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Newest Version Tanaka M700 AICS Airsoft Sniper Rifle (OD)

7 Customer Reviews

by Dillon S. on 02/10/2009
"This is an amazing sniper rifle, it has high fps and is extremely accurate. The overall contruction of the gun is great, but it is a bit heavy, so be ready to lug this thing around if you plan to move up a lot in skirmishes. In my opinion, this is the best sniper rifle I have ever owned. But a word of advice, use a .25, .28, .30, or heavier gram BB for better accuracy.
by PAUL C. on 11/27/2008
"yes chase this gun would be awesome to get but it depends on were you sniping cuz this gun is pretty long! me i like semi auto snipers....if you want a semi auto one buy the Custom G&P SR15 UR its a beast and just upgrade it if you want higher FPS.

have more questions email me at [email protected]
by chace A. on 11/22/2008
"I have a question. I have played paintball for years and wanted to move on to airsoft. My reason for switching was i like to snipe and i wanted to get a good sniper rifle. Is this gun a good one to purchase. and does the gun come with a rail mount and rings
by zak l. on 10/12/2008
"this sniper system is truly a masterpiece, it has great range on a .3 gram bb and hits harder than any gun ive ever seen. jarod, i do not understand what you mean. you yourself said that a good gun does not make a good sniper, so its not a suprise that you beat the other guy, he just isnt a great shot, or the rifle wasnt set up right. i do highly recomend this rifle to anyone who:
1. has the money and time to keep this gun in order
2. wants a longer distance, more reliable shot
3. doesnt have a proble with bugs(you will be in one spot for some time, thing is a beast, weighs just over 9 pounds)
4. has high grade bbs

but the quality of this rifle is amazing, im not going to brag about being able to hit a playing card at 120? feet (indoor) ;) but i will say that if it is set up right, you can and will hit anything you aim at.
by John B. on 07/14/2008
"I bought this rifle from a friend, guarder hop up and tight bore barrel installed. If you are going to be a sniper this rifle will not disapoint! I was hitting a golf ball sized target at about 75 feet with 25g bbs. I was getting head shots @ 150ft to 200ft with 25g, crono'd 558 with green gas and 25g bbs. I also like that it is very quite, a little heavy to run around with but as a sniper you don't move much on the quick.
by Tyler S. on 06/18/2008
"Ok, its not work 600, and their are very few after market parts. Still looking for a 6.01 tb, probably will have to take a psg1 barrel and make it fit this. The reason I got this is because I wanted something that when you cocked the bolt back it would expose the bbs just so I could have a little fun with it. Mine is stock and I run red gas through it. Nothing has broken "YET", so still waiting on what will go first. I clean mine every time I use it. Completely disassemble it, and reassemble it also. Just take care of it.
by Bob R. on 06/01/2008
"This gun is amazing! I dont know what "Jarod Kennedy" was talking about. This rifle has great accuracy and distance. "Jarod Kennedy" was correct in saying this should not be a first weapon for any one. It is also heavy for maximum realness. I suggest it for well seasoned snipers.