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JG M700 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Color: Black)

8 Customer Reviews

by Wyatt H. on 04/28/2017
"This gun is the best gun Ive ever had it works really well and its never broke even though its been 1 day sense i had it but i played with my friends and it was a very good gun it shoots pretty far it shoots good for a $60 gun
by Gregoryqq B. on 02/06/2017
"This is a great gun for the price. The bolt is a little bit hard at first but it is starting to loosen up.
by elidia f. on 07/19/2016
"this is the best sniper rifle i have ever had i have had it for about 6 months now and it is still truckin along. it has amazing range for a stock gun. the only 2 things that i dont like are the rail for your scopes is very small so buy a nice 60$ scope, and the other thing that i dont like is the trigger guard but with a small screw driver you can tightin it up and its perfect.
by Nathan R. on 11/17/2015
"Have had this gun for alittle while now the first thing i noticed its light weight ive ran a full day of outdoor game play my side arm (tsd 1911 tactical gbb) is heavier then this gun ive put 6000 or so rounds through it and today it broke the sears shot about 425 fps out the box and range was around 200 ft with a. 25

Light weight
Great range
Sturdy and well built
It is plastic constructed but it is insanley durable ive beat around the one with it alot and its not shown anysign of breaking

Over all an amazing rifle for the price replacement parts are easy to come by
by Christian L. on 02/01/2015
"Alright I'm doing this review for my buddy.

First of all the FPS that they list is not correct it is actually 480 with the .2s. my bud had to use .25s to drop it down to 395-400. The action is smooth and fun to shoot. it is spot on accurate with minimal deviation on the shot grouping. You will need a regular length scope to put on this as compact style ones will not work (we found out the hard way).

hard FPS out of the box
Light gun (can be a con to some others)
smooth action
great accuracy

Felt a little brittle.
Needs a special tool to change springs.
Rail isn't full length

All in all the rifle is great and very affordable. Buy it and sling plastic down sniper alley for you recon guys.
by Matt R. on 06/26/2014
"Just received this gun today and the first thing I noticed is that there was NO assembling To do what so ever. Comes assembled like I said, but the bolt is some what easy to pull back. The one thing I did not like about this was the bipod mount on the rifle didn't fit my bipod! I have the Evike real steal bipod so idk it just didn't fit I the holes, but may just mine. I also purchased a Angel Custom m170 spring with is 480-550 fps and it was very surprisingly easy to install. Now on another hand, it is not easy to pull the bolt back. For me I got used to eat so yeahh.. also the magazine is pretty tough to release at first but gets easier as you go along. Over all its pretty good rifle.

Comes assembled
Good build quality
Got it for$74.00!
Don't have enough time to name them all! Haha

Stock fps (vsr-10 compatible spring: around $12.00)
Bipod mount didn't fit my bipod
by Randolfo P. on 12/15/2017
"Overall it's a good gun. It does chrono hotter than advertised (avg 420FPS as opposed to the 380FPS advertized). You may need to cut down the spring to play with it at most fields in Northern California. The bolt is a bit stiffer than I expected. Overall ok for the price, but be prepared to do some work to make it playable.
by Ethan M. on 03/31/2016
"So I open the box and cock the gun and the back of the bolt breaks off and I have a game Sunday and I needed the gun made me mad