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by melvin b. on 2009-12-15 23:37:59
"Extremly good weapon after several upgrades on both internal and external of the weapon and your bank account to pay to pay for it. Stock is some what descent but you're going to want to do the upgrades fast as you can afford....Regular AEG shoot at the same 300 to 400 FPS but at higher RPM so it only makes sense to obtain more FPS to gain distance on you target so you can stay at a safe distance yourself...

Dont think about it just buy the weapon with as much upgrades as you can afford or buy an AEG...
by Alex T. on 2009-10-11 12:54:20
"Ok. I have owned this gun for a little over three months now. It's a good quality gun right out of the box. I've played in many battles with it and it's decently accurate. And I generously say decent. But after playing long enough, I've come to the conclusion that unless you have $200 - $500 laying around for upgrades you shouldn't buy this gun. My reasons why:

1. When buying an airsoft gun, the majority of people think sniping is the way to go. I'm, here to tell you it's not like in the movies where you pick off some unsuspecting person from a mile away. This gun won't shoot 200ft stock. So unless you have the $200 - $500 it will take to upgrade and make this gun lethal in wars, don't buy it.

2. Everyone of your friends has an AEG. You say, "Oh, I'll be the sniper for you guys!" WRONG! The other team is going to run up on you and light you up while you're on the ground helplessly trying to pull that bolt back. One shot vs. 600RPM (Rounds Per Minute) - 10RPS (Rounds Per Second).

3. Money, Money, Money! Everybody wants it but very few have it. The JG Bar-10 is a fine gun (stock) for small wars and backyard plunking. But, if you want to hit anybody with this gun in a serious war, you are going to HAVE to put $200 - $500 into it. You'll have to upgrade: Cylinder, Piston, Spring Guide, Spring, Trigger System, Barrel, and Hop Up. To buy all those parts from Laylax or PDI, which are the both the best quality parts, it will cost you $400 - $500 at the least.

Conclusion: It's a fine gun. Nothing bad about it. Shoots ok stock, but again I say you will HAVE to put a ton of money into making this gun a serious war gun. Save your money, buy and AEG.
by Adam R. on 2009-03-02 15:35:56
"got the gun and let me tell u its great!!! shoots hard as hell right out the box. all my friends that use it love it. the only thing that seams to be F ing up with mine is that when its realy cold out the bb's dive but as soon as it warms up in my house and shoot it out the door it shoots fine.

PROS: gun looks real and feels good just like a 30-06 or 270 rifle just a bit lighter, shoots hard right out of the box can hit someone in the head form about a 100 ft easy (when its not windy).

All and all buy it and dont think twice about it....
by Stanya S. on 2009-02-25 19:45:14
"I just got this and 2 other guns off evike and it took a while to put together. i had to struggle to put on the mag realesefor about an hour because the little spring inside shot out an di had to look all over my basement for it. after that i only took a couple of minutes. i only have iron sights on it and at about 15 yards i was putting bbs on the same spot so they were hitting the previous one.great fps goes straight through a soda can an makes a huge rip in the can. definatley a good buy for the money for both begining and expirianced snipers a like
by alan h. on 2008-12-22 19:46:03

Ok i would first like to say that the BAR 10 by JG is an amazing sniper rifle not just because of its great price, but also because of its performance. Heres the pros and cons

1)easy and free upgrades to make fps higher without sacrificing accuracy
2)perfect weighting not to light nor heavy
3)the stock feels rubbery and the barrel is metal (thats good)
4)instructions are pretty clear if you read them carefully
5)accuracy is amazing with a little practice
6)nice distance

1)bolt is kinda heavy but you get used to it
2)mag capacity is only about 15 for mine
3)fps is on the low side for snipers although it is easily upgradable

1)buying this gun is pointless without doing the airbrake mod. this will give you anywheres from 30-100 fps. (gave mine 30) go on youtube and search "jg bar10 airbrake mod" very simple
2)use .28bbs they give you best accuracy combined with distance
3)take time to calibrate scope correctly

1)as for bipod wobble (as many reviewers mentioned) IT WONT WOBBLE IF YOU PUT IT IN RIGHT!
2)make sure you practice with it before gaming with it
3)the bb will curve if you tilt it EXAMPLE
/ or \

you might not get it now but you will once you try it
4)i dont have any problems with mag


all in all, a great sniper rifle. do yourself a favor and choose this over utg l96 or jgl96. you may think they look cooler but in reality, performance isnt as good.


