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A&K Bravo Full Metal M870 Tactical Tac Shot Airsoft Shotgun (400 FPS)

12 Customer Reviews

by mark s. on 05/18/2016
"baught this gun it had an issue with the hop up and evike quickly and at no cost me replaced it. it shoots great (about 110 feet) not a lot of variation in the shots and easy to rapid fire, just remember to keep it lubed the parts will wear out if you do not
great service by evike their employees are excited about what they do and eager to help
by David W. on 12/09/2015
"Alright, I've had the shotgun for a good month or so, so I figured it's time to give a quick rundown.

As an opening statement, I frigging LOVE this shotgun. I've had more fun running around and blasting people with it, than i've had for most other games i've done (CQB indoors on a Semi-only field). While most would argue a tri-shot would be more effective, this thing is a blast to play with and has a bit of range for something using some arm-hammer and a "piddly" spring.

1. You will smash your finger if you play with the stock...jebus H. When adjusting the stock, hold one hand on the sliding part, the other to press the button. NEVER...and I mean NEVER just push the button with your thumb and have the barrel pointing down. That's the way to Black Nail.


3. You eject the magazine by pressing the two buttons on the side of the mag. Don't spend uh.....five minutes (maybe ten) trying to figure out why your shotgun shell loader button is jammed. (See...on a real shotgun, there is a small lever you push to open the magazine feed. In other spring shotguns like trishots, this will usually open a shell hatch where you can click in a 14/30 round shell. Nope....this one is all buttons on the magazine).

4. It shoots harder than you'd expect. Expect to apologize if you shoot a buddy with it as a joke. Weak Springer this ain't.


The Weight:
The shotgun is HEAVY. I'm 5'10 running around 250lbs. Not as fit as i'd like, but not as heavy as some would assume before meeting me.
I've got more than a few M4 full metal builds to let you know this thing wears me out faster than any other weapon without a sling, and after a full afternoon of running around with it, my forearms were killing me (both from racking the slide, and holding up this beautiful hunk of airsoft-metal). Wanna get cut? Play with this sucker, and gasp in exhaustion and joy!

The Boom:
Functionally, the shotgun works as I had expected, and more. Others have commented it shoots very straight for a "shotgun". When I chronoed the shotgun on the first day, it was coming in 360fps (+-30fps because I have a suspicion the chrono being used that day was a bit iffy because of some other readings). I was, at first, partially disappointed I had a slight downward arc to my BB's when shooting, but it continually hit the same spot consistently, so it worked out.

The Feel:
The first few games had me running around like a madman shooting .25's into anything that moved, and I marvelled at how well it could nail targets when properly timed and aimed. Heavy and at first unweildly.

One note: There were a few moments when the trigger seemed to no longer work and appear to hang losely (no tension when pressed, almost like it's broken). I discovered pushing forward on the slide would resolve the issue and reactivate the trigger (making it squeezable again to launch the BB into the other guy). My guess is a part of the triggering mechanism occasionally can be missed if the slide is pulled back past a certain point after already being loaded. Just doing a little forward pressure on the pump resolves it so as long as it stayed consistent, I consider it a quirk rather than damaged goods.

You cannot slamfire (where you can hold the trigger down and slam the slide to shoot a BB. Don't try, pretty sure it'll break.)

A Secret!
The metal rail on top looks nice, but wobbles due to only a single ring around the outer barrel. Further inspection shows me there are supposed to be two grub screws holding the ring in place, and there is enough room between the outer barrel and the ring I'd almost say it wasn't originally designed for this gun. One of the grub screws was spinning freely, and the other was apparently sprayed with some adhesive and partially drilled into the outer barrel. It was after I attempted to figure out a mounting point, I spotted a "Hop Up" arrow guide right below the upper part of the ring with a small hole. Guess what fellas? IT HAS AN ADJUSTABLE HOP UP! Taking the small hex key and testing it left and right confirmed it would raise and lower an internally mounted grub screw. Testing shows me right is hop up, and left is hop down. So I resolved the downward angle by applying some hop, and adjusting for weight. now it's shooting considerably straighter. For future reference, you don't need to wrench off the ring to access the hop. If you look under the one screw holding the rail on, there is a second hole with no apparent reason. This is the spot you insert the hex key to access the internal grub screw. Now that I know what it is, seems very obvious.

The Mount:
I found it difficult to mount any of my rail mounted flashlight hardware due to both the wobble, and the fact the only rail space is directly on top (where a sight would be mounted), but in the end I just decided on mounting the flashlight directly above the barrel and zip tying the rail in place to the receiver (not like I can aim down any sight without a riser anyway, right?). I also tried to mount an offset mount, but it felt a bit awkward, so I may have to just look into barrel mounted m870 based flashlight mounts in the future. If you want to mount a flashlight, plan on getting a barrel mount, there are tons of options out there.

