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AIM Gas Blowback Russian Classic AK SVD Airsoft GBB Sniper Rifle w/ Scope - Tan

1 Customer Review

by Pure R. on 12/25/2016
"The gun itself looks rather incredible. Then comes the chaos:

First up, the "new and improved" portions of the gun said the magazine was more firmly inside the gun. Mine has almost a 30 degree wobble and when i move it tends to wobble and make a lot of noise. Secondly, the scope. This come with a PSO-1 scope which is labelled an "SVD" scope. So i finally got done putting the stock on the gun (WHICH didnt come with instructions, but wasnt too hard to google), so then it was onto the scope. So i not only read the manual and looked online, so i knew exaclty how to put the scope on the gun. So i began putting it on then "CHOKE". the back of the scopes railing some reason wasnt able to go around the railing. I presumed this is what people online meant it was a "tight fit". BUT THEN as i continued to try to fix this issue, i then discovered the very back of the scope, the part that goes around the rail, was TOO FAT, meaning there literally was not enough room for the rail to go through it, so the scope couldnt be slid up but a few inches. WITH some inginuity, (and a razor blade), i shaved down that part of the scope alot to make it fit better. Then after several minutes of hitting it with a rubber mallet, i got the scope onto the gun and locked it into place. Then i had to take it off to adjust the hop up. I think this could have just been a defect of mine IS very good other than a few flaws. It is a good sniper and will do well on the field.

HALF of me does recomend this, and half of me doesnt. If your willing to put a little work into it, yes go for it, but if your wanting the stuff to be exactly as needed right off the bat, check out their other snipers on here.