FPS with airbrake mod:430 with .2
MAX EFF RANGE (measured with bushnell laser rangefinder to a tree):~200FT

by Aidan K. on 2008-09-13 12:07:39
"I love this gun. I use high-polish .25 gram BBs for it, and with the hop-up more or less certered, it is basically just a point and shoot gun. Be careful on the field about hitting the safety when you are cocking it, I cannot tell you how annoying it is to pull the trigger and not shoot and be killed as a result. I would suggest that you not wear gloves while using this gun. The magazine that came with mine has a 31 round capacity, which usually lasts me several games. The stock is made of high-quality rubbery-plastic, which you have to attach to the barrel and firing assembly yourself. Be careful when doing this that you do not strip the first Allen screw like I did, and now I cannot disassemble it to make any adjustments or improvements, not that this gun really needs any. The buttstock can hold a small bag of BBs, all the accessories that come with the gun, and a speedloader (my gun came with one). The only irritating bit is that mine did not come with a scope rail. Overall, this is an awesome gun, great FPS, great look, and a lot less expensive than most other sniper rifles out there. If you are any level of airsofter, I would suggest this gun. I have had her for several months and have experienced absolutely no real problems. BUY IT TODAY!!!!
by Howard H. on 2008-07-14 19:21:04
"The Best Budget Spring sniper rifle availible at this time. As it comes out of the box this is a pretty good sniper rifle. It shoots around 380 w/ .2s and is pretty accurate at 180 feet, but with some mods you can make this gun perform like an upgraded TM. One mod you can do is take apart the cylinder and cut off up to 2/3 of the airbrake and that can give you up to 430 fps with the stock spring! You can also take apart the hop up chamber and sand the walls down to be more smooth and then shim the adjustor arm to be perfectly centered. Great rifle for a great price and it is also fully compatible with Tokyo Marui VSR parts. 5 out of 5
by David K. on 2008-07-07 03:54:12
"Yes, it come with a scope mount. Any scope with scope ring is ready to be attached to this rifle. Considering the Marui one is $200 this is no question a 5 for it is so nice for only 99
by Ben K. on 2008-07-02 11:04:51
"Hey I have the same question: does this come with a rail so I could mount a scope? Please respond in the review section so others who are wondering the same thing will know.
by Jonathan S. on 2008-06-12 23:47:46
"This has been said before, but this is by far the best, cheap airsoft sniper rifle you can buy. Accuracy is superb, easily beats the L96 springers. There are also a variety of do it yourself mods for it, such as trimming down the airbrake for higher FPS. I've made shots with this rifle from over 200 feet away. If you must get a spring sniper rifle, get the BAR 10.
by Justin M. on 2008-06-09 21:08:01
"I upgraded my JG Bar 10 with custom airbrake mod, cylinder head mod, and custom barrel spacers. It has a Illuminated reticle sniper scope on it and is very accurate, very powerful, and very cool. i also have a reflex sight on it for medium range battles. it looks and performs great. Over time my bolt was sticky to pull but nothing a little lube can't fix. yet again another great gun by JG. 5/5.
by Owen M. on 2008-06-04 14:40:16
"Does this come with a scope mount base because I cant find one for sale anywhere. If it does then I am definately getting one and getting a spring to go with it you can reach me at
I must say that this gun appears very cool .

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