.
by Aidan S. on 10/30/2015
"A while ago I bought this gun just to have a different kind of sidearm for the engagement distances at my field because I run a DMR as my primary and cant shoot people within 15 feet of myself. Little did I know that the gun would shoot 540 fps with a .20g bb right out of the box.

The Dan Wesson is very well built and very easy to use. The only bad things are that you NEED to buy extra shells with it. The 6 shells that it comes with typically are not enough to last an entire match if you have to draw your sidearm frequently. You also need to have the gun holstered as a cross draw. The barrel is too long, even for someone who is 6 foot 6 inches tall, to draw quickly and comfortably on the same side as your shooting hand.

I definitely recommend this gun to anyone who is looking to shoot hard with a sidearm and scare any opponent into running.
by Brian F. on 07/20/2015
"This gun is AWESOME. I use is as my secondary sidearm, and it has served me well. No major complaints about this other than the plastic hand guard tends to come off, but is easily solved by putting it back on. Another con is that this gun shoots HARD. The box says "450 FPS" but whenever i put in another gas cylinder, it shoots over 680 right then and there, so you'll have to loosen up the gas by expelling some through blank shots. Overall this gun is worth the price, the gas can last up to 100+ rounds and its pretty accurate. Weight is nice, not too heavy, and the shells add to a precise realism. Love this gun! I recommend.
by chris d. on 06/07/2015
"Beautiful to behold, and has a very nice heft to it.

All metal, less grip, unlike some revolvers out there

Powerful, and apparently can be modified for even more power (search Google)

Although the grip is plastic, it feels great and access to the CO2 capsule is very easy

The speed loader CAN be used with the right technique, but that makes loading anything but speedy--use the cylinder release to unlock the speed loader lock while holding the speed loader as close as the cylinder will allow

Extremely cool to load the bullets into the gun, unlike simply pumping BBs into a magazine

Finish can be scratched fairly easily so care--and a good holster--are recommended

Although quite powerful, there is absolutely no kick and no muzzle climb, which is a bummer

It is double action, but you can forget accuracy...cock the hammer first, then it is QUITE accurate

Recommended for anyone looking for something different
by Brandyn C. on 04/08/2015
"Ah the Dan Wesson 6mm Gas Revolver...
1. Looks Gorgeous
2. 6 custom made shells come with the gun
3. Dan Wesson trademark and custom serial number on gun itself
4. No ugly made in China wording on gun. Why? Because its made in legendary Taiwan!
5. Works like an actual revolver with working hammer and all that good stuff
7. Sounds amazing when fired (the name itself is cool too)

1. Doesn't come with CO2
2.Pistol Grip is plastic (not cheap plastic) feels like it will collapse under pressure but it never will. Trust me it won't.
3. Due to high power it is quickly goes through CO2
4. Speed loader is a pain to use. Not recommended to rely on in combat.

Overall I love this gun. Its so beautiful and it will attract people especially in this color. You hardly see a silver gun on the field mainly just black and or tan so this will stand out. I personally love this sound when fired. It will be very obvious to people around you when your're letting this baby light it up. The smoke left from the CO2 after every shot is even more amazing. I recommend the Gun Case because you want this thing to have its own home. Don't just throw it in a bag with other guns/equipment that's just dumb plus the case looks nice is cheap and will protect your gun from damaging the cylinder.

Very maneuverable and reliable. Get the holster obviously. You can get it in regular or leather. Just whip her out, aim and shoot the BB will go right where you want it too. Great for longer range engagements however due to its high FPS it can REALLY hurt when fired in CQB so that isn't recommend at all for this gun.

I like the 6'' because its not too short to look like silly and not too big to be ridiculous. Its a nice sized gun and it will serve you well if you treat it well.

*For you tactical people out their it comes with attachable rails!
by Graham P. on 03/30/2015
"this gun is good and i like how it came with 2 speed loaders even when it says it comes with just 1. it is good for backyard wars because it actully shoots 350 fps. i modded mine to take green gas so it works great now. it does not work at allllll with co2 when it used co2 it shoots 120fps and it miss fires every 3 bbs. the hop up unit it hard to use but now that it is adjusted it works great.
by Michael G. on 03/14/2015
"Okay pistol but still great!

Full Metal (aside from grips)
Polymer grips (pretty sturdy)
Optional rails
c02 (I hate green gas)
Good for outdoor games (to a distance)

Inaccurate (wish there were barrel extension kits, maybe a sniper kit?)
6 shots (but its a magnum who cares!)
Tricky to oil
Not a good CQB/CQC gun (fps is to high)
by Marcus C. on 01/03/2015
"I purchased this gun just before Christmas expecting to arrive after Christmas, but Evoke got it to me before Christmas thanks guys you are the bomb!
The revolver had a good weight to it and shoots real hard it's just to bad that the lower FPS version is not sold in three U.S. they would be great in CQB. I have an idea of a lookout using multiple revolvers for CQB