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Model: SR-MP002C

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by Andrew L. on 2008-12-03 13:17:41
"Hey guys, can somebody do a video review of this sniper? I can't find any on or like give me a link that can get me airsoft reviews. When you have a vid, email me the link. thanks
by Beverly W. on 2008-12-02 19:35:07
"Max.....i've had this gun for about a month now with no problems....its easily shooting 450+fps with .2s...almost pop can top capable. i use .25s and with no scope or sights, i can still easily nail targets 150 ft. away. idk what it'd be with a scope. the bolt pull is a little stiff at first but once you're used to it, u'll be speed cocking it without even noticing you're doing it. the grip is very comfortable too. the only downfall i see is the lack of upgradability. i've done just a teflon tape mod to mine so far with no issues. its over 450 fps stock anyway and the limit for most fields is i don't see much need to upgrade the fps anyway. the gun has basically all metal internals. it does suffer from a u hop system intead of a v hop system for a hopup, but i don't have any problems with accuracy. i think u'd be pretty happy with this gun. i am......i hope this helps.
by lucas h. on 2008-11-03 16:56:54
"Can you get a gas upgrade fr this gun by any chance?
by Beverly W. on 2008-11-02 17:50:27
"its true..the box says its 350fps or something, but the gun shoots around 450-460 with .2s.....for accuracy sakes, use at least .25s or you might as well get the UTG MK96(they are not identical to this one)
by Colton W. on 2008-10-31 16:55:40
"dont buy this gun it sucks and when you get it in the mail it is ONLY 300 fps wtf 460 bull dont get this gun
by jason t. on 2008-10-28 16:28:03
"it looks really cool but does the bipod really suck like some of the others say?
by Paolo M. on 2008-10-27 20:35:41
"I like bolt action spring powered sniper rifles like this because if it is powered by a battery or gas, what if you ran out of gas or battery? Then you will bite the dust! This sniper is perfect, no problems when it comes to performance!
by chalie p. on 2008-10-25 11:52:35
"your suppoesd to sight in the scope with the nobs at the top
by Brad G. on 2008-10-24 14:45:49
"I have this sniper but i have two major problems. I purchased the scope and it is a great scope however my gun shoots a foot or two left of the scope. I took the scope of and the gun shot perfictaly stright. How do i fix the scope. Secondaly how do u clean this gun? It have airsoft lubricant but i can bearley get that cleaning rod down the barrel without a piece of cloth on it. If someone could answer these Qs that would be great.
by jonathan C. on 2008-10-22 18:22:46
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Read number Four over again
by tucker t. on 2008-10-19 18:27:14
"Like i said before this is a very good gun except for the bipod its really unstable but other than that its a god gun
by Laurie K. on 2008-10-15 20:23:44
"this gun is my favorite snper it comes in 2 pieces very easy to set up i shoot my friend from about 100 yard i gave him a welt the size of a penny if you have the money you should but it.

Displaying 61 to 72 (of 111 reviews)

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