Reviews: Airsoft M18 Claymore by Escort. (Full Set)


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Model: Claymore001

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by Zach H. on 2011-03-03 18:36:25
"This is one of the many cool things about airsoft, this claymore mine works great! I own 1 of these, i set it up in the woods entrance, with trip wire, so when im in the city, i just watch it take out like 3 guys at once. (Woods entrance and city = Ballahack Airsoft Field (BAS) in Virginia).

I recommend this to adicted airsofters who have a little extra dough to spend. BUT, after many, many uses (probably 100+), the latch that keeps this bad boy from opening and spraying out BB's wore down, can't find ANYWHERE to get replacement parts, so it wont hold, so it goes off in about 5 seconds :(

Overall i recommend this, great device to use in cqc situations where you have an exntrance facing your back.
by Jose D. on 2010-01-01 12:37:24
"just one question, is this made out of ABS or is it full metal?
by Korina K. on 2009-01-06 22:15:33
"i actually own 4 of them from a uncle in cali..i live in nebraska...and us 70 guys that have skirmishes twice a month use them alot...we have search and destroy missions...where we use these to defend the "bomb" they work great...hide them around corners and so one expects them to be there...and usually they take out several players at once...i defenetly recomend one of these bad boys..they work great in almost every condition...just don't use in extreme cold weather...or it may malfuntion..
by Joe G. on 2009-01-03 20:45:10
"this is awesome!!:) It IS the BEST mine ever it rocks!!I would recommend this mine to anyone over any grenade launcher, grenade, or any other mine!!It is absolutely amazing!1

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)