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Model: AR-M160B2-BK

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by Jack B. on 2011-07-15 16:59:09
"I just got the gun today and i am very pleased

- great accuracy
- long range (I shot it in the direction of a building thinking it would come up short but it hit it will a lot of force)
- realistic feel and weight

- hard to pull back bolt a beginning but it will losen up
- assembly is kinda annoying

A no-brainer five stars
by Lorenzo V. on 2011-06-26 15:00:51
"I got this gun for use as a sniper, and well, it works well for that use. With .20 gram BB's, it is very accurate and has good range.
by David S. on 2011-04-30 15:48:44
"This gun is pretty good. kinda hurts to get hit by (especially if it hits your elbow).
First off, the "scope" is a peice of junk, suggest getting a seperate one.

Kinda hard to manuver through brush and stuff, not a big problem

on the other hand, its realistically heavy, feels nice to carry around, and shoots hard and accurately with .20s the included flashlight and speedloder are pretty nice, although the flashlight is nice to have not for this gun, but mabe another gun that needs an upgrade.

the glasses however are pretty flimsy, mine broke while in my pocket.


Heavy (a pro to me, mabe not others)



Looks cool

RIS is detatchable

Flashlight, sling, speedloader are all good parts


Probably wont save your life in CQB, but thats obvious.

hard to cock (you get used to it)

scope and goggles not so good, (new scope is easy to find, just go buy yourself some goggles)

RIS is a tiny bit wobbly, not noticable in game though.

clip is a bit small, a bit fraglie

Overall, a good gun for use for long range combat or a DMR, bring an other gun with you as a backup. If you only have close range weapons, this is your gun. If you are looking for a really good Nuke-your-buddy's-face sniperrifle, save up another 50$ and get that nice gas sniper you saw earlier, but if you are a gamer on a budget, get it!
by Larry P. on 2011-04-16 14:15:12
"i personally like the gun so

good accuracy
looks great
decent flashlight and sight

sling came off unexpectedly
my speed loader came broken
my clip came broken
hard to cock
by Nathaniel B. on 2011-02-08 12:40:19
"I got this gun back when I was a noob. Now I have a G&G AEG. Throughout those years(about 3) this gun is still shooting. Not just shooting, but shooting like new. The only time I had to fix some thing is when something got wobbly in the mag. I opened it up and saw that it was a metal weight. They do this for a more realalist feel. The only thing holding it on was a small 1 in. piece of 2-sided sticky tape. I fixed it with a longer peice of more durable tape.

Some Metal Parts
COmes with flashlight and reddot(which I use for looks on my AEG)

Wobbly weight
Hard to pull back at first
Small screws(easy to lose)
Not upgradable
by Marcus F. on 2011-02-08 07:40:27
"This will not disappoint. For a spring powered rifle it gets the job done. One thing that really impressed me is the accuracy. It shoots just below 300fps with .25g but it flies straight and dead on at a decent range.

Don't expect too much on the cosmetics. It's cheap Chinese plastic. But I must admit it's rugged and can take a beating. My advice, paint the rifle to your liking. Perfect starter if your just getting in to custom painting your gear.

Accurate using the iron sights
Shoots hard for a springer
Battle Worthy (backyard and field)

Cheap Chinese plastic
The rail system it comes with cannot support a heavy scope. I suggest a 1x30 lighter red dot if you feel the need for a sighting system.
Mag only holds 30+ ( just buy more mags )

Overall it's worth every penny.
by Donna S. on 2010-12-03 03:44:02
"I'm not Donna I'm her son so I'm going to tell u the benefits and cons of the matrix m14
-kinda high fps
-nice feel
-heavy so it feels realistic
-small flash hider
-extremely good accuracy

-low fps for my standards
-cocking the gun is a little stiff in the beginning
-if u put on the RIS rail u cant use the iron sights
-the red dot they give u sucks but the flashlight is OK.

that's all i would recommend to get the non socom version and then it doesn't come wit the crappy red dot good deal for $50 its a good gun and i would get it if u need a good secondary

by Tami B. on 2010-11-15 19:09:25
"Well i got this gun like a month ago and i am relevantly new to airsofting, but from what i can see it is pretty good, good range and FPS, lots of fun out on the field. and i love the look of the M14. But there where a couple of problems.

Problems i have had:
1. Magazine shoots out the bbs if you don't put it in the gun quick enough.
2. Bottom strap is plastic DO NOT USE IT, it could break and damage the gun, my bottom ring broke three weeks in. I hit the ring on the edge of the door though :) Gun is still fine.
3.If you move the iron sight up & down to much the screw on the up and down adjustment will fall off and the aiming part will start to fall off. i lost the screw and replaced it with the screw i got on the red-dot scope that allows it to attach it to the rail. And now it is no longer is adjustable, its ether up then unscrew and put the sight down or vis-versa.
4.Scope is not good, flashlight is ok.
5. Hard to cock at first, but trust me you get use to it and it goes away after awhile.

Good things about the gun:
1. Its REALLY accurate.
2. Very realistic, I am almost afraid to take it outside :)
3. Good Range and FPS.
4. Juts fun all together, and there are all kinds of good reviews on this gun.

I would recommend buying a bi-pod and Scope for it, Here at of course :)
by Paul B. on 2010-10-02 08:33:33
"Had this gun for ~3 weeks but have yet to put it on a stress test. You do have to assemble it out of the box, but it's only two pieces that slide in. Also, the box the gun came in will say 285 FPS, but it shoots way more.

1. Cheap
2. Around 350-400 FPS
3. Heavy weight
4. Accurate
5. Adjustable Iron Sight
6. Feels pretty sturdy
7. Range of ~80 ft.

1. Uncomfortable to aim with
2. Front site is at an angle
3. CANNOT modify
4. Spring resonates after shot
5. Mag tends to spit out the BBs after reload

Overall, this gun is good FOR THE PRICE. What I mean is that you shouldn't expect the same results as on of the $100+ snipers. I would recommend this to any sniper on a budget.
by Mark S. on 2010-06-11 17:31:10
"This gun is great! ive had it for like a year now and i've never had a prob with it. It's better than any AEG m14 ive seen. Also it's 40$ great buy
by joseph S. on 2010-06-03 04:07:32
"Set a pop can out 60 feet and 1st shot with this great airsoft hit dead center!!! You cant go wrong with this m14,great power and amazing accuracy
by Jeremy S. on 2010-06-02 13:08:31
"A ridiculously good sniper for the price. If I had paid $100, I would have only given 3-4 on the rating, but at this price, it's a 5!

Good Price
Good Replica
Many accessory rails
Amazing built in sight

Hard to cock
Crummy scope and light included, but for $5, how could I resist.

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