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SPAS USMC Licensed SS01 Airsoft Shotgun w/ Hi-cap Magazine & LE Stock

3 Customer Reviews

by Logan P. on 04/25/2015
"My bro uses this gun every time we play 2v1 or free for all airsoft, and he can dominate when he isn't running and it is accurate at medium range. Even without the scope or sights on, we can peg trees 15-30 yards away. This gun can be turned into a literal shotgun after double loading it (which I do not recommend). Every time I have asked if he wanted it in electric, and every time all he screamed/yelled was "NO!!". This gun can be recommended to any beginner and possibly veterans in CQB situations. The only problem we have had with this gun is that, on rare and frantic occasions, the clip would not stay in the gun.
by Peter T. on 04/05/2016
"for 24$ I'd say you get more than what you payed for I threw a 20$ scope on it and can hit pop-can sized targets pretty consistently the gun could be used in cqb but you better be quick at the shake of the mag and good at the pump action the adjustable hop up would be nice if it wasn't set so that it fly's straight (with .20s) at lowest setting. maybe I would have more success with .25's the removable stock is nice and the lack of plastic on metal combination put's it over other plastic shotguns my friends have owned the trigger and pump action are pretty solid despite how jankee they look. The big deal breaker is the magazine it comes with, well it's good for a shake mag its...well a shake mag. if you know a friend who's owned a similar shotgun with a standard high cap that busted (the gun not the mag) see if he saved the mag or purchase the one available here at evike. Overall I'd say this is a good gun for pegging squirrels, shooting pop cans and some good ole backyard action. certainly beats bying a 30$ cross-man pistol at a retail or sporting good store.
by David C. on 02/29/2016
"Just got my ss01 shotgun in last week and I am pleasantly surprised. The shotgun is all plastic with few metal parts. I'm a big old guy and it is a little small but not too bad thanks to the adjustability of the stock and it's removable too. It is very light so not sure how it will hold up in a game. It seems like sturdy plastic and it doesn't flex much. I added a NcStar aluminum red dot for quick targeting and it fits the rail perfectly. I don't how well this will work out having metal attached to plastic but it feels pretty solid.
I dont have a chronograph but I can tell it shoots pretty hard even with .25g BBs. The mag is odd in that you have to retract the internal spring and shake the BBs into the mag from the reservoir... you have to remove the mag every time to do that. I hope the other mags fit better as this one is held in by one spring loaded plastic catch. The slam fire feature is cool and is smooth. My advise is be aware of the fragility of the gun when playing, don't drop it or abuse it or it wont last. But I would recommend it for first time players on a budget...can't beat the price for this cool shotgun.