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S&T Iron Airsoft UFC M320A1 40mm Airsoft Grenade Launcher

6 Customer Reviews

by Thomas D. on 05/23/2015
"I decided to order this while it was on sale for $165 and i could not be happier with my decision. To start out the box it came in was really flashy for just a grenade launcher, but inside it was packaged extreamly well in a foam cut out. The box contained:
1 x m320
1 x G36 stock
1 x G36 stock adapter
1 x latch to keep stock folded
Note-the gun does include the normal m320 style retractable stock
My first impressions were that this thing is has some heft to it, but most of the weight comes from the stock itself surprisingly. The gun feels odd to sholder at first because the stock is somewhat short buts it's designed so you can angle the gun without arching your back. The stock can eaisly be removed entirely or switched out for the other stock. I've had very few problems with the stock, besided the rare time where it collapses because it wasn't locked properly. With the stock removed you can a attach the launcher to a set of 20mm rails. I haven't tested this out very much yet since all of my rails are short, and this works best on a full length rail. As mentioned before , without the stock the gun is actually rather managable in terms of weight, although it is rather clumsy and awkward feeling when on the bottom of a gun. All fuctions of the gun work as they should and it is very simple to operate with the tube release being in front of the trigger and the tube swinging open to the left making reloading painless, not to mention all of the clicks and clacks sound great. The foregrip while not my type, works well for what it is and attaches by two screws although there is a 20mm rail underneath for other attachments. The sights are about as great as your gonna get and unless you're firing projectiles, they are practically useless, and as a note they are made of plastic but i believe this is true to the real m320. As for performance goes it is completely dependent on what type of shell you get, i chose to use G&P long range shells which work very well for what they are, but almost all shells will work. - on a side note, i want to mention that this launcher DOES come with HK laser-engraved trademarks including the logo and liscensed trademark of Heckler & Koch GmbH, they will be painted over though in black paint but are still noticable. I removed the paint using nail polish remover and it wasn't too difficult, but did take some time and effort and it was worth it. All other trades are completly visible and look realistic, although i can't prove their accuracy.
-includes two types of stocks
-uses as stand-alone or underbarrel
-comfortable to operate and fire
-simple operation with spring-loaded tube
-includes sights and foregrip
-good looking trademarks with subdued HK trades
-good amount of weight
-underside 20mm rail
-g36 stock is rather pointless and could be sold sepratly to reduce cost
-foregrip and sights are meh
-stock is deceivingly heavy
-orange tip can be removed eaisly but leaves glue
-spring for tube could be a little more powerful
-HK trades were painted over but it was a nice surprise
I would highly encourage andbofy who is looking at this to pick one up especially while it's on sale, i hope evike keeps a good stock on these because i wan't to see other peopleusing these. Tip - if you decide to get one of these grab at least two shells to go with it, one is not enough.
by Seth P. on 01/16/2015
"I've wanted this launcher for some time now, but was turned off by the price point. However, it was placed on pre-order and the price was knocked off $100. So I jumped on this opportunity, and I've had it for a little over a week now. All I can say is, I love it. It's so fun to play with, especially opening and closing the spring loaded chamber, which makes a very satisfying clink when closed.

-Standalone design
-Ability to be mounted on rails
-Metal chamber and stock tube
-Comfortable rubber butt pad
-Spring loaded chamber
-Awesome trademarks
-Sights are engraved
-Price (on pre-order)

-Plastic parts feel a little cheap and flimsy
-Folding front grip is a bit wobbly when extended
-Chamber cannot open when stock is in all the way
-Price (off of pre-order)

Overall: Truly an awesome piece, and if you are looking for something a little different than the standard m203 this is the launcher for you. Very well built with a good mix of plastic and metal parts. The price on pre-order cannot be beaten, however, I still think the price off of pre-order is a little steep.
by Christian M. on 09/08/2015
"I bought this launcher a couple months ago, and have used it in a couple games now.
I'm just going to list some thoughts about the gun:
It is not as heavy as I expected, The barrel is the only major metal part.
The foregrip is removeable, and offers a rail mount if you like.
the little latch that clips into your rail and keeps it from sliding off falls off easily. I'm working on fixing mine. (doesn't seem like a major issue, just make sure to glue in the retaining pin)
The rail mount was too big and wobbled a lot on my WE m416. I had to add duct tape so it would fit snugly.
It comes with both the plastic G36 style stock and the real metal M320 sliding stock, which is very heavy, easily heavier than the whole rest of the gun.
It has trademarks engraved, but they are panted over.
The Barrel seems a bit tight or maybe poorly machined, as it doesn't seem to like launching the slug type plastic 203 shells very well and tends to curve to the side.
Accuracy and range are meh. This of course depends on the shell you are using too.
Very satisfying and intimidating on the field. operation is smooth.
by Greg-Anthony M. on 03/27/2014
"Awesome. In one word that's what I'll say about this GLM. Only reason its a 4/5 is because of the price point! IMHO its over priced; should be closer to $150 for what you get.

Side-loading breech (spring-loaded)
REAL-DEAL trades all 40mm details
Full-metal and polymer furniture
Stock and leaf-sights included
Medium-sized bore allows many things to be smoke grenades...
Ambidextrous safety and realistic paint job on fire selector

Stock doesn't lock all the way (easy to force stock into the lowest setting)
The locking lug on mine actually gave in swinging the bore to swing all the way around the GLM; easy fix with screwdriver but for the $$$ not expecting such a substantial failure
PRICE!!!!!! _ -_-
by adam michael b. on 03/12/2017
"Okay so i bought this as my first launcher and its not bad but its not really anything to right home about and here are my 100% honest reasons why!


·Solid construction

·Good weight

·Accurate (when using iron sights correctly)

·If applied properly with the right ammunition you will gain a tactical advantage over your enemy

·Not your average M203 launcher system(special snowflake factor is high on this one)


·Both of the stocks they give you in the package are GARBAGE! The retractable stock that.. lets face it...EVERYONE wants, needs modification right out of the box to function properly which was a major let down for me personally and a G36 style stock?.. because, reasons...?

·You'll need to learn to use the leaf style iron sights provided with the launcher in order to implement it effectively in bb warz kombat!

·Rifle mounting is iffy, make sure your underslung rail is long enough to accommodate the full length of the launcher!

All in all slinging foam rounds and shower shells outta these thing is cool and stuff but, youre really gonna want to invest in some Taggin grenades and dummy rounds to practice with to be as effective as possible! I did exactly that and ended up spending another $280 on grenades that are worth playing with!

I did'nt spend $250 on this bad boy because i got it while on sale but its worth it id say, i enjoy playing with it very much!

Hope my review was as helpful as possible!
[email protected]_mojo
by austin f. on 02/16/2016
"i got this and can honestly say its not worth the price but it isnt bad. a pin that supports the trigger inside the grip should have been made to be much stronger. it simply bends out of place when i squeez the trigger causing the trigger mechinism to not push the firing pin fully into the grenade shell's "primer". which means it wont fire unless you replace that pin with a much stronger one that won't bend out of place.