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Model: GP-UREX-2279068
Location: U13-127

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by Deborah H. on 2015-02-26 13:30:25
"Amazing gun, solid feel and I don't see it breaking any time soon. Efficient on CO2 (in my opinion) and can probably shoot about 3 mags before a slight drop in FPS. Every bit of this gun is metal (besides some buttons) and has a nice heft to it. Make sure to buy silicon oil with this gun!
by Matthew H. on 2015-02-16 22:30:03
"Great gun
i have had this gun for a few months and so far not one problem. gun is great for outdoor play or indoor CQB.

-Great FPS mines about 345 so outdoor and indoor
-sturdy as hell dropped mine a lot soft shell holster are a no go
-easy to upgrade
-good range it is a pistol after all
-heavy (could be a con)

-not really any besides CO2 would prefer green gas
by Parker D. on 2015-01-29 15:56:43
full metal
realistic feel and look
great blowback
good range

you will need heavy rounds the hopup shoots the .2 right up after about 10 yards
Mine broke (read about it below)
expensive mags
trades wear off easily

Side Note: MUST READ!
This gun is great , but I had it for maybe 9 months when I came into problems. I found that my slide was getting stuck (I'm not sure how) and it appeared to be getting caught on the hammer. I new that there wasn't a problem with the hammer, but the real problem had something to do with the the buffer tube. It did end up being the problem, like I thought, but the O-ring inside the buffer tube was morphed I coudn't find any replacement part for the gun so I had to melt it back into place. I tried that, the slide would still get stuck after every shot. I believe the the tube is still the problem, but I'm having a teammate look at the gun and have him fix it. DISCLAIMER: Im not saying that this will happen to you Im just saying I'm not the only person who has found this as a problem even though it rarely occurs to people this could happen to you just keep it in mind.
by Luis U. on 2015-01-25 07:29:16
"This is the best C02 pistol out there. The only problem I faced is that the magazine got stock inside the gun and I couldn't get it out. That is probably my fault and not the pistol.
by Danny S. on 2015-01-09 16:52:52
"1000000/10 Living in Chicago, it can get very cold unless it's July. I've played in October and it was 30 degrees. Everyone's green gas pistols were not working and then they got shot by this monster. I've dropped this into the snow and pick it up, racked the slide, and shot an enemy.
ALL I SUGGEST IS TO LUBE THE O-RINGS A LOT. I use Evike's silicone spray, and it works wonders. Must have for anyone who needs a pistol to shoot without having to worry.
by carter p. on 2015-01-01 13:53:57
"so I've had this pistol for nearly a year now and let me tell you that this gun is absolutely amazing


full metal
VERY hard kick
CO2 (it's less expensive than green gas and works better in the cold)
can take a beating
can shoot rather far for a pistol
heavy (can be a con depending on how you look at it)
white dot sights
threaded barrel
rail for mounting lasers or flash lights


the kick is so strong that sometimes the safety will activate between shots

other than that this is an amazing pistol and has never failed me even after being completely submerged in water or covered in mud it has still shot amazingly
by Max F. on 2014-11-02 11:20:00
"This pistol is the best GBB pistol I have ever purchased. For $120 this a steal! I've dropped mine, submerged it in water, its been buried (don't bury your 1911, it wasn't the best idea i've ever had) and it still works great. Its a rather heavy pistol weighing in at around 2 lbs and is very solid. Don't be alarmed by the light tan coloring in the picture that Evike has, the actual tan is pretty dark. With my mags, get about 3 mags worth with one co2 cartridge.

-won't break the bank
-will take a beating
-rail for light/laser (the rail is pretty thick, I had a hard time getting my light on, so keep that in mind)
-threaded barrel (14mm negative)

-none that I can see

Make sure to refer to Elite Force's video on how to maintain your 1911. Keep it clean and lubed. DONT DRY FIRE!!!!!

