Reviews: A&K SVD Dragunov Bolt Action Sniper Rifle (Stealth Black / ~500 FPS)

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Model: SR-AK-SVD-B

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by Timothy E. on 2010-10-05 21:07:28
"For one, this gun looks just awsome. I bought the PSO-1 scope which is about $149.00(i laughed because the is about the price of the gun but it is the real thing). It was a nightmare for my dad and I to attach the scope to this gun(The scope that i bought does no need a mount but is very hard to put on the gun).

looks awsome!
cheek rest is comfortable
mostly metal and VERY strong polymer
Some say the mag wobble is bad, but my mag does not wobble at all

Its very hard to pull the bolt back(should buy some gloves)
The mag i got is not the mag it said it came with, it does not have a hatch that opens for me to load the BB's
When you take the make out, about three BB's fall out on the ground
by David B. on 2010-09-18 23:40:05
"Well, I got this rifle a few days ago, after tuning in the hop up and putting in some goldenball proslick .20g BB's I decided it was scope worthy, I will be ordering a scope and mount in a few days. Overall, good gun. Although the bolt is difficult to pull back for the first few shots, but hey, no pain no game. Buy it, Mount it with a scope, Obliterate with it.
by Tara G. on 2010-09-16 13:02:33
"I love this gun the only this is im about to buy it and HOW MUCH DOES IT WEIGH
by Brian S. on 2010-09-16 07:10:07
"im about to buy this rifle and was wondering which spring should i buy to upgrade it. there are 2 diff ones mentioned the 150 and 170 but what brand or type or are they all interchangeble? any help would be appreciated.
by Tara G. on 2010-09-15 12:56:39
"oh my god I love this gun if you want to get this ita a hell of a good gun 1,000,000,000 thumbs up

Con: hopup is hard to find
Con: if you are looking for a genuine scope on evike they are about $140.00 just as much as the gun WTF but its awesome so if your looking at it now pull that credit card out and buy it
I will make a link to a youtube video that ill make later
by Tammy H. on 2010-09-13 16:23:01
"hey i got a question, can you put a bi-pod on this gun?

Thanks you all for your help!!
by Ryan P. on 2010-05-16 22:58:16
"Rifle is a clone of the atoz dragunov that was discontinued years ago and seems almost better. The rifle shoots hard but is equally hard to chamber a bb. (380-410 .2s)


-Metal barrel, magazine, reciever, trigger, and bolt
-Strong plasic foregrip and stock
-Shoots hard
-Iron sights dead accurate to 60-70ft easily
-High cap mag
-Easily upgradable


-Hard bolt pull
-Slight play in the foregrip
-Mount is slightly off for scopes meaning real scopes can wobble around and potentially fall
-Not real wood
-Black makes every imperfection(scratch) noticeable

Overall this is the gun you bring to games that everyone wants to use in a game, but doesn't know if they want the scope or not because of the wobble and extra bulk. True croudpleaser and fun to use.
by kyle r. on 2010-03-02 15:52:45
"I got this gun two days ago, it wasn't as great as I expected. It's a extremely cool looking gun, but the gun is poorly put together, the parts are a little loose and the clip isn't that great(but I've never been a big fan of wind up clip). The scope mounts are extremely hard to find, I bought a genuine ak47 scope mount(expensive). The price is good, this is a good gun if you are a beginner at sniping. If you are a experienced sniper I wouldn't recommend it.
by stephen k. on 2010-01-31 04:04:56
"you should defenatly get this one because there both spring and shoot about the same speed the only difference is sence this is a slim long design with a loger barrel than the lrsa it is going to be more accurate and less weight to lug
by Dustin W. on 2010-01-27 17:35:30
"I purchased this rifle a few weeks ago, and overall, I'm glad I did. Love the gun, looks great with the Yemen Russian Digital paint job I did on it. Unfortunately, mine had a problem hopefully someone can help with.

The hop up is not a very good design. Basically, you adjust a metal screw on top of the chamber/bolt, this literally pushes into a rubbery tube that lays across the top of the beginning of the barrel, thus hitting the top of the pellet and creating a spin. The problem is my piece, the rubbery tube bit, was cracked from factory, so the gun has never fired really well. Surprisingly, with no hop up at all, I can hit a gallon milk jug at 120 feet with this thing.

-Dustin, Leader of SCAR Airsoft team, N. California.
by John H. on 2010-01-24 06:41:24

Mag is HUGE
Metal is everywhere

No Manual
Hopup is hard to find
(If anyone knows PLEASE post)
by Randall S. on 2010-01-10 05:22:27
"A&K produced a fine weapon for the price paid. All I had heard about A&K was true with regard to the construction, though. I had to spend about an hours worth of effort to tighten every allen screw to keep the SVD from rattling.

Double feeding was constant throughout my BZO routine and with no manual, finding the Hop-Up adjustment was a challenge. After a short web search, I found how to adjust the Hop-Up but still am fraught with double feeds. Once BZO'd the shot groups were consistent and had sufficient power to punch through heavy cardboard. A&K advertises 450fps +/- but mine come in on average at 420fps, though the weapon is upgradable with any after market spring.

My initial impression was that the weapon was built well enough and that it appears sufficiently sturdy to handle average play. The craftsmanship is on par with higher end products but the metal is sub-par. Breakdown for maintenance is simple and the workings are well constructed without too much lubrication, I added a light coat of lithium grease to the moving parts and seals to improve performance and endurance.

Bottom line, excellent weapon for starting that can easily be maintained and upgraded.

Displaying 25 to 36 (of 42 reviews)

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