The Opinion:
If you've already outfitted yourself with a primary and secondary of choice, and you're looking for something fun and challenging to rally with.
Get this sucker.

If you're new to airsoft, and want something simple to operate, hard hitting, and visually interesting?
Get this sucker.

If you're a glutton for punishment and burning arms...
Get this sucker.

All others need not apply.

Personal note: In my case, I had a very wobbly rail, a downward arc when shooting, and some weird trigger problems. Almost all of these were easily fixed, but many others would consider them no-go's. The discovery of the hop-up adjustment port certainly made this a certainly buy for me, so while I would have previously given this 4 stars, i'm giving it 5 because the overall package and feel of the airsoft shotgun is excellent to me, and it exceeded my lowest expectations for a single shot, spring powered (non electrical) shotgun.
by Alex R. on 09/04/2015
"Do not underestimate this thing! This is the weapon for someone that likes to sneak around because while you don't have the spread normally associated with a shotgun, this gun can very easily outrange any other secondary and most CQB primarys. I use this in an open field and outdoor wooded area. This will have the enemy thinking there is a sniper firing because it's silent. I use this at a range beyond pistols but under DMRs like using most carbines and rifles. If you keep the screw tight on top the hopup is accurate; not much deviation in groupings. As with any springer, it gets easier to pump over time as the spring settles. The body is HEAVY please realize you will get tired if you don't sling it. This shotgun really thinks it is a sniper, it REALLY wants to be one. It will fool anyone who's getting shot at by it. I have had this for over a year now and my advice is to keep the hopup oiled, keep the barrel clean, and make sure your screws are tight at the end of the day. It will not fail you.
by Erik P. on 02/24/2015
"This shotgun is quite literally a devastating piece of machinery. Will cause bloody welts at ranges closer than 10 feet with .2's on bare skin; it could be used as a medium range sniper if desired. It has a great weight, and solid construction; well worth the price.
by scott s. on 09/28/2014
"hello my name is scott steger My shotgun by echo1 came jammed and the pump with not pull back
by Alex R. on 09/19/2014
"This shotgun is awesome. I'll get straight to it and say you have to tighten screws rather often so go ahead and loc-tite 'em up. It is a great field shotgun. I can match some people's AEG ranges with this. I use this in a wooded area with plenty of sightlines and it always feels comfortable thanks to the collapsible stock.
by Evan C. on 09/17/2013
"It's really hard to find a quality airsoft shotgun that's constructed of metal or at least ABS plastic and some metal. Most shotguns are cheaply made and don't last long. Low quality plastic, low muzzle velocity, inaccuracy, and a myriad of other factors have contributed to the airsoft shotgun market being a rather depressing sight.

Until one day, I stumbled upon Echo 1's Advanced Tactical Shotgun series. The lineup had me instantly. ABS polymer construction, metal mag tube, metal optics rail, iron sights with a ghost ring, adjustable M1014 stock with a metal buffer tube, and a precision barrel packing 400 fps rounded out the features on this thing. I looked high and low, on the back corners of the internet, and even on Craigslist for one of these things cause they were out of stock everywhere. Come to find, they had been discontinued 3 years earlier. It was heartbreaking to find out. But a guy who I contacted earlier about buying one called me and said that Echo 1 was partnering with Bravo to create a new shotgun model. I was intrigued and asked for more details. A few days later, I found the very model on Evike and Airsoft GI. While I love both companies, I chose Evike cause of their quality service and attention to detail.

After reading up on the specs for this thing, I was hooked and had to have one. So I ordered one and it surprisingly came 3 days after I ordered it, and that was with the cheapest shipping. I took it out, immediately feeling the solidness of the construction, the weight, and the sheer intimidation this thing brought with just its looks. Along with the gun, I ordered 2 extra mags for it. Just target shooting with this in my back yard was insane. And as far as performance on the field, it stands up to AEG's and GBB's and can compete on their level. Now for the breakdown.

