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AIM Gas Blowback Russian Classic AK SVD Airsoft GBB Sniper Rifle w/ Scope - Black

4 Customer Reviews

by Austin C. on 11/21/2013
"Just bought this today. Didn't get delayed do to the pre-order.

Kicks HARD. (For Airsoft) I would relate it to a 9mm carbine for realsteal.
Its very consistent (Accuracy) Tested at 150ft
Its very Light, but not "cheap" feeling at all.
Quality Internals, Trigger box, Bolt, Etc.
(Doesn't come lubed! Which personally is a lot better than having it over-greased by some machine.)

Mine came with a small scratch revealing some red base coat. (Believe it was originally a UK airsoft gun. (Still looks fine but came with scratch)
Loading the magazines are a PAIN. This is the only thing I am not really happy about. You have to load each BB individually and the included "SVD Exclusive" speedloader doesn't work.

by Maxwell W. on 02/25/2017
"OK as my first airsoft gun I have a few things to say about it. 1 it's nicely built and rugged and will take a beating. 2 this gun had a major problem with me not even 2 weeks after using it the magazine crapped on me and now you can't fill it properly and the magazine leaks all the gas within seconds...It is very nice and comfortable. And yes the speed loader does work you need to put it on. Right and put a good bit of force into it. Scope is hard to attach the first time but use a hammer and tap it on and take it on and off about 7-8 times and u will be able to take it on. And off with your hands. I also can't find the hop up. That may just be because I'm stupid. Now buy it if u want it's a good gun but they need to fix that magazine e problem I had. All in all it's good it performs well out of the box and it's worth the buy if ur an AK fan. One more thing .... The scopes illumination works. The wire under the scope you have to fiddle with it till it turns back on. Beyond that it's good. I've been using iron sights I have yet to sight the scope in.
by Michael O. on 07/02/2014
"I am rather new to airsoft and am rather weary of buying anything related to airsoft after a few bad buys. But after wanting to get into the sport again I decided I need to replace my broken sniper, and what better replacement than my favorite styled sniper rifle, the Dragunov SVD?!

Full metal construction (apart from the polymer handguard and stock)
Fairly lightweight (most of the weight coming from the scope)
Speedloader fits nice and snug

Stock was a bit of a challenge to get attached onto the rifle
PSO-1 Scope was incredibly difficult to mount onto the rifle. Silicon and tapping the scope with a hammer will help it go into place.
Battery crapped out very quickly on the scope.
Magazine is wobbly
Have to refill magazine with gas before the mag is even half empty (for some of the more experienced players this might not be an issue.)

The cons listed are more of minor nuisances that should not hinder the performance o the rifle, and hopefully won't steer you away from buying this cool rifle.
by Thomas M. on 10/29/2016
"Like the gun for being my 1st.
Metal Construction
Long barrel for better accuracey.

Mags and flash hider and wobbly which makes the gun feel cheap.
Scope is a joke(ryhme not intended).
O-rings fall out of the gas mags(Very upsetting.)

With some find tuning and upgrades it will be a much better gun, 1st upgrade will be a better scope, and some new o-rings, May start using green gas instead of propane as the propane seems to be highly affected by small weather changes.

Overall good gun, just needs a lot of fine tunning.