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Matrix Full Metal Tactical Grenade Launcher Airsoft Pistol

6 Customer Reviews

by Sam R. on 01/25/2011
"Heavy, hardcore, no bulls**t grenade launcher. Very well made. This is not a realistic grenade launcher as much as it is a grenade launcher.
by isaac c. on 11/30/2017
"Fun gun I personally only use it for fun as a flare gun with my red either way it's a fun gun
by Patrick L. on 08/14/2012
"All in all a solid little shooter. The screw that holds the gun together is tough to get in if you don'thave a long enough screwdriver to get down the grip, but it's a simple fix. The safety is practically non existant. if the safety is in safe mode all it takes is a pull (not even a hard pull) on the trigger and the gun will shoot. As the first review state the mechanism used to reload is VERY sensitive. tapping it will flip the barrel down for a reload.

While those are the cons this piece is a nice little shooter. Simple to put together if you have the right tools and intimidating on the field. favorite part is how it fits in my drop leg holster.
by Mitchell Y. on 11/17/2011
"ok mine is nicely made but there is a few problems that had depressed me...
solid metal barrel/rails
large range of fire with scatter

mine came in a ripped up box [but im guessing thats only me]
you have to assemble the grip to the gun and the screw it comes with doesnt fit...
the lever to split gun to reload is very sensative...very i pinch my skin off...ouch
and the grip is thin hallow plastic

but the gun is very worth it dont hear me wrong im
just letting you know what the sight doesnt tell
by Cassy C. on 09/19/2015
"Note: I'm giving this 4 stars, because I don't want people to write off the earlier versions based on this shoddy clone. This particular manufacturing run gets two stars from me, and one of those is only because they're the only option for new-production versions of this thing.

Another reviewer mentioned the sensitivity of the release lever (placed as a hammer would be on a hammer-fired weapon) and they were not joking. I plan on disassembling the weapon and replacing the spring with a stronger one. Ideally, I'll devise a system that keeps the weapon locked when the safety selection is in "Fire" position.

Safety positions aren't marked, by the way. Another detail I plan to fix. You may want to shim the fire-side of the safety lever, it has significant overtravel and feels like a possible point of failure.

But these are fairly minor issues that are present in all existing runs of this particular launcher (AABB and UltraForce previous manufactured their own versions.) This particular run has some serious problems that lead me to steer people clear of it in the future. For the record, the item in question comes in a box that is labelled "SAMURAI Grenade Launcher", and this is the item you need to avoid. In the case of stores like Evike where ACM products are lumped together en masse, ask before buying if they have "SAMURAI Grenade Launcher" on the box.

The barrel needs heavy de-burring and careful attention paid to the screw holes (and the screws in them) if you want to fit a grenade in it. I have never heard this said of the original manufacturing run by AABB or the second, modified run by Ultra Force, so I believe this is a cheap ACM clone-brand that Evike simply lumped into their existing Matrix rebrand of the AABB batch.

The pivot needs shimming as well, as the inner diameter of the barrel-to-frame pivot link is far larger than the screw it rotates on, causing EXTREME wobble when open and noticable wobble when closed. Fixing this could be as simple as cutting a section of fast food restaurant straw and slipping it over, I confess I have not checked yet.

The barrel likes to flop when opened, and has nothing to absorb the impacts of falling open onto the frame or flipping closed. This will quickly destroy the weapon. I recommend finding some thin foam sheet and cutting it to fit in the areas of hardest impact -- the floor of the receiver when opened, and the inside of the pivot. It won't help much, but it might keep the receiver from cracking along the floor and/or pivot hole.

And, like another reviewer, mine came with no lower rail. This is a serious problem, as a fair bit of this weapon's special utility came from the lower rail, a feature most pistol grenade launchers do not have. But more than simply missing a piece, the foam cradle of the box was cut to fit the weapon snugly WITHOUT a lower rail, and the screws are too short to fit one. In other words, this weapon was manufactured without even thinking of why people want it.

I've contacted Evike support about the lower rail issue, and I'm hoping they'll do the right thing. If not... I'm buying a 3 inch rail blank, a tap and die set, and hoping I can find these screws in the right length, or cut them to it.

In all, so much work is needed to even bring this particular version of this piece up to standards that it is not worth getting for any but the most desperate. I have heard none of these complaints about earlier manufacturing runs of the weapon, so IF you find someone selling the AABB or UltraForce versions, by all means, jump on it! The only black marks on those runs are the sensitive release latch and the unmarked safety positions. The UltraForce in particular is one I've been hunting for for some time.

However, if you find someone selling the SAMURAI Grenade Launcher version.... well, if you like doing heavy customization, sure. But it's overpriced, has below-par manufacturing, is missing a major functional element and just isn't worth it unless you cannot find another brand AND you must have something like this AND you don't mind doing some customization. I happen to fit all three, so I'm good to go.
by jarod G. on 09/16/2015
"Haven't had a chance to try it out yet but mine did not come with a lower rail and there some burrs in the barrel that will need some cleaning up