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Shadow Op MB01 Type96 MK96 APS-2 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle - Black (Package: Rifle)

114 Customer Reviews

by fausto p. on 02/06/2011
"omg i recently got this gun and straight out of the box it was great! the assembley was simple and the fps is amazing(0.2bbs). perfect gun for anyone who ants to be a sniper. i regret not getting the bi pod for it because it is a little on the heavy side but no biggy its still great accuracy after adjusments to the scope. i recomend to anyone who wants a sniper at a good price!!!!!
by Eli T. on 01/07/2011
"I just got this gun and here is my review.

1- Not too heavy
2- Hurts pretty good
3- Good accuracy
4- Cycles good

p.s. better if you buy the scope and the bipod with it. use .20 gram bb's. and go for the HEAD SHOTS!!!
by Aaron K. on 12/31/2010
"This gun is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it.What makes this gun so special it is the only sniper rifle with the upgrade option of having a full metal bi-pod and a acope upgrade if you are looking for a great gun this is the gun for you.

Pros: good FPS
amazing range
hurts a lot!!!!!!!!!!
has a full meatal barrel

Cons:Not so good of a included sling
by vickie f. on 12/27/2010
"got this gun for christmas and i have to say.........ITS THE BEST SNIPER OUT THERE FOR IT PRICE! it hurts like a mo fo, it hits dead on and its perfect for long range. if your woundering if u should get this gun or not just get it! take my word for it. you will not regret getting this gun. thanks evike
by marcus m. on 12/19/2010
"great gun [pros] 1.light 2.easy to pull back 3.easy to up grade [cons] 1.wabble bipod 2.hard to ajust hop up in all good gun recomeded it to every body 5 stars
by Wesley S. on 12/16/2010
"This is a great gun for the price and for a stock gun it shoots exceptionally well!!!!!!
while i recommend you do some upgrades such as the spring guide, piston, hop up, trigger box, and spring they are not necessary. Like I said this is a great gun!!!!! I recommend at least .3gram bbs (i use .36grams) because this gives u much greater accuracy which is essential to the role of the airsoft sniper. The gun has no cons that i can think of at the moment although the bipod (if u purchased one with the gun) dose wobble slightly it isn't something that will affect your accuracy. I highly suggest u buy a scope as being a good sniper is almost imposable to do without!!!!!! I suggest at least a leapers 3x32.

decent FPS
Decent hop up
easy to operate
FUN to operate!!!!
Cant be matched for the price
Highly Upgradeable

(not really a con) bipod wobbles slightly
Dose not come with a scope (unless you purchase it with the gun)
by Jesse G. on 12/09/2010
"This is by far my favorite sniper that I own. I've had the Shadow Ops sniper for about 3 years, and its performance is always impressive. With the proper care, hitting targets accurately at extreme distances is normal. Out of the box, this sniper is already shooting hard, but upgrades are still easy to find and relatively cheap.

Extremely accurate
High fps
Easy to camouflage (with tape or paint)
Reliable during games.

Low magazine capacity (although still high for a sniper)
by Bryan H. on 12/06/2010
"OH MY GOSH! I mean this gun is the sickest,awesomest,high fps gun on earth! I can't ask for more! I went to the store today at like 7:00 and when I got this gun.... I litterly fainted it was sexy,intimidating ,and high freaking fps!I went with my dad and my dad was like HOly doggies!The man and this other dude helped me out (thank you so much you guys rock and Evike!) really helped me out.I got the gun it had a real gun feeling on my hands.I started shooting it and it was a little hard to cock (I'm only 12) and yeah.It shot so accurately and hit the targets so hard!I wish I can tell you more ,but I got to get to the cons and pros!I love you evike and the people who helped me! P.S this other guy let me shoot his sick gun at the shooting range.Let me tell you get the gun and go to the store when you get it!

Sexy beast,glared at me so long my eyes turned to a love shaped pupil!
Strong! 0.28 grams=420 fps----chronoed for the first time! I felt awesome chronoing a gun!
Strong metal!
Scope was awesome it was like.... no not like,it's just plain sexy!
Bipod was awesome!

You need to stop delaying and get this gun no other guns! OKAY! GOOD! :D :D :D :)!
by Michael M. on 11/06/2010
"This gun is very nifty and makes me feel sexy. WOOOOO
by Hope B. on 09/22/2010
"I have this gun but its the old version. This an AMAZING GUN!!!OK. If you want a Powerful and Accurate Sniper, BUY THIS GUN.

450-500 FPS(Can Be Upgraded To 600+ FPS)
Not too heavy
Option for scope or Bipod
Great Accuracy
Strong Body


I would like to know if the barrel is threaded tho??? Webmaster please reply. is it Anti or Clockwise
by Rodney B. on 09/20/2010
"i bought this gun on evike when it was $110 i loved it i was the best i went to play at my local park and i was in the back and someone was on the other side which was atleast 150 yards and i had him pinned up against a tree it was sweet then when he tryed to run i got him right in the safety glasses and cracked them. its amazing without a scope i never used one and i was a beast with it its definatley worth this one instead of that other crap sniper i had the acu it was cheap made but whatever wont that bad i loved but i traded it for a garbage stubbby killer :(

cons: has no iron sights
by Lucas H. on 06/05/2010
"I like it a lot ,but I bought the upgrade and the scope came without the scope rings.
by Alec L. on 04/23/2010
"This gun is amazing! It weighs a good about, approximately 12 pounds, and has a very good fps (About 450-500.) Get this gun. It is great for beginners, and pros alike. Trust me, once you have this thing you wont want to put it down.
by Devin O. on 04/14/2010
"This is a very good gun. Just stop looking around and get it. NOW.

I do have 1 complaint tho. The hop-up is really bad, so distances over 160 feet isn't gonna be very accurate.

I recommend .28 or .30 gram bbs
by Mark M. on 03/21/2010
"This gun is AMAZING! I received it yesterday and played the same day. After bedding down for about 20 minutes, I spotted two enemies (two friends of mine) at well over 150'. I pulled the trigger aiming for center body mass and hit EXACTLY where I was aiming. BUY THIS SNIPER!

Other things to buy with it:

.28 gram matrix BB's (For maximum accuracy)
A scope (Not only will you be more accurate, but the gun will look SICK!)
I bought the bipod in the upgrades drop menu. Nor necessary, but it helps a lot.

Overall 10/10.

Hope this helps!