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ASG Licensed Dan Wesson WG CO2 Full Metal 6" High Power Airsoft 6mm Magnum Gas Revolver (Black)

7 Customer Reviews

by Colin M. on 03/28/2016
"Ive had this revolver for a while now and I have to to say that this is a really good gun. There are very few things I dislike about the gun. Ive used just this and a knife for an entire day and I only needed one CO2 cartridge. This gun is extremely CO2 efficient I think it can shoot around 500 shots before running out of CO2.

has a good weight to it
grip feels nice
adjustable sight
comes with attachable rail system
high fps good for outdoor games.
fps is changeable and not too hard to do just takes time.

the cylinder (thing that holds the bullets) is wiggly when open.
takes time to reload.(like every revolver)
high fps not good for CQB

thats it.
by Brian F. on 07/20/2015
"This gun is AWESOME. I use is as my secondary sidearm, and it has served me well. No major complaints about this other than the plastic hand guard tends to come off, but is easily solved by putting it back on. Another con is that this gun shoots HARD. The box says "450 FPS" but whenever i put in another gas cylinder, it shoots over 680 right then and there, so you'll have to loosen up the gas by expelling some through blank shots. Overall this gun is worth the price, the gas can last up to 100+ rounds and its pretty accurate. Weight is nice, not too heavy, and the shells add to a precise realism. Love this gun! I recommend.
by Marcus C. on 01/03/2015
"I purchased this gun just before Christmas expecting to arrive after Christmas, but Evoke got it to me before Christmas thanks guys you are the bomb!
The revolver had a good weight to it and shoots real hard it's just to bad that the lower FPS version is not sold in three U.S. they would be great in CQB. I have an idea of a lookout using multiple revolvers for CQB
by michael j. on 04/08/2014
"first off this gun is a very good gun and shoots hard. I have had no problems with this gun at all. this gun can take a beating, I do milsim Vietnam reenactment and its got'n thrown around and dropped, still works extremely well.
by Ryan P. on 08/11/2011
"I bought this gun as soon as I saw that the bullets that it takes ran out of stock so I knew it'd would be out of stock soon enough. I received it in the mail today and excitedly opened it up right away. This evening i've been testing it out on bottles of water and boxes and the results were servere. I would NOT want to be shot by this gun. I hope to see the bullets come back into stock because it is hard to have only six shots for a secondary weapon.

-Fantastic feel to it
-Completely Metal except for the grip
-CO2 powered
-Garenteed to scared the living crap out of someone
-Very realistic

-The only bad thing i found out about the gun is that the pain will rub off easily on the cylinder if used continuously
by Reid M. on 06/11/2015
"Pretty cool gun, Ill admit it.

Metal/ABS design
Realistic weight and feel
Great sight picture

Cocking mechanism wiggles
ABS makes it feel a tad cheap and is loose

Overall, this is a great revolver for $100. This was my replacement from an m1911 it is lots of fun.

by Michael D. on 05/06/2017
"It's good, however it is way too powerful to use at my local airsoft fields. I was consistently shooting 32g BBs 500fps with 3.7 to 3.9 joules. Are there shells that will lower fps? Cause that'd be great.