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Model: GL-MB-XM203-B-S

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by John W. on 2008-11-16 06:41:39
"This will fit any 20mm rail. So if your G36C has a side rail on the bottom of the handguard, it will fit.
by tammy h. on 2008-11-11 16:24:20
"will this fit King Arms 60 round Airsoft Grenade Cartridge M433. (Set of 3)
Gshell_KA_60R433x3 ??
please reply asap
by karl e. on 2008-10-16 22:00:13
"adam you will have to get a laser mount then you have to get a barrel mount for the m9 with the ris
by Alec E. on 2008-10-13 00:03:06
"This is fun to but never really used it. all it is is an expensive button busher. So if your going to get one get one thats looks real
by connor e. on 2008-10-11 12:12:19
"It holds 40mm grenades.. not 'large ones'......................................
by Michael K. on 2008-07-11 02:43:53
"This grenade launcher is unique for it's compact size. The only other one in this size is the craft apple work mosquito mold. Its a decent launcher and works fine. The power really depends on the shell you buy, not the launcher. For a G36C this is probably the best since the G36C is pretty compact and all other long launchers will look weird on the gun. For M4 i would get the Jungle Series M203 anyday,.
by jake o. on 2008-07-09 21:29:57
"Hey can any1 tell me if i should buy this or not, also will it work well with a G36c, like does it work well, shoot far etc... or not, also is it possible to mount a foregrip under it, lol i like the way the grip feels but i want a GL soooo, help me out guys

Displaying 13 to 19 (of 19 reviews)

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