Reviews: B&T GL-06 Stand Alone Airsoft 40mm Gas Grenade Launcher by ASG


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Model: ASG-GL-06

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by william T. on 2015-08-03 15:25:23
"Glorified trigger

that is the way to describe most grenade launchers you put the grenade in you turn that down and you press the button that's really all that happens now as for the GL 06 grenade launcher it's a great gun the build quality is excellent the rail on top run the full length the front of the gun and is only a little wobbly and with left right and bottom rails it's ready to be tricked out. Breaking open the barrel is super easy, and the spring feels strong. The rear folding stock is a must for any gun and snaps into place with gear ease.
Great gun, but it is still just a trigger a big metal trigger which you have to load every single shot and by addition shots to use it effectively.
5/5 constitution, material, and easy of uses.
3/5 total causes it's a freaking trigger only. Nothing more, nothing less.
by Dylan C. on 2015-05-01 13:57:30
"Not Bad, Could be better...

To start this off, The launcher itself is well made except for one flaw.

You see, when you use the grenade launcher enough, the tube gets loose and won't close as easily/smoothly as it did before and that is because a screw inside the tube itself gets loose and you need to remove the top rail to tighten a set of screws under it.

In order to do that you need to take the tube off of the gun and go under the tube and use a long allen key to undo one screw underneath the rails.)

However, when you tighten it all the way, the launcher gets sticky and won't open as easily as it should. And if you keep it loose, It just will do the same thing by itself again. So constant fixing of this problem is a pain on this grenade launcher.

However, When the tube isn't loose, It works perfectly as it should. I haven't used it on a Airsoft field yet, but I've test fired it, and It works like a charm.

The ONLY reason I give it a 2/5 is because of the tube. It will loosen itself and you'll need to fix it Again and Again.

If you're going to get a Stand alone unit, Just get a M320. It will save you hassle.
by Seth K. on 2013-10-12 12:40:49
"Well to start off, nice quality.

Full metal barrel puts to much weight out front, Trigger pull is way to high(not sure if its just mine but its around 5 lbs.) plastic body is durable, and the folding stock saves space.

I find it hard to carry in the field do to the heavy weight in the front, and you have to carry another weapon to be able to put up a fight. So I would recommend your buy the grenade launcher attachment and your better off. But that's my opinion .

Over all this weapon is a 3 star in my book for usability,
and a 4 on its construction.

Hope this helped.
by Brick K. on 2012-03-03 22:55:07
"it is a pretty cool gun, works fine, on problem is there is a screw in the inner barrel of the gun, the screw came loose, and it is impossible to tighten, it requires a special type of tool or something, it prevents the barrel from latching when you close it, so it requires to use two hands to close it. i was very disappointing, but other than that, its a really solid gun
by James R. on 2011-07-10 14:13:03
"I got one of these in the uk and usuing madbull 204 shot shells in a extreme cqb environment is possibly one of the best things ive done in airsoft.

the build and quality of the launcher is amazing and having 4 sides of rail for a torch, grip, sight or another madbull agx launcher on the bottom of it is brilliant.

the folding stock is a really usefull feature and it has built in iron sights which are all you need really.

if youve got the money buy one of these, you wont regret it (just make sure you buys decent quality shells for it)

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)