Also when shopping for a holster, if you go with a hard shell, make sure it is compatible with a RAILED 1911.
by Laura W. on 2014-10-17 14:45:18
"Worked for a week, then the slide kept catching on the hammer and wasn't easily fixable. Returned to manufacturer under warranty, they replaced with another one, which had the same problem. DO NOT BUY - WASTE OF MONEY!
by Tyler E. on 2014-10-14 17:48:54
"Nice, until the spring stops working and the piston slides forward. Happens to almost every elite force 1911 eventually. Id reccomend looking at another brand.
by Jim W. on 2014-10-06 14:12:04
"this pistol is one of my favorite pistols and i really recommend this pistol
by terex s. on 2014-10-03 19:05:29
"I received my elite force 1911 today, and I have to say this is a beast of a gun. the weight and feel of it is AWESOME! ok, so the kicks like a real steel pistol {which I love} so the transition to target mark is simple like a real steel weapon! and this is super accurate right out of the box. i did order an extra magazine and will buy 2 more to have 4 mag's. I got 3 full magazines fired per co2 12gram cylinder. over all this is worth the money and the best secondary weapon in the sport of airsoft.

pros: realistic weight and feel.
EVIKE customer service!!!
"hey" its from elite force!
when you fire this you will be "happy,happy,happy" jack!

cons: magazine capacity.
i dont own 2 of these and dont have 4 magazines.
by Jake T. on 2014-08-18 23:11:01
"This gun made quite a splash when it was released, and after hearing incredible things about it for the better part of a year, I finally decided to take the leap and buy one. I must say, I'm truly impressed. When I first took it out of the box, I was shocked by the feel of the pistol (as a point of reference, my last pistol was a KJW Hi-Capa 5.1; a very well regarded weapon). Not just the heft, but the overall build quality. I'm fairly certain that if I needed to, I could beat someone to death with this thing and it would only scratch the paint a bit.

Also, pictures really don't do this gun justice; the two-tone color scheme is absolutely gorgeous, and nicely distinguishes this one from all the other 1911s on the market. The rail is nice, and I was shocked at the threaded barrel. First of all, the threaded orange tip is made of the same quality metal as the rest of the frame. Even better, it's actually threaded into the outer barrel. So, you can easily remove it, or replace it with a black adapter. It's an incredibly nice touch you don't see on many high end GBB's, let alone ones priced at the lowest end of the spectrum.

The performance is excellent. It's surprisingly accurate and the kick is the hardest I've ever seen in a GBB handgun. It's also fairly loud, and these two things make shooting this gun rather satisfying. Surprisingly, the muzzle velocity is lower than one would expect. I've seen people saying it shoots 400+ on a full CO2 cartridge, but I personally chronoed it at about 360 with .2s, so it should be legal on most fields.

It's also super reliable. I went to a game recently in the New Mexico desert. It was a multi-day op, and at the time, I was using my previous sidearm, my KJW Hi Capa 5.1 (a gun that has a reputation for reliability). Now, the AO had the kind of sand that gets into EVERYTHING. It's as fine as flour, but as gritty as sand. Within the first few hours, multiple players on both sides had their main guns choke on the sand. I had my KJW in a molded hip holster (SERPA Blackhawk level 2 holster, highly recommended), and the first time I went prone, I accidentally splashed some sand onto the pistol. It was completely out of commission, and I was only able to fix it by taking it COMPLETELY apart and cleaning every single piece (of which there are over fifty).

Fast forward, and I was at another game in a similar AO (same type of super fine, super gritty sand everywhere) fielding this Elite Force 1911 in the same holster set-up. Zero problems. I even dropped it in the sand once (it was mostly buried because I'd accidentally kicked sand all over it). I picked it up, check the magazine, slammed it back home, and it fired, no problem.

A word of advice, though: I wouldn't recommend this gun for someone who plans on using it heavily for CQB. This is based on nothing more than a hunch, but given the high pressure of CO2, I would have concerns about the gun's longevity, even as high quality as it is. For someone like me, who plays mostly field games and RARELY needs his sidearm, it's perfect. For someone who puts hundreds of rounds through a handgun each game they play, I'd be worried.

Hard Kick
Thread adapter
Overall quality

If I wanted to find something to put here, I'd say that the grip is slim enough that getting a good two-handed grip can be tricky, unless you have small hands. But that's true for all 1911s, not just this one.

In conclusion, this is THE 1911 for riflemen/field players. If you do a lot of CQB, I'd be wary of putting tons of rounds through this, and I'd recommend going the green gas route. For everyone else, this is a truly excellent gun. It kicks hard, it has a satisfying "CRACK" when fired, it's beautiful. It's got some nice rail space, the build quality is phenomenal, and it comes stock with a threaded barrel AND an adapter. Based solely on quality, I'd say this gun is up there with the top-tier GBB handguns that cost $180+, yet it's priced like the low-end ones.

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