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UHC Cobra Spring Revolver (Length: 8" / Silver with Black Grips)

66 Customer Reviews

by Charles K. on 08/31/2017
"Oh, you better belive I love this gun.

This is a great spring gun, probs the best I've ever had. The gun works smooth, cock the hammer and shoot, since and repeat basicly. The unique spring of this gun can be used one handed which is unique to spring Revolvers. Since the gun cones with 8 shells, and so do spare shell packs, I recommend getting 2 spare shell packs to even it out to 6 shots per reload.

Pros: pretty much everything.
Cons: not to much, alot of plastic

Recommend to friend: Very much so
Give as gift: Oh yes
by Juan Diego T. on 01/30/2017
"Wish I could give this product 4.5 stars. Very nice and definitely worth the money. I got this in black and it looks and feels very nice. Accuracy is not superb but isn't as bad as people say it is. Great for short range games like infection. I got trucked and dropped the gun, after that I would fire and bbs would just dribble out the end. To fix this I had to press the barrel for the bbs to shoot. After a couple of days the gun fixed its self. Although the handle is now kinda jiggly. all in all great gun but not a primary but definitely a good backup.
by Markus G. on 05/22/2016
"I did a review on a silver, 2" snub UA937, and now as promised in THAT review, I'm doing a review on the UA938. I absolutely love this revolver series, especially after getting a 6" barrel model, but my intention is to use them (possibly in dual wield) at under 20 ft range. It's a smart spring action, but it's still a spring action weapon, so don't expect to conquer the world.

That being said, I'd absolutely recommend this model and length (color irrelevant) to anyone looking for a fast, fun, and performance acceptable side arm for under 20 ft range or so. Let it be known as an overlying point that this 6" model is capable of plenty more of 20 ft virtually without issue. I'm personally amazed at the ability and construction of this weapon relative to its price tag. Amazing.

You can dual wield pistols of this family quite well, but if you have smaller hands like me you might benefit greatly from using 2 hands to operate 1 pistol faster. I find fanning is spammy but hard to aim from the hip, but using the sights and using a 2nd hand for the hammer is nearly as fast as fanning, but much more accurate and stable.

NOTE: I've seen talk that an 8" barrel is too long and MAY be counter intuitive for accuracy. You have been warned.

-Spring action design allows for way more fire rate than competing spring pistols, to the point where it's actually pretty alright in terms of firepower. Further, the action allows for you to cock the weapon with 1 hand, which is a total game changer among spring pistols. Put simply, you can refire it faster, more easily, without taking it off target, and even in dual wield.
-Simple mechanism of operation insures that any mechanical failures (which as I've seen are 100% user invoked) can be sorted out easily, quickly, and with almost no confusion. The action is so simple, it really figures.
-Comes with 2 spare shells plus your basic 6. Since I've gotten 2 of these pistols, I have 18 shells total, giving me more than enough spares. The shells are also hard to use due to their considerable size and uniform color.
-Straighter shooting and (somehow) less wind effect on this than the 2" model I own. I theorize the longer barrel gives it more time to stabilize out and kick in the hop as intended, and the 2" simply doesn't have the same clarity of trajectory, so it gets tossed around a bit more. Regardless, I compared the two side by side, with a friend, and the difference is unmistakable, for whatever reason.
-Well built parts and construction. I never noticed how much breaking in I did on my 937 in my _ 12 hours of reload drills, but I noticed it on my new model that hasn't grown beside me as the first had. Regardless, after some breaking in it'll handle well and the features are just oh-so-much fun.
-Accuracy is more than acceptable for its effective range. In fact, it's often quite remarkable in my experience, nearly on par with with pistols well above its price point and class.
-Can be dual wielded quite well, but I find the barrel length less easy to keep stable than smaller barrels. If you're low on stamina in a fight you might need to rest it over a wrist placed perpendicular for high stability. This actually can be used with a 2nd pistol (that takes more practice to aim in combination) placed under the first as stability. For the sake of science, I find the 2" and 6" highly complimentary in stature. A 4" would have less inaccuracy though, so your call their if you want to do this.
-Incredibly cheap among spring pistols. I've mentioned this, but let me state outright that for 25$, you'll be hard pressed to get a better spring pistol.
-Incredibly skill based. This could be a con, but assuming you intend to use the weapon with seriousness, you can get much faster at loading, shooting, and of course aiming the weapon. This is both gratifying as its user and advantageous vs other pistols with more obvious physical limits on their operation. Mostly for vanity sake, if you love a single action revolver and want to be the fastest in the west, 25$ isn't a bad price for such an outlet.
-Looks great in fashion. Not incredible, as it IS plastic, but nonetheless great for its class. Seeing how it's a revolver, such a detail is amazing for one's vanity.
-Comes with a fitted barrel plug. You MIGHT get a dud. I've bought 2 of these family pistols. My silver 2" came with a legitimate rubber, red barrel plug that fits both pistols quite well. The 2nd 6" black's plug was, for whatever reason and lucking out, a dud that would not fit either pistol securely. Stupid, I know, but when I compared the two plugs for what the difference is, I am physically incapable of discerning the difference in their fitting. It's amazing how small of a margin of error can impact its usage, but barrel plugs are often not a high priority. If you want one for field rules somewhere, this is important to know up front.
-Works VERY well with 0.12g BB's. 0.2's not so much, due to excessive arc.

