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by Jordan P. on 2009-02-26 14:56:36
"This gun is amazing! If you're thinking about getting the AGM version.You are crazy! This gun is the greatest sniper this for you. The AGM version is cheaper and smaller. The UTG version is amazing. My little bro was at least 60 yards away and my dad shot him in the head. Luckily he had a bike helmet on but it made a dent in it. This gun is perfect for season veterans and beginners!
by Murray W. on 2009-02-21 17:46:06
"My son has had this sniper before...

I was sitting outside with my freinds for some business matters....
And My son, Has always Loved Snipers, and Sniping for that matter...
and so I said..." Hey how about you set these Beer Cans on the Horce Fence (we do live on a farm)
And he said, "Alright sounds good."

And here is where it got Interesting...
We all bet $10.00 that my Son could not hit every single beer cans on the fence (no; he got the money; and he did not bet... neither did I, I would never bet on my son. Only my freinds bet."

He had 10 beer cans to shoot.
He had 10 BBS *we made sure* in his clip to shoot down all the cans.

Every Shot a Can went down. And I ended up (I was the collector) with $50.00.

Consider getting this rifle. It's worth it.
by Danny M. on 2009-01-02 03:59:47
"This rifle is extremely sweet. Its pretty accurate up to 50 yards but most of all its really quiet. Its amazing. Great rifle
by Jeanmarie T. on 2008-12-29 13:57:16
"i got this for my son and its was easily esembled and shoots unbelievable. It tore up a barts rootbeer can like you wouldnt believe. He said he would buy it over and over. Its also pinpoint accurate. I would recomend this to everyone who wants to leave a good welt on their enemy
by Alex K. on 2008-12-28 23:00:19
"I just got this gun it easily shoots accurately up to 200 ft. Many say this gun sucks but they just have very high expectations. It's well worth it to get this gun. I hope this helps affect your choice. Peace.
by Dustin B. on 2008-12-04 01:19:44
"Max...ive had this gun for a lil over a year and if you want to be a good sniper be repaired to spend some money. this gun come stock with a decent fps but the barrel aint so great, its a unlikely that you will hit your target at that range, what you should do is get a TB barrel. it will raise your fps +15-20 and help your accuracy alot. i use super grand masters .29 bbs there a lil on the expensive side but they're worth it.

hope this helps, Aloha
by barry s. on 2008-11-27 10:19:34
"what wud u suggest i shud get. i am new to silencers and stuff. i usually just use my echo 1 ak 47. but yeah.
by Henry B. on 2008-11-27 08:27:26
"barry s. i think you probably could put a silencer on it but you would probably need an adaptor
by Henry B. on 2008-11-24 10:41:23
"I got this gun last year and still works great. I have only had to lube it twice. Very powerful and accurate. Would Recomend getting it. Are there any upgrades I can get for it?
by dapeng h. on 2008-11-23 17:50:34
"I got this gun last week, over all its a very powerful gun, the only thing i want to say is about the mag, it said the mag can hold 30 bbs, but it only works well when u put 15-20 bbs. i try both mag, they have the same problems, which is if u put more then 20 bbs, the mag wont push up the bbs. but if u want play as a sniper, this is not a big problem.
so, over all, its a powerful gun.
by Joseph R. on 2008-11-17 15:54:38
"this gun is amazing! i got it about 4 months ago and it still shoots just as good as it did when i got it. if you are thinking about buying this gun, do it. but use heavy bb's or else it will curve like crap
by Ben S. on 2008-11-10 19:23:42
"i got this gun about a year back and it is by far my favorite gun i own. ive always been a fan of the bolt-action rifles. i was a little worried about getting a UTG because i had previously bought an AK-47 from UTG and it strait up fell apart while i was using it. let me tell you, ive had no problems with this rifle. its a nice weight and feels good. the only compliant i have is that the mags are kinda hard to load. but once you own the gun for awhile, that becomes second nature. just make sure you have your speedloader handy. the main point here is that this is a great gun and its a pretty god price too. buy it!

Displaying 49 to 60 (of 110 reviews)

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