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ASG Licensed Dan Wesson WG CO2 Full Metal 4" High Power Airsoft 6mm Magnum Gas Revolver (Silver)

8 Customer Reviews

by Zach M. on 11/27/2016
"Disclaimer- 2nd reveiw ever 😂
I have had this gun for over two years and still use it regularly. Here's my opinion-
I picked this gun so that I would learn to pick my shots, and have seen an improvement in my judgement and aim due to this. I carry a thigh holster that this fits snugly in and I have trained to draw faster than most people and fire first-accurately. When I do so people look at me like I'm some sort of legend, and I've actually gained a reputation due to a story of me doing so. Airsofters I hadn't played with in my social circles legit feared me, is this due to the revolver? 50/50 haha. Also at a field with 80+ guys including advanced airsofters I had the only revolver. People loved it. Now to facts-

-Co2 powered(opinion)
-Seals are great on this gun
-Makes you think before you shoot
-Front loading
-Uses less CO2 then blow backs or mags(you're shooting less)
-Full metal(except grip)
-Solid construction (2 years and counting)
-Accurate for midrange(what a sidearm is supposed to do, if you're using this for long-range, sounds like you're screwed)
-realism( actual rounds)
-awe factor(yes it matters)
-double action
-sheer beauty

-doesn't fit in some holsters due to trigger guard
-heavy(I consider pro)
-six shots(bro you've picked a revolver....make your shots count)
-speed loader isn't terribly speedy can lose shells

To end, this has been my loyal companion and has not failed me. It's a part of my airsoft reputation and has improved my play style by making me think about my actions and shots. I 100% am glad I bought this.
by Graham P. on 03/30/2015
"this gun is good and i like how it came with 2 speed loaders even when it says it comes with just 1. it is good for backyard wars because it actully shoots 350 fps. i modded mine to take green gas so it works great now. it does not work at allllll with co2 when it used co2 it shoots 120fps and it miss fires every 3 bbs. the hop up unit it hard to use but now that it is adjusted it works great.
by Michael G. on 03/14/2015
"Okay pistol but still great!

Full Metal (aside from grips)
Polymer grips (pretty sturdy)
Optional rails
c02 (I hate green gas)
Good for outdoor games (to a distance)

Inaccurate (wish there were barrel extension kits, maybe a sniper kit?)
6 shots (but its a magnum who cares!)
Tricky to oil
Not a good CQB/CQC gun (fps is to high)
by Ross F. on 11/01/2014
"I have bought many airsoft guns before and I have to say that this is the best pistol I have ever bought. My who has bought the ASG Dan Wesson "8 barrel recommended me to this gun and I am quite impressed with it. This is a VERY HIGHLY recommended gun. Thank you.
by Dawn b. on 04/14/2014
"Sturdy nice build. this is a great revolver for outdoors highly recommended.
by Edward A. on 01/28/2014
"Just picked this one up from the walk-in store.

The finish on this revolver is impressive with a semi-polished look so it won't heavily reflect light. The gun body along with the small parts are a polished silver while the cylinder is a sanded silver that does not contrast with the body under light so the gun finish looks consistent. The cylinder is also lightly grooved to give it some surface grip without affecting the finish.

The weight of the gun is noticeably higher than the standard WG 4" and even outweighs the 6" even without the shells due toa a better build quality, so if you're looking for realism this is a fine revolver. The orange tip is also easily removable without destroying it using a thin blade and can be reattached or left off (as in my case) for displaying it.

The molded grip is comfortable for small or large hands, though it is not rubberized but has a smooth feel, and allows for excellent accuracy with consistent groupings at 100' for the first few reloads on a new Co2 canister without any adjustment to the hop-up (assuming it can be adjusted) using .25g BBs. The FPS is around 401-433 with the same weight of BB and you can easily get 90-110 shots before a new Co2 can is needed.

I bought this wanting a realistic replica over a performance gun, but luckily it actually combines both very well. The full metal build of the Dan Wesson revolvers is much heftier and sturdier than the standard WG revolvers (no barrel wobble here), so if you want a quality replica that hits like a metal pellet gun this is a great choice for only $99.
by Mars F. on 06/22/2015
1. Very realistic appearance.
2. High FPS.
3. Heavy (may be a con.)
4. Easier to reload than you would think. (And also possible to reload without removing the cylinder.)
5. Reasonably gas efficient.
6. Just a general fun to have gun, whether being used to back yard plinking, or full milsim battles.
7. Easy disassembly-reassembly.
8. Comes with three month warranty in case you get a lemon.

1. Internals seem cheap, and haphazardly put together. (But may not be. I don't claim to be an expert.)
2. There is no stable performance. After your first shot, the fps will slowly die.
3. (Possibly mine only) Incompatible with many types of co2 charges.
4. (Possibly related to 3) Came with a very slightly, but still visibly bent co2 puncture head. (What breaks open the co2 charge seal.)
5. Wobbly hammer.
6. Comes with an incompatible speed loader. (Can't fit over cylinder.)
7. Grip can easily fall off, and plastic section underneath main grip is easily bent, and broken.
8. Trigger occasionally sticks. (Can be fixed by jiggling the hammer.)
9. Shells are easy to lose. (KEEP THEM SOME PLACE SAFE!)

Overall ruling-----

The Dan Wesson four inch revolver is a spectacularly fun and satisfying gun to use. It may not be the most practical, even out of it's own kind (see eight shooter revolvers), but it gets the job done. It does have it's flaws, some of which are rather glaring, (see 1, 3, and 8) but it is still a spectacular little gun. Probably the most important thing to not is that this gun is about $100. If I were paying more for this same product, I would have judged it much more harshly, but considering it's relatively low price tag, I feel my complaints are at the very most simply knit picking. (Except for 3. 3 is a pain.) While I wouldn't recommend this to absolutely every airsoft player I meet, I would definitely give it a shoutout to anybody who is tired of the standard pistol sidearm, and wants something new and unique on the battlefield.
by Joseph R. on 03/07/2015
"The finish is hardly chrome--S&W had an actual revolver (model 65) with a finish somewhat like this called brushed nickel. This one is much darker that that one, but is similar in that it is NOT shiny. This is not reflective, bright silver, shiny e.g. It is NOT Chrome. The pictures are misleading--the product I received is much darker. The gun I received has fingerprints all over, scratches on the barrel, and pit marks in other places. It looks like it was pulled in/out of a holster and then resold.

I'm disappointed in the product and in Evike. My son is anticipating this for his birthday tomorrow--if he's as disappointed as I am, it will be sent back.

You could do better, Evike: don't sell used as new, and don't doctor up your pictures.