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Snow Wolf Custom Long Range Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle (V.2 Gearbox) (Package: Black / Short Barrel / Rifle and Bipod Only)

5 Customer Reviews

by Carlos V. on 03/19/2017
"I bought this rifle because I wanted a ver 2 gear box DMR that was not the same old SR/M4 base everyone has. I really like the heavy duty construction and how smooth it all fits together. it is all held together by one pin so getting inside is real easy and fast. It is mostly all aluminum so weight is not that bad ( I'm 205lbs) It is about 16 lbs total. For people who are planning to use it stock I got bad news, you will definitely need upgrades. the stock barrel is probably the worst I've ever seen on a AEG and it's ridiculously short (about 300mm) the hop up is regular metal m4 generic, the gearbox does seem solid but some of the components inside seem questionable (cheap plastics ect). I installed my hpa set up and it fit like a glove, a prometheous hop up and a prometheous barrel. I have it set at about 510fps. and it hits targets at 200ft dead on. The charging handle that opens the window to adjust hop up broke (cheap pot metal), however it is a very easy fix. if you have some tech skills you can make this a nice DMR rifle. there is ton of room for a battery. I always get so much attention and WOWs everywhere I go, o btw it will go full auto however I set mine to not allow it. I replaced the cheap plastic flash with a aluminun one. I am happy with my M82 now.
by Anna a. on 09/24/2014
"This gun is amazing!
I give 5 stars just because you dont have to assemble it
there is only 2 cons
Size (for some people con)
Sounds pretty awesome not like a usual AEG (i guess because of V.2 gearbox)
A little silver screw is a pain in the butt to remove for the first time but after
that it will be alright
Screw on flashhider is a bit broken so it's a pain to remove
battery wobbles inside when you running (which is really rare with that weight)
by harrison k. on 02/17/2012

by Mathias B. on 02/05/2012
"i got this gun 5 days ago, and i can tell you that this is absolutely worth every penny. im using .43 bullets and i can hit targets as small as a box of soda at about 150-200 feet. it's a great gun out of the box but if you want to be a real sniper i recomend upgrading the gun to ap 550-600 fps shooting ap 450-500 fps with the .43 g BB's. IM IMPRESSED. SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH (NORWAY)
by shirley b. on 01/13/2012
"I got this gun 4 days ago and wow this thing looks great and shoots good the only thing that i really dont like is the inner barrel is not as long as i thought it only comes out to a little under half way of the outer barrel and maybe even less then that so i would buy a longer inner barrel and this thing does scratch very easy but i can live with it over all a great gun very upgradable...

PROS: very light
shoots great
look awesome

CONS:short inner barrel
scratchs esay