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A&K M870 Type Full Metal 400 FPS Airsoft Training Shotgun (Short Version / Real Wood)

7 Customer Reviews

by Alex R. on 11/04/2015
"Do not underestimate this thing! This is the weapon for someone that likes to sneak around because while you don't have the spread normally associated with a shotgun, this gun can very easily outrange any other secondary and most CQB primarys. I use this in an open field and outdoor wooded area. This will have the enemy thinking there is a sniper firing because it's silent. I use this at a range beyond pistols but under DMRs like using most carbines and rifles. If you keep the screw tight on top the hopup is accurate; not much deviation in groupings. As with any springer, it gets easier to pump over time as the spring settles. The body is HEAVY please realize you will get tired if you don't sling it. This shotgun really thinks it is a sniper, it REALLY wants to be one. It will fool anyone who's getting shot at by it. I have had this for over a year now and my advice is to keep the hopup oiled, keep the barrel clean, and make sure your screws are tight at the end of the day. It will not fail you.
by Jordan L. on 09/20/2015
"Love this sawed off, it is true the wood furniture is lighter than shown but nothin alittle stain can fix if its a problem. i run this as my secondary on my back and it hits like a champ. no iron sights so practice a bit to get an idea of where the bbs att
full metal
long range for a shotgun
hits hard for a springer
wood is not same color as shown in picture(not really a con)
front furniture feels like cork wood

all in all worth the price
by jerre g. on 04/12/2014
"Pros: long range shotgun, heavy weight and good for CQB.
Cons: The Spring guide messed up and I had to unscrew it and fix it(took like 10 seconds). So you can't really put 40 bb's in the mag without it failing on you.
by Graham D. on 08/02/2012
"This is an awesome shotgun! Before you buy there're a few things to consider though.

It does weigh a lot for being so short. The weight feels right though.
It's single shot, (every pump / pull is one BB). Like using slugs.
The spring is a BEAST, and it should be for a 400FPS spring shotgun, but while other shotguns you can pump it with one hand even, you need to put a LOT of effort to pump it. It's kind of entertaining to see people pump it sometimes.
Because it's around 400FPS you might be disallowed to use it for close quarters, which is normally the point of a shotgun.
At more than 50 feet it's hard to shoot accurately due to a lack of stock and long barrel. (Using .25s it tends to spread more than you'd expect sometimes)
The real wood handle is worth the extra five bucks, however the pump portion feels almost like cork or some kind of imitation.

I did have a few problems with it. I had to practically dismantle it once because if you pumped it and held it at less than a parallel angle to the ground the bb would roll out, and dismantling it isn't particularly easy.

However, this is a great shotgun, and it tends to hurt. I'm impressed enough with this one that I'm planning on buying the longer version (with the stock) once I have money and they're in stock.
by Vance B. on 05/16/2011
"Alright! I haven't done a review in a while and I'm glad I get to start again with this machine. This shotgun has a great build; near zero wobble with none in the rear grip. However, if wobble is present in your model, just tighten it up with the included allen key. The real wood is definately worth the extra ten dollars over the other model and gives it a better feel. As many will tell you who have handled this weapon, it has weight to it. For such a small gun (about 22 inches longest), its heaviness is that of a real shotgun.

The heavy metal magazine can hold about 20 rounds and I usually don't go over that for fear of it stopping up the pumping mechanism. Why that happens, I do not know. At least once this weapon has jammed on me, but was fixed by the use of an unjamming rod. The plastic orange tip is quite noticeable and can certainly be removed. However, that is illegal, yada yada yada, and it would be advised not to do it. Anyway...

I am very pleased with this weapon (even if the hop-up seems a little tricky), and would recomend it to someone whom I do not know because I would hate for any of my friends to get such a unique looking shotgun as this. Overall, very well built and totally worth the price.

p.s. This thing hurts...
by Stuart F. on 12/19/2011
"I rate a 4 because it is pretty heavy,it is true the full metal and real wood,lighter colored wood then shown,takes 0.25 BBs.When my gun came in,it jammed after three shots but was fixed by the unjamming rod provided.Hop up is adjustable.Hard to cock. Despite most things I would totally recommend this gun to anyone. Hope this helps. :)
by Jordan L. on 04/27/2016
"An update be carefull in that my piston snapped inside after a game and when i took it apart to see whats wrong a spring from the trigger group whem flying have a friend or something recording how you took it apart so you could reassemble it