-A bit big in length, god knows an 8" would be downright clumsy. Harder to keep stable when exhausted, it seems.
-Only holds 6 shots and the reload process takes practice and more time to execute. You can get quite fast, nearly as fast as loading a magazine, absolute best case, but definitely practice loading the gun quite routinely to get to that point, as I have.
-Barrel plug was a dud. Invisibly small manufacturing error of some sort, as stated above, but the other UA937's checked out, so this is probably a rare fluke.
-Spring action, so it's not the fastest action or most range/power you could get in airsoft. It's not bad at all, considering its class and price range.
-As stated above, it has way too much drop using 0.2's to justify using 0.2g BB's. You're more likely to fail to compensate for high arc at even fairly close ranges than to have it blow off target from using 0.12's against strong wind. 6" model shoots so straight that 0.2's aren't necessary anyways.
-Needs practice to get truly good with. I don't consider this bad, as I personally love the experience of growing sharper and sharper with all my tools, and a good challenge teaches you lots along the way.

On my UA937 I posted a 4/5 review I recall. For this pistol, relative to its price point, the ballistics are good enough to give it a solid 5 without fear. I've seen feedback that it feels like it's "going to break in your hand" and some say that you may get laughed at using this gun.

Not naming names, I respectfully disagree. The 2 other people I've let handle the gun say it seems solid construction, and as long as you stick to a CQC usage for this handgun (like many handguns) you can expect to yield acceptable results. Maybe you'll have a different experience, but for me I'm enthralled with this gun series, and the weapon itself has only grown to be more worth it in pairs.
by Trevor C. on 02/02/2015
"I have no idea what the negative comments on this weapon are talking about. Besides the fact that it obviously isn't going to function and fire like a more expensive/higher quality weapon it's very fun to hold, has realistic firing modes, and what's cooler than actually loading shells?! It's as realistic as it gets! It's a great prop for movies like what I tend to do with airsoft gear and weapons. It has an absolutely awesome look and feel, and it makes you look like a [email protected]$$ operator! I've always wanted one and for the price you can't go wrong! Highly recommend this revolver! Unless you want to use it in a bigger airsoft scrimmage!
Feels wickedly awesome
Great price (especially with the coupon)
Shell loading feature is fun!
Doesn't have the power of its more expensive counterpart
by Tim R. on 07/25/2012
"Out of my entire order, this and the bayonet were my favorite. It feels quite sturdy, and while it isn't the heaviest, it still has a nice weight. If you want to adjust the sight, you have to unscrew it. This is definitely an awesome gun!
by Angel B. on 05/13/2012
"This gun is absolutely amazing. It's powerful and easy to use. This is a gun for backyard games or even a backup weapon. It's rof is only held back by how fast you can cock it and for me I emptied out all 6 shots in like 5 seconds

Ease of use
Good rof
Fair fps
Feels sturdy
Good weight
Spare shells
Metal where it counts

Cons:lame range
Lame accuracy
Mostly plastic but you get what you paid for it right?
by Alison B. on 04/04/2012
"I got this a while ago. Let me tell you, This 938 is better then my 150 Dollar Colt M1911 Gas blowback and it's also better then my KWA PTP M9 gas blowback. It is amazingly accurate and very easy to use. It is a very sturdy plastic and some of it is metal. It comes with 8 plastic shells. it feels great in you're hands. All I can say is 5 outta 5. I love this Revolver
by dvir b. on 11/02/2011
"i recommend this thing for 5 stars.really great gun it's all platic but works great and fell like it's all metal.the shells not falls and saftey and so on.
really professional revolver and i love it.
by hunter s. on 09/01/2011
"Most fun gun ever!! definitiliy not the best thing to use (its terribly inaccurate) but it is the coolest gun to just mess with. if you are going to use it though, it's a backup backup gun at max.
by Mike S. on 01/17/2011
"It's a really nice gun for the price you're paying, and looks and feels pretty realistic. The action is really smooth, and the hammer makes a very satisfying "click" sound when you pull it back. It's definitely a backyard gun, but it's still awesome to have and mess around with. My only complaint is that after ~a month or two of occasional shooting, the seam on the back of the grip (where the two halves meet) started to come apart and would need to be pressed together again. I fixed the problem with some clever use of glue and tape, as tightening the screw on the grip itself didn't fix the problem. Other than that, great gun, especially for 25$.

Also, this gun is definitely not for someone with tiny/weak hands.
by Susan K. on 10/20/2010
"This gun is great. I got it in the mail today, and its very good. It's built very sturdy, even though all the outside is mainly plastic. Makes a great side arm.
by Gerry S. on 09/26/2010
"if you're into collection & display this is just right.
by kail h. on 09/25/2010
"this gun is pretty good even thow theres plastic cartriges . the barrel is huge iwas hoping 2 get another one for dual in airsoft wars and i know its good because in a airsoft war my friend was probaly 45 feet away and he saw that the bb fired up and so he fired lower and hit me right in the forhead it was an amazing shot but every time i shot at a styraphone target it only made a tiny dent which stuck but i still think its good compared to my other airsoft guns
by Mick J. on 03/03/2010
"This is a pretty cool gun. I love revolvers and for a springer this gun powns! I wear it for style more than a sidearm though. Totally worth the money.
by brad c. on 12/13/2009
"This is the coolest airsoft gun I own. I just got it yesterday and it i amazing. The price is unbelievable! It hits hard and is so realistic. It comes with 8 shells(the cartridge hold six, they just gave you 2 extras), a red barrel plug and a small pack of blue bbs, and instructions. This is by far the funnest airsoft gun I've gotten. I love it and give it 5 stars!
The grip is also plastic

Pros: Realistic
easy to reload
very fun
cheap price

not a big ammo capacity but it is easy to reload
all plastic,but the plastic is very hard and durable