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AGM M700 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle with Scope Rail - Imitation Wood (Package: Rifle)

38 Customer Reviews

by billy d. on 09/25/2010
"i love this gun its badass,nice weight,accurate strong.but the stock wasn't that good anyway i like this gun
by Allan L. on 05/07/2010
"I have only had this gun for two days, but so far I love it. I ordered the one with an imitation wood stock because it was cheaper, but they sent me a real wood stock anyway, which is great. I love the feel of the gun. I don't have a scope for it yet, and there are no iron sights, so it is kind of difficult to aim. It shoots very accurately, though. I used it in a skirmish today, and the accuracy was pretty good, even though it was very windy and I was only using .20g bbs. I think this gun will be extremely accurate with .23 or .25g bbs and a scope. The only problem I have had is that the magazine gets stuck in the gun. However, I scraped a bit of plastic off a small part of the magazine with a pocket knife, and now it works fine.

Shoots hard
Nice feel
Looks great
Easy assembly/disassembly

No iron sights
No bottom rail
Magazine gets stuck

Overall, I love this gun. I think it is pretty much the best sniper you can get for the price. I would recommend it to any sniper, beginner to advanced, who does not want to pay an arm and a leg for an accurate sniper rifle.
by Ryan T. on 03/10/2010
"This gun is Good. It has approved accuracy, but the lack of iron sights made it very difficult to aim.
The provided sling will probably last for a while, by the looks of it, but the clip looks questionable. This receives a four because the provider included two of the same allan screws, which, though they work ok with them, might not prove sustainable in the long run. So the final verdict, buy at your own risk.
by micah b. on 02/21/2010
"Very good rifle. It works as a good introduction for beginning snipers looking into getting the real VSR-10. Unfortunately, this won't accept upgrades made for the VSR-10. But even so, it's still very useful and reliable. I got hit right on the collarbone from about 50-60 feet away and it left a nice welt there for a week.(my friend thought it would be funny to no-scope me)

Pro's -
Good for starting snipers
Nice average of FPS
Small size (not length)
Even weight
Good range
Balanced power

Con's -
Can't be upgraded with VSR-10 parts so you might want to get the real one
Hop up is odd (mine shoots straight if its at either of the limits, not anywhere in between)
Requires a decent scope (I got stuck with a mini scope and it is not fun having to adjust while aiming)

Conclusion: While this may not be upgradeable like the real thing, it's still a good fallback sniper if your main one is out for repairs. If you bought this and want to get a new one like me, keep it. It's not as above average as many other snipers but it still get the job done with satisfaction. It also can help you learn how to disassemble and reassemble most types of bolt action rifles, mostly the bolt mechanism.
by Benjamin Jones R. on 02/21/2009
"This is an awsome gun for someone who wants to hit the enemy from farther away. When you get it you have to put the barrel on the stock, wich was kind of a pain. This only has two fla's, you kind of have to push the magizine up for it to load and the magazine is really hard to pull out. Other than that it is a great gun, one of the best if ever bought.
by Evan J. on 10/23/2008
"hey robin, if you want a good scope that's compatible. go just above the reviews section and you'll see the "upgrades" selection bar. CLick on that and select the upgrade package you want. you can get a scope, bipod, or both. and if i were you; if you get the scope its a good idea to get the bipod, too because if you want a scope for long range that much, then you might want a bipod so you won't end up wasting you shot and be able to make the first one nice and steady. Thta's the catch with snipers. people say they're cheap but the end up being just as much as a decent ECHO-1 or JG AEG with the scope and bipod package! But do whatever you want. its your choice. I'm not much of a sniper person but i'm looking in to them for pro games because I won't be used to the range and won't kno what it takes to get across the field so what better to do than get a sniper that will reach farther than needed! =D
by Robin P. on 09/20/2008
"Hm.... this looks nice. But im new to airsofting so.. any suggestions on what kinda scope i should get?
by Darin G. on 03/02/2015
"This is a Chinese copy of a Japanese rifle. Out of the box, the failure rate was 75%. I bought 2 clips for it - the issue is in the feed design of the ammo. It's possible for the pellets to feed into the piston and jam the gun.

If you press the magazine into the gun and hold it pressed in, it loads much better and can successively fire without jamming - maybe a 5-10% failure rate.

Unfortunately, it's this way out of the box.

It will fire 100 feet or more, reasonable velocity.

There are no sight mounts for this gun, particularly at the barrel tip. Shot-gun front sight may work, but is dependent on matching it to the barrel size.

It's setup for a scope, be aware that you'll need a fairly long scope to get the appropriate "eye relief" and be able to see out of the scope. Pay attention to this before buying a scope that is too short.

I'm willing to try another evike product, but this one isn't it.