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Model: GP-UREX-2261020

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by Max H. on 2011-11-08 06:34:05
"This gun is a very good starter pistol. I've had this pistol for 5 months now and it is a good sniper secondary

Metal and Polymer
Blowback is Great
Looks like a Glock 17c (Pro to Some)
Removable Flash Hider

Slide locks back it shooting fast (not major)
Hard to find extra magazines ( you can find them on

Thats it overal a good, not great. KWA's are better but this gun fits a low budget. Good buy, Don't hesitate
to buy this gun!
by Tom B. on 2011-10-23 13:28:42
"This is an excellent gun, Ive had it for about 3 months and it has never failed me.

Great C02 efficency
Great FPS
Full metal slide
Rails on the bottom
Great sights

Bottom of mag breaks, but that is only a visual thing
Hop up is hard to find
low mag capacity (15 rounds)
by Michael C. on 2011-08-02 15:38:04
"First off, the gun has a great feel to it, its got a polymer body and a metal rack and is obviously modeled after a glock. The advertised 400 FPS is most likely with .12's. After chronoing it in person with a fresh 12 gram CO2 cartridge and .20 gram bbs, it fired at a max 345 fps, which is actually perfect for most if not all CQB/CQC airsoft arenas. The blowback has a nice touch/kick to it and it makes a clanking sound, but not a bad sounding one, sounds more like a shell being ejected.

PLEASE BE AWARE HOWEVER, THIS GUN HAS ABSOLUTELY NO HOP-UP SYSTEM at all.. no adjustable hop up, no fixed rubber, nothing. Quite frankly its beyond me why they couldn't incorporate a simple hop up, even if it was a fixed one, but I suppose its too late now. You must use .25's or higher if you plan on getting any range. .12's will just fly inadvertently. At one point i was using .36g sniper grade bbs to break the air better. You'll get a minimum 75ft - maximum 100ft with this gun with anything higher then a .25, but hey thats just my preference.

All in all for 70 dollars, this guns not too bad. It will get the job done and has a neat little (20mm) pictanny rail I believe for mounting accessories. I felt like being the odd man out so I threw an M4 grip on mine. It also has a great CO2 consumption rate, about 6-10 mags with mine depending on how one fires (and dry fires). 15 round mag isn't too shabby either unfortunately its a stick mag though but it looks nice, that and the bottom plate can fall off the mag eventually but super glue is a simple fix

Perfect FPS for CQB (would not advise field use)
Rail for most accessories
Sexy look and feel
good blowback system
excellent CO2 consumption
Great Price
Simple build and mechanics
Decent accuracy (aligns well with FIBER OPTIC sights)
Accurate to the real glock (for example, slide locks back after magazine is emptied when firing)

Horrible range (in my opinion 75-100 feet is disappointing but then again its a pistol not a sniper rifle)
stick mags are not my favorite but they're not completely bad (personal preference)
NO HOP-UP or BAXS system AT ALL.. every gun no matter what type should have a hop up, even my 20 dollar spring walther P99 has a simple fixed hop up.

All in All, for the price, its extremely great, good performance and worth the buy, I only gave it 4 stars because it had no hop up at all which is a total disappointment for any any airsoft gun in my opinion. I DO recommend this gun, if there are any questions, feel free to ask..
by Austin N. on 2011-02-14 18:24:28
"Got this gun last month and it is very powerful. I dont really how the mag looks but the gun is very comfortable to use. This gun doesn't leak at all. have fun looking for other mags tho and if anyone finds some please post also

Iron Sights

Sometimes the slide will lock back when you shoot to fast but it isnt a big deal.
mag capacity

besides that it is very good gun. BUY IT it is great for people who are looking for their first GBB pistol
by Brad B. on 2011-01-27 00:38:56
"I got this gun wanting a cheap side arm with blowback. I didnt want to spend the extra money on a WE cause i would rarely use it, but anyway, this gun is really good, the blowback is excellent, and it has a very hard kick. surprisingly for its price. The accuracy was decen,t not great but well worth the price. The mag is a stick type so its kind of awkward and i cant seem to find any spares anywhere. If you know where to find some please let me know. It also has excellent co2 consumption. Anyway overall it is an excellent gun especially for the price. The only con that ive found is that sometmes even when i still have several rounds left, the slide locks back as if its empty, however by simply shooting another round, the slide resets and it keeps shooting just fine, this slide issue does not affect the accuracy or fps in anyway, it is completely an aesthetic issue. I highly recommend this gun.

hard blowback
good co2 consumption
decent fps around 300 not 400
good weight

slide locks back sometimes
occasionally shoots 2 bbs
does not defend against raccoon attacks -_-
by Jimmy K. on 2010-12-28 23:21:51
"My little bro got this gun for christmas, and it is amazing!! One Co2 canister lasted a good 4 games. Each being about an hour long. If you are looking for a lower priced Co2 pistol, you have to buy this one!!
by Jonathan H. on 2010-12-28 13:29:06
"for starters this gun is great for short range. I got it for Christmas and i like it a lot. i like the blow back but the only thing i didnt like is that the metal slide makes a big clack when it comes back but other than that great gun i would recommend .20 g bbs

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