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Snow Wolf M82 M99 LRSA Bolt Action Airsoft Long Range Sniper Rifle (Package: Black / Rifle & Bipod Only)

35 Customer Reviews

by Chance J. on 06/26/2013
"This gun is great! I'm not going to complain about it being 20 pounds simply because it is mostly metal...The hop-up is impossible to adjust(would like help)and the bipod will take off a lot of weight in the front so it will help to take it off when shooting without it

-20 pounds

-Orange flash hider
by Stevie W. on 05/08/2013
"it's a great rifle my freind just got it a couple weeks ago a i love it


●good range
●high velocity


●I wasn't allowed to use it at Fulda Gap
by Lynda B. on 09/07/2009
"Ok I have this gun. It is very good. I was impressed with the sheer power this gun produces. I think it shoots about 450 fps. The hopup is EXTREMELY hard to adjust. It is a firmly situated metal lever in the magwell. I had to use a knife. But still, it seems to have good range. I'm planning on upgrading everything so I'll write another review when I have. The body is absolutely full metal. It weighs about 25 lbs with a scope on it. The muzzle brake (my fave) is not full black like the pic. It is about half orange. But not as bad as the socom gear one. Yikes. It had som kinks to work out such as the slightly faulty mag which did doublefeed some. I fixed this by weakening the spring and holding in the mag when cocking(which is not very hard btw). Does not have sling mounts which is dissapointing. Also if anyone can find extra mags that fit I'd love a link. Also the pins that on the real one take it apart do nothing. Except the one on the full metal very sturdy adjustable bipod. Carry handle seems sturdy too, but I wouldn't trust it for long. But seriously if ur not at least 5'8" and on the football team don't get it. It's only for the abnormally strong. Main annoiance is that the bolt cycling unscrews the bolt from the spring. Can be fixed by using a med- sized hex wrench into the end ofthe bolt and turning clockwise. Youll know what I mean when u get the gun. I also have managed to get 2-3 bbs inside the body of the gun and they won't come out. O well. Good gun. I reccomend it to big guys. Happy hunting!
by larry d. on 12/21/2016
"I've had mine for around 6 years'ish it was one of the first run. I like the heavy build but I feel it needs an upgrade , the problem is my aeg can shoot further , at 10 feet it can perce a soda can but only sometimes. mine did not come with a scope but I have a nice one. my hop up is vertaly nonexistent. i'm a bit scared of the upgrade process after looking at the review. about that huge orange tip I found after some sanding a good cote of black paint was fine. don't get me wrong its realy fun to use just know without an upgrade many mid price range guns have more reach. mine has lasted a good long wile and I still use it. the only real problem ive had was the magazine has that long peg in the top and it broke off , I sugest getting an extra mag. my suggestion to snow wolf is to make it with at least 400 fps or make the upgrading easer. so to say I have mixed feelings its fun if your a sneaky sniper with a guily suit , its fine as is but otherwise you need to upgrade. it is the sniper I use as a loner because despite its shortcomings I'm not afraid of it breaking. so finaly great heavy sturdy build needs a stronger spring I may get the upgrde and see how it goes\.
by William S. on 10/05/2015
"Bought this gun a few years ago. It has some serious good looks and feels great. Super heavy. The one i got couldn't shoot very straight so i decided to upgrade it. If you want to upgrade a sniper and use it on the field DO NOT GET THIS ONE. The whole barrel assembly is epoxy'd together and the only way to upgrade the gun is to disassemble that barrel assembly. Also many of the after market hop ups designed for these internals don't fit. I had to essentially rebuild the entire gun, machining the parts myself. After a year of use the bolt handle snapped off. M170 was too much for it.