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Double Eagle M14 SOCOM Airsoft Spring Powered Rifle with Red Dot and Flashlight

13 Customer Reviews

by Abe A. on 03/27/2013
"This sniper is one of the best I have ever owned. It is very accurate, sturdy, and realistic. The only problem I have, and same with most others, is the cocking. It is real tough at first, but after a while you get used to it. If your looking for a good M-14 get this one!!!!!

Realistic Weight
Looks Great
Detachable Rails (Good for someone who only likes iron sights)
And Sturdiness

Hard to cock (At first)
by Matthew L. on 02/19/2011
"I just got this gun today and i must say i was quite suprised with it. It is a terrific gun and its well made despite its plastic body. The laser dot scope is of course terrible but the flashlight is very bright and quite useful but its all plastic and not very durable. The crosshair sight though is very accurate with .20 bbs.

I recommend this gun to any beginnner sniper who wants something light and mobile and something thats very accurate for long distance.


flashlight is useful (opinion)
holds about 40 bbs per mag


body is mostly plastic
laser dot scope is useless
cocking handle is kinda hard to pull back
by Gabe M. on 11/07/2010
"This gun is awesome. It is very accurate with the iron sights. I recommend not using the red dot sight and the flashlight because they are of low quality. The flashlight is not very bright, and the red dot sight is made cheaply. My red dot sight came with a missing lens cap axle and the power switch part broke off when I removed it from the Styrofoam packaging, so it was hanging by two wires (It was poorly glued on). Some scotch tape or super glue can easily fix this.

The gun itself has a plastic body. The plastic is very nice and has a sturdy feel. The adjustable iron sight is very nice, and I recommend not using the RIS that comes with the gun, to make aiming easier. I also recommend putting white-out on the sight to make it more visible (I do this with all my guns). The barrel, cocking mechanism, adjustable sight, trigger, safety, and trigger guard, the bottom rail and the front sling mount are metal. The paint on the metal can be scratched off by your fingernails very easily. I highly recommend getting a 3 point sling for an extra $15 because the back sling mount is weak plastic. I used the cheap sling it came with as a "poor-man's pistol lanyard". Also, an extra mag is only $9, so don't pass up that opportunity. Lastly, I recommend a bottom rail-mounted bipod for an extra $12.

-high fps with .2g bbs
-very accurate (The red dot sight included is very accurate, although made of bad plastic and near-useless at nighttime)
-comes with an RIS
-hurts a lot when you get shot by it
-nice heavy and sturdy feel to it
-a lot of metal parts
-adjustable iron sight
-short SOCOM barrel makes the gun easier to run with
-cocking bolt is not very hard to cock back
-mag holds about 40 shots

-paint on the metal parts is easy to scratch off
-red dot scope and flashlight are not very good quality
-rear sling mount is bad plastic (not a problem for a 3 point sling)
-RIS makes iron sights harder to use (not a problem if a scope is mounted)
-it requires practice to insert the mag properly

This gun is a must buy for starting Airsofters or anyone who regularly participates in backyard battles. For $45, you get an amazing sniper that is compatible with a lot of good accessories.
by Gerardo B. on 05/18/2010
"This gun is really Great!!!

Very Accurate With .25 BBs
Shoots Hard (Made My Friend Bleed)
Very Long
Great Weight For Plastic And Metal
Flashlight Is Good And Bright

My Gun Did Not Come With A Sling
Or BBs
My Gun Jammed A Lot But I Used Cheap BBs It Wont Happen If You Have Matrix BBs

Overall This Gun Is A Great Buy I HIGHLY Recommend This Gun If You Cant Afford A Big Sniper.
by Gino d. on 01/20/2010
"Well got this rifle a while back. not from here but another website
sorry evike didn't know about you guys yet.

first off, great rifle for beginners or to advanced players. had mine about a year.
great accuracy with 20's. the bolt might be lil hard to pull, but lube can always fix that.
has a heavy realistic feel even tho it is plastic but durable.
for a springer this m-14 is just awesome hands down. the flash light was pretty good, but not so impressed with the red dot. no biggy. overall i give this gun 10/10

by Ross C. on 08/29/2014
"Use and abuse this gun and it will break like anything else. I put around 10,000 .2g bbs through this gun before I snapped the charging handle in two, definitely a weak point on the gun. I made the mistake of buying a TSD M14 magazine which will not fit into this gun. The attachments it came with I didn't even bother to use and the optic (if it even deserves that term) was entirely plastic and could not be adjusted to functionality. I ended up using a long eye relief scope and a flashlight on this gun, worked like a charm. FPS and accuracy with this rifle are very doable making it relatively easy to hit a 4 inch target within 65ft with built in sights. I absolutely enjoyed this gun for what it was worth. Might as well buy the one without attachments and save your money; speaking of which, don't buy this under the assumption its going to take a huge amount abuse, buy a higher quality rifle if you plan to have a lasting gun. Had a blast with this thing, off to the movie prop shed it goes.
by ken f. on 01/05/2013
"Overall this is a very good starting gun or for backyard battlers. I bought this gun about a month or two ago and i love it. its at a very good price and nice range. mine was a hop up edition so the bb's would rise up after about 18 feet but as i used it more it no longer did it. and i learned very quickly how to calculate my shots. i reccomend using atleast .2's do to it being a sniper and its FPS
nice range
lots of attachments

hard to pull back AT FIRST
by penny t. on 04/15/2012
"this is a decent gun
hard plastic
avrage sniper range
good power
mag came broke
red dot and flashlight usless
hard to cock AT FIRST
over all this gone is preaty good, good for starters and middle level
by dylan m. on 07/24/2011
"I give this gun an 8 out of 10

to shoot accuretly with it you may have to shoot a few times untill the gun is sighted currectly but once sighted it shoots well

the rail system that comes withis basicly pointles becouse it blocks the iron sights and a scope just throwes the aim of the gun entirely off to the point that ajjustment doesnt help at all

I poped mine open and removed like 3lbs of weights
now its much lighter

the gun is kinda hard to cock but than again I'm deffinetely not the strongest airsofter
by ron k. on 10/08/2009
"amazing fun chrone'd at 365 constiently its cheap its amazing

cons red dot sucks and flashlight sucks

i give it a 4 out of five because its hard to fit the mags in and flashlight and scope sucks
by JAson H. on 11/23/2011
"Pros :

- Bigger then I expected
- Good starting accessories
- Fires strong
- Good and sturdy

Cons :

- REALLY HARD to cock it, I have a pretty hard time after each shot. My hand is tired now.
- Raybond Lamb Quality
- Paint already is smearing! Literally, on the hop op rear sight, I put my hand and my hand is smeared with paint
- Pretty Heavy
by will l. on 11/06/2011
"i just got my gun 3 days ago and my first impression was this will be awsome this was my first gun and i tryed to laod it and i think the spring in the mag was to strong so the bbs just spat back up in my face like they were saying no i dont wanna rails are pointless blocks ironsights scope sucks its probobly just for show and now since my mag wont work i have to load the bbs in 1 by1 by 1


its cheap


and durable


hard to pull lever to load

scope sucks



and rails suck

3/5 maybe get it if your just starting like me but really i dont reccamend it
by steven O. on 12/05/2015
"Horrible gun, the bolt broke within a couple uses, it echoes, the barrel is not very straight and the weights broke within 2 games