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UHC / TSD UA933S Heavy Weight 4" Airsoft Spring Revolver - Silver

3 Customer Reviews

by Alisa S. on 05/02/2017
"The UHC 4" Revolver is surprisingly a good gun! For $24 you can't go wrong.

Accurate at close and medium range,
nice somewhat heavy weight,
strong plastic exterior,
shells are easy to load,
flinging the cylinder shut after loading makes you look rad,
nice FPS,
very easy to pull back the hammer/spring (and I have weak arms and hands so this is saying something!),
and I like the dot at the end of the sights!

The black grip WILL fall off if you drop it on something hard! (But it can be snapped right back on),
if you fiddle with the cylinder (like trying to spin it) after it's been loaded the BB will jam.
I used it in target practice for around 40+ minutes and it jammed once, however that could be a pro because I don't know how long the average time it takes for a Airsoft gun to jam.

Overall a good springer but I wouldn't recommend it for skirmishing if you don't have a speedloader (but if you don't have one you could always pretend to be Revolver Ocelot. "This reload time is exhilarating!"
by Anthony C. on 06/29/2013
Very nice weight
comes with 2 extra shells
Comes with barrel plug
Adjustable Sights
Nice grips
Comes with a few trademarks
Red dot on front sight
Some parts are metal

If you drop the revolver once, grip will come off and you will have to snap everything back
Hard to cock the hammer
Easy scratching paint
Very easy to loose shells
by Daniel L. on 05/18/2010
"This gun is sturdy and quite reliable. As far as airsoft pistols go, this is a good in between of a normal springer and an electric since the hammer can be pulled back pretty quick. It is also pretty accurate too, able to hit close to a 1 inch bullseye from about 4 meters away. The only problem I find is it's plastic build, in which the barrel seems to be a tad fragile if you attempt to bend it, so don't go around throwing this or dropping it. Another nit pick are the shells that come with it, mostly that they give you two extra shells, and it is difficult to reload quickly without the assistance of a speed loader. All in all, this gun is a very affordable option for those who want a reliable sidearm with a decent fire rate.