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Elite Force Full Metal 1911 Tactical CO2 Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol Umarex KWC (Color: Desert / Black)

147 Customer Reviews

by Carson Z. on 05/02/2018
"Pros and Cons listed below:

1911 Tac. Oh my gosh, this gun is a straight shooter, and it has an uncharacteristically high FPS for a pistol (~345 .2's). I went to an airsoft field In Sacramento and had the gun chronoed, the guy was in complete disbelief. He looked at the pistol with the most hilarious facial expression, one of "This gun shoots how much?". It was a funny interaction to be sure.

Bottom line the gun's use of CO2 mags gives it that extra pressure (higher FPS), you feel comfortable going up against those more top of the line
AEGs. Not to mention C02 has always been more reliable in my opinion. The cartridges are easily obtained as welll.

COMES WITH A THREADED BARREL STOCK! No extra modification necessary, just get it out of the box and slap a suppressor/tracer unit on it!

Clean the slide rails and the nozzle in the inside of the mag where the CO2 will be connected to, and the gun will be a smooth operator.

HIGHLY recommend this pistol as your dedicated sidearm, and even recommend it for a primary as it will keep up at longer engagment distances (not recommend but more capable than others).

High FPS for Pistol
C02 Magazines
Easy maintenance
Good design (iconic 1911)
Threaded barrel (having it factory stock ensures it's durablility)

No full-auto variant (I'm still waiting ;P)
by Marvin S. on 04/07/2018
"Best pistol I've owned in my 6 years of playing Broke once and parts were easy to find and fix in short this is the gun i also learned how to do my own repairs with
by Ara G. on 12/31/2017
"Great product very reliable amazing build quality and accuracy
by Jace M. on 12/09/2017
"Great pistol for a good price. Keep it clean and lub up the slide every now and then and it will last you a long time.
by Michael B. on 12/08/2017
"Bought this during the 2017 "Cyber Week" for $95, the stealth grey model. One of the best airsoft purchases I have ever made. Will make a great back-up weapon.
by trevor y. on 11/13/2017
"This pistol is heavy, very solid, great FPS, and c02 seems more reliable in adverse weather conditions. This is one of my favorite pistols, I have the two toned black and tan version, and I absolutely love it. I have an extended magazine on its way, but the only thing is, the mags are expensive, so don't lose them, and always empty your c02 and BBs out of the mag before you put it away for the night.
by Blake C. on 09/10/2017
"A very good pistol. I have been using this for avout a year now and have had no issues with it at all performance wise. The range that I managed to get out of mine was with a .25g bb and Crossman co2 was outstanding, I have made shots as far as nearly 80 ft but if im shooting through brush its usually about 40 ft. Typically I can get 3-4 mags out of 1 co2 canister so thats pretty good for a gbb pistol. I have 2 complaints about this gun however. The magazines are difficult to load and could probably rip a fingernail so I have to use a micro flat head screw driver or a pocket knife which makes it really difficult to load on the fly and the paint wears off fairly fast on the slide. This could be a good thing though if you enjoy the weathered look to your gun. I do use a matrix dropleg system that I found here on Evike with mine and it is phenomenal.

Nice and solid
High quality
Great for any experience level
Good co2 consumption rate
Great range

Paint wears off quickly
Hard to load mags without a tool
by Parker W. on 09/03/2017
"Great fun just got it and I already love it can't wait to use it in the field
by Nick C. on 08/29/2017
"One of the best sidearms ever but like all guns they have flaws it's flaws to me is the magazine capacity but other than that its perfect
by TK G. on 08/26/2017
"Amazing gun for anyone except for speedsofters
by tyler p. on 08/23/2017
"Just recieved this gun today and im very surprised with how close to the real thing this is. and impressed that i got 5 mags out of one CO2 cartridge (crossman CO2). very very nice pistol
by Xavier L. on 08/18/2017
"Best airsoft pistol I've ever had. It's my go-to pistol out of my other pistols. Heavy, basic, and reliable. You can't go wrong with this purchase. Yes, the mags are expensive and it holds less ammo. But you won't be disappointed .
by Jared M. on 06/27/2017
"Great sidearm for anyone sporting urban camo or someone who just likes 1911s.

Brand name you can trust, great quality right out of the box
Stealth grey everything
Feels just like the real steel version, weight and kick are great
Locking slide when magazine is empty
Positive feedback when racking or using slide release during mag changes
Takedown is easy and is done just like a real steel version
Lanyard attachment if you're into that

Cost of extra magazines: arm
Cost of extended magazines: leg
As soon as you get the gun you're going to buy more magazines
The safety switch is always in the way
Grip safety articulates but actually does nothing (fake)

5/5 would trade organs to elite force for sweet guns and gear

--Nurse Jared
by Evan B. on 06/08/2017
"Best gun I have ever had. This gun has performed amazingly and I haven't even had any problems yet. The only thing is I can't remove the top part of the gun (to lube it, but it I said probably my fault). I on,y had one other problem which is the CO2 cartridges leaking (but I believe that is my fault). This gun is a little heavy from the full metal aspect and the magazines are very strong (I dropped mine and it is still intact).

-realistic (look wise, sound when shooting and cocking the gun)
-good blowback system
-everything is really smooth

-a little heavy (you get used to it)
-expensive magazines
by Cameron H. on 06/08/2017
"Very good pistol the most reliable gun in my inventory and it shoots surprisingly far and accurate for having such a short barrel really love it it is awesome BUY IT