-full metal receiver, stock, barrel, inner barrel, and piston
-high quality ABS polymer M4-style pistol grip and forend
-perfect velocity for field (395 fps with .20g)
-realistic weight (about 7.5 lbs)
-stock is super solid, no wobble, and even has a comfy rubberized buttpad
-manufactured by Echo 1 USA
-metal optics rail
-DEAD accurate and gives out some gnarly welts
-only $90

-magazine sticks out the bottom of the well and it looks kinda cheesy
-the forend is tough to pump for the first 100-150 rounds, but gets broken in and helps you build forearm muscle (it helps a lot to put medical grip tape on the forend and pistol grip for comfort)
-stock does get wobbly after heavy use, but can be easily fixed with a hex key
-if you're not careful, there are some sharp edges you can get cut on, plus when retracting the stock, WATCH YOUR THUMBS-- I learned that the hard way

All in all, an amazing shotgun. The cons are more annoying than they are actual problems with the gun. As long as you're careful when retracting the stock and are ok with having a sore forearm after long days on the field, then you're good. Note: The fps advertised by Evike is kind of exaggerated. It's not 420-440 fps at all. When mine was chronoed for the first time, I shot 5 rounds into it. They came out ranging from 393-402 fps with .20g. A little too hot for CQB, but it makes for a great field secondary. Plus no one will see it coming during pistol/shotgun games. This thing is also Tac City Full Force Night-legal and Insight Interactive Big Boy Night-legal. I would definitely recommend this shotgun as it's only $90, $75 cheaper than the least expensive G&P M870. Great gun, great price. I give it a 5/5.
by Randy J. on 06/10/2015
"So, to start this is a very well built airsoft shotgun. this gun is accurate and strong, this gun is totally worth the money. one thing i could say bad about the gun is the mags, they are a heavy metal which is great but i got too with mine and one jammed up and was extremely difficult to fix. the other is slightly split and when i tried to tighten the the screw it was already stripped, both mags work but am still a lil disappointed with them. dont let that be the reason to not buy this gun though it is really a great gun.


by Kevin R. on 07/31/2013
"This is my honest review of this product.

First off its pretty much a pump action sniper rifle. This gun has range and is dead accurate with .25s. In no way is it 420-440 fps, not even with .20s. Using my Chronograph It was 390 fps with .20 and 350 fps with .25s. Gun is extremely well constructed. Full Metal! Strong body and integrity. Overall this is a great gun.

I only have two issues with it. First when the stock is fully extended its is very wobbly. Second (I just might have gotten a janky one) occasionally after pumping it, the trigger won't set, and it is un-fireable. I still have yet to figure out how to avoid, but I believe it has something to do with making sure to cycle a full pump action. Also I really want to avoid taking the gun apart.

Shoots hard
Strong/Full metal
Retractable stock
25 round magazines (Could be good or bad on your preference.)

Wobbly stock
That's my only con as I can't justify the firing problem might be only with my gun.
by toby w. on 04/04/2013
"enter the underdog of the airsoft shotgun world
this thing rocks, finally a single shot that actually shoots 350fps every time w/ .25 BB's so its perfect for indoor CQB unlike the G&P and Matrix (marushin clones) models which all shoot 400FPS or hotter (and cost more than twice the price), and good luck finding a field that will let you use one.
Firstly very solid all metal only plastic is the pump and screw cap on the end of the pump which mounts the only sling point, bit weird but doesn't bother me as i only use this in shotgun/pistol game so i never need to sling it, aside from that all the mechanism is metal. The pump action itself is very smooth and solid and i'm not worried about its breaking any time soon, but you will need some muscle to pump thing properly.
It's accurate as hell, so much so that i put a flip up iron bar sight on for that perfect long shot when it comes along (and believe me it does).
$$$$ its 90 bucks
full metal looks awesome
a single shot spring that shoots perfect FPS for CQB
Mags are cheap and solid only $14 each
solid build
collapsible stock looks awesome very little wobble and has good extention plus comfortable rubber butt stock
built in rail for iron bar
single sling point in odd possition
so far thats pretty much it
mag pouches are hard too find but condor grenade pouches can fit 2 mags nice and securely so i use those instead
wish you could mount a vertical grip on the pump but that just me being picky

All in all a great buy i didnt give 5 stars beacause of sling mount option and also because nothing ever perfect but this is as close as you can get in the shotgun market without spending over $200.
Buy one and unleash hell you wont regret it.
And always remember to LOOK MEAN !!!
by scott s. on 09/28/2014
"my echo 1 shotgun came jammed and I cant figure out what to do any help?
by Omar N. on 07/17/2015
"Bought this for an Op and just hours before, It broke on me. First impressions were great. Hefty, great stock, and powerful. I received this bad boy and it shot great for the first 20 shots I was able to get off. I literally took it out of the package to adjust the hop up for the Op and it seized on me. It would not pump or shoot or anything. I was using high quality goldenball bbs and it wouldn't budge. Overall, if I didn't get a bad one I would have liked it. Its made out of what looks like cheap cast iron or something of that sort for the internals so I would see why it seized up. Seems like a great shotgun but I ended up returning it and getting my money back. Try your luck